NCLEX Review: “Common Barriers To Pass-The-NCLEX RN Exam

Dear NCLEX friend,

Are you unsure if your NCLEX-RN review is good enough to pass? Do you fear getting banned from the nursing profession due to a failing score? Are you feeling overwhelmed about the vast amount ‘information overload’ you’re required to learn in your review for the NCLEX-RN?

I took the NCLEX-RN. I have to tell you this exam was an devastating nightmare for myself and family. I almost lost everything before I discovered the secrets to pass the NCLEX exam and start my career as a registered nurse.

You know this test has little to do with your ability to be an outstanding nurse, but can permanently slam-the-gate-shut on your nursing career dreams…IF you don’t do your preparation the right way.

Did Your Nursing Classes Prepare You For The NCLEX-RN?

You probably discovered by now your nursing classes didn’t prepare you for this. This isn’t the type of exam you can cram for or study for in the same way you did in your nursing classes.

…It’s a completely difference animal!

Even if you take quality review class you’ll still have to spend evenings and weekends reviewing the VAST amount of textbook-like study guide info they give you.

You don’t know what to FOCUS-IN on in the limited time you have between now and your upcoming testing date.

Whether you’re greatest problem in preparing and passing your NCLEX-RN exam is:
1.) The vast amount of information overload you’re required to know in order to pass.
2.) You don’t know what to focus your test preparation time on.
3.) You can’t find NCLEX-RN Practice Tests and books that accurately reflect the REAL exam…

I know you’ll find something in my NCLEX-RN review blog content that will help you breakaway from the mediocre test prep habits that cause so many good nurse candidates fail.

Don’t be another victim. Take charge of your test preparation and nursing career! You’re the only one will suffer. Take the correct actions during your critical, but seriously short study time.

Do You Have Enough Time For NCLEX-RN Review To Pass?

Avoid shame, embarrassment and regret weeks from now.

  • Don’t rely on the NCLEX study methods that got you through college or you’ll get axed from the nursing career you love.
  • Don’t wait until you open your mailbox and open your mail from the NCSBN to find in horror your NCLEX-RN review materials were insufficient.
  • There’s still time to turn things around, but time’s passing quickly!…

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    NCLEX Review Questions

    Nursing NCLEX-RN Trick That Explodes Your Memory Recall

    You don’t have to pay up your future RN salary to learn this test preparation technique that’s proven to raise your score.

    In fact, you’re looking at it right now.

    Let’s face it – you’re ready to achieve your dream career by becoming a pediatric or other type of nurse. You’re ready to start helping people everyday – and you’re not about to let the nursing NCLEX RN stand in your way.

    That’s why this simple recipe for nursing NCLEX RN success is just what you need. With this easy how-to guide by your side, you’ll avoid the pain, misery and embarrassment of failing your test.

    You’ll finally start earning a real RN salary.

    You’ll finally live the rewarding and fulfilling life of a registered nurse – and it’s all going to start with this free NCLEX RN system.

    How Do I Get INSTANT NCLEX-RN Nursing Recall?…

    This free NCLEX RN technique – which we’ll call the “Nursing NCLEX RN Framework” has been especially designed for nursing candidates to unleash all the knowledge they’ve learned throughout nursing school.

    This framework involves using multiple layers of evaluation to help uncover the correct answer for any NCLEX for RN question. You see, research has shown that the human brain never “forgets” knowledge; it’s just buried under layers of information that we’ve accumulated over the years.

    However, the “Nursing NCLEX RN Framework” works by teasing out that information with a proven recall system that can be used anytime, anywhere.

    Let’s take a look at what exactly is involved in this Nursing NCLEX RN framework – and how it can accelerate your own testing success.

    The “Breaking Down The NCLEX-RN Trick”

    The “Nursing NCLEX RN Framework” is especially useful in organizing information and improving memory recall. This is ideal for nursing students who need help with recall when faced with large amounts of test content and anxiety:

    • Find your NCLEX-PN review question to work on.
    • Look over the question carefully and determine what it’s asking of you. If you know the answer already, move on until you find a particularly difficult question.
    • Before you look at the potential answers, assess the patient’s physical and emotional state.
    • Once you’ve made an assessment, make a nursing diagnosis. Don’t look at the answers for guidance – instead, base your diagnosis based on your current knowledge base and experiences.
    • With your diagnosis in hand, quickly come up with a nursing plan that you would use in this situation. If you have the time, evaluate the plan to make sure that you’re accurately meeting the patient’s needs.
    • Now that you’ve used the Nursing NCLEX RN Framework to create your own answer, take a look at the potential choices the exam presents you with.
    • Choose the one that’s closest to your own nursing diagnosis and plan.

    How Do I Start Getting Immediate Results Using This NCLEX For RN Technique Now?

    The Nursing NCLEX RN Framework works because it presents you with the right cues and signals your brain needs to dig up latent information. After all, you already know that you’ve studied this information…

    …You just need to dig it up.

    If you use this NCLEX study technique right now, you’ll immediately notice how quickly you begin to answer previously difficult exam questions. You’ll find yourself recalling information and knowledge that you studied years ago.

    That means you won’t ever cave in to information nursing NCLEX for RN overload or testing anxiety, which means you’ll be one step closer to your rewarding and stable career as a registered nurse.

    Check-out these FREE test prep secrets: “NCLEX-RN Practice Test Questions” right now.

    NCLEX Study Guide

    What Are The Best NCLEX-RN Study Guides?

    Unless you have money to burn, identifying the best NCLEX-PN practice questions can be an expensive and frustrating endeavor.

    Listen – you’re a nursing student. You have a lot on the line. You MUST get the best NCLEX study materials you can get your hands-on.

    You don’t have thousands of dollars in your bank account. You need to support yourself and your family while studying for your RN exam. The very last thing you need to deal with is going through expensive – and useless – NCLEX study guides.

    That’s where I come in to help.

    I’ve uncovered the top technique to uncover NCLEX study guides that show you how to study for the RN exam – without costing a fortune. With this technique, you save yourself valuable time, money and sanity.

    If you don’t use this technique, I guarantee you’ll spend hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of dollars in your quest to learn how to study for the NCLEX RN.

    Spare yourself the pain, frustration, financial ruin. Don’t find you can’t pass the NCLEX months later because you made all the common exam review errors. Use our technique to uncover the best RN test prep right this very second.

    Your First Clue For The Best NCLEX Study Program

    Are you wondering how we managed to uncover the best NCLEX study program?

    The answer’s simple, really. All the best NCLEX study guides share one commonality: they focus on studying the actual NCLEX study questions themselves, not rehashing nursing school content.

    You might think that the latter is exactly what you need; yet research has shown that the human brain is more than capable of recalling information it learned years ago.

    Besides, studying the actual structure of your registered nurse exams allows you to quickly and efficiently identify what information you need to apply.

    So now that we’ve identified the parameters behind the best NCLEX study program and guides, let’s take a look at how to find them right now.

    6 Steps To Getting The Most Effective NCLEX Study Review Guides

    • Grab a pen and paper, because you’re about to make a list of the best Free Nursing Examination Materials around.
    • Open up your Internet browser and start searching for “free NCLEX study materials.” Make a note of what comes up.
    • Take a close look at these study materials. If they have a free sample, take a look at it.
    • Ask yourself the following questions to determine if it’s part of the best NCLEX study program: Does it simply rehash content? Does it investigate test structure? Does it skip over tired testing tips (like “getting a good night’s sleep”) in favor of innovative and powerful ways to learn how to study for the NCLEX RN?
    • If the NCLEX study doesn’t meet the expectations of the questions, eliminate it from your list.
    • Now go back to Google and search for “online nursing schools” and “NCLEX study.” You should be presented with a list of online programs that offer free NCLEX study materials. As these are from nursing schools – rather than name-brand publishers – the information will be just as good, if not better.

    So, Now What Do I Do Next?

    Don’t delay your search for the best NCLEX study program. If you start this search now, you’ll begin to understand what true NCLEX study looks and feels like.

    You won’t waste another penny on a study guide that promises the world, but fails to deliver.

    You’ll save valuable time reading through 500-page study guides that only rehash information you learned in nursing school.

    Best of all, you’ll experience the confidence and joy that comes with knowing that yes, you get the best NCLEX study questions and review material available.

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    NCLEX Review Book

    NCLEX Review Book Tips

    Guess what? With our special technique by your side, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how you’ll be able to juggle your new nursing career with your fabulous life. Let’s face it – you’re angry and frustrated that you can’t find Registered Nurse Licensure Books that actually reflects the content of the exam.

    You’ve learned this the hard way in your NCLEX review. You walked into that exam room brimming with confidence, only to panic as you faced unfamiliar test content. Why didn’t your RN exam prep prepare you for it? Why did you pay hundreds for inadequate NCLEX RN review that nearly cost you your nursing dreams?

    Whether this is your first time or your fifth, you need a sure-fire guarantee you answer most of your NCLEX questions on your testing date. You don’t want to face the pain and humiliation of failing. You don’t want the expense of having to pay for more RN tests.

    Guess what? With our special technique by your side, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is how you’ll be able to juggle your new nursing career with your fabulous life.

    The Truth About Your Current NCLEX Review

    Nursing educators have long suspected that review for the RN is written by profit-hungry publishers and lowly junior writers. Turns out, they’re right: more RN exam prep is being published by inexperienced writers than actually nurse educators.

    That’s why it’s so difficult to find NCLEX review that reflects the actual content of the test. The world isn’t working against you – you’re just picking the NCLEX RN review that’s been written by the wrong people.

    So if you want to get your registered nurse study back on track with the best Free NCLEX Review, here are the exact steps you need to follow:

    • Get your review for the RN guides together. If you haven’t made the purchases yet, grab a pen and notebook and head to your local bookstore. Grab a coffee on the way – you’ll need it!
    • Flip to the table of contents in each of the study guides you have. Make a list of the main chapters or sections in each study guide.
    • Once you’ve compiled the list of the chapters in each study guide, cross-check with the other NCLEX-RN exam chapters.
    • Jot down any commonalities you find. What sections keep popping up? What do the study guides seem to emphasize the most?
    • Once you have that list in front of you, go through the remaining chapters and take a look at the subsections.
    • Repeat the above process, making note of the most common themes for each subchapter.
    • Once you’ve finished, take a look at the final result. You’ve just made a list of the NCLEX review that’s guaranteed to appear on your exam.

    Use This To Get A Much Better NCLEX Review Focus Now

    If you use this technique on your own review for the RN, you’ll discover something incredible – you’ll have instant access to the real content that’s going to be on the exam.

    You’ll save valuable time and energy by studying the content that’s guaranteed to appear. You won’t waste another second studying test content that has zero possibility of appearing on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) exam.

    You’ll feel like you’ve developed new psychic powers – ones that allow you to see exactly what’s going to be on the exam and use it to spike your NCLEX review productivity!

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    NCLEX Review Course

    NCLEX Review Courses: What Are The Best Prep Classes?

    There’s no mistake that the world needs a registered nurse like you – so why are NCLEX Review Classes so expensive?

    Scraping together your spare change just to afford NCLEX review courses is a humiliating, embarrassing and miserable experience. Attaining your dream career – not to mention helping others – shouldn’t put you in financial peril.

    If you’re finding that your bank account has been drained by test preparation for your RN exam, then this module will show you how to find the best and most affordable NCLEX review classes.

    You’ll finally be able to experience the best test prep possible – without putting yourself in bankruptcy.

    You’ll finally be given an equal chance to get your RN license. The same chance that’s given to rich people who can afford thousands on review classes for the NCLEX.

    So let’s take a closer look at how you can find high-quality and affordable NCLEX review classes – right now.

    Why Are They So Expensive?…

    Ever wonder why NCLEX review classes are so expensive?

    The reasoning is surprisingly simple: test prep is just like any other industry – and nursing tests are a booming business. With healthcare projected to grow by an astonishing 28% by 2012 alone (due in part to the aging Baby Boomers), there are more potential nurses who are looking to get into the industry. Big name test prep companies run by CEOS (rather than nurses) see an incredible opportunity to raise more revenue.

    So in response to the grow, they decide to raise the prices of their NCLEX review classes and squeeze as much money as possible out of candidates like you.

    Where You Can Find Affordable NCLEX-RN Review Courses?

    Think it’s an impossible mission to find affordable review courses for the NCLEX? Think again: follow this step-by-step guide to determining the best NCLEX review classes that won’t break the bank:

    • Grab a pencil and paper, because you’re about to make a list of the most affordable review courses for the NCLEX.
    • First, scratch the names of big-name test preparation companies off of your list. These are the biggest offenders in the test prep world, as they’re run more like businesses. They may promise the world in terms of results, but you’ll have to part with thousands of dollars to get them.
    • Now that the brand-name companies are gone, head online to the USMLE website ( and check out smaller, independent review courses. These companies will charge less, but still give you the same great experience.
    • If you still want to find a more affordable review course, consider finding a test prep course that’s based entirely online. Much of the fees associated with NCLEX review classes are due to paying the instructor for the time they take to plan the lesson, travel to the class and tutor any students. However, online courses remove part of that time commitment, meaning that you won’t have to fork over extra for classes.
    • Search for these review classes for the NCLEX by performing a Google search (“NCLEX review classes”) or heading to NCLEX Study Guide for an in-depth look at the best – and most affordable – review courses.

    How Can I Get Affordable NCLEX-RN Review Classes And Study Materials Right Now?

    If you start searching for the best NCLEX review classes now, you’ll discover that you don’t have to fork over your yearly salary just to get high-quality review material.

    You’ll feel positive, energized and motivated knowing that you don’t have to be rich to have a change at becoming a registered nurse.

    Finally, you’ll see it’s better than any NCLEX review classes you have to commute to when you accelerate your testing from zero to sixty.

    For more advice to pass click on this blue link here: “NCLEX-RN Practice Questions” right now.

    NCLEX Questions

    NCLEX Questions: What You MUST Focus-On To Bust REAL Questions On Testing Day…

    You’ve just taken your first NCLEX RN test – and the NCLEX Questions were nothing like the ones you used in your nursing review.

    Does that familiar or what?

    You feel cheated. Betrayed. Absolutely frustrated by all of the hard work you put into your NCLEX questions. And what was it all for? Absolutely nothing. You’re a few hundred bucks poorer, short of a nursing license and a laughingstock to your colleagues, who all managed to easily pass.

    You may feel like storming to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing headquarters and demanding your money back. At the very worst, you feel like you were never meant to become a nurse – that you’re better off as a nursing student who failed to gain his or her license.

    Well, it’s time to shake away those blues, because we’re about to reveal how you can predict your NCLEX questions with 87% accuracy.

    Use this technique, and you’ll feel like you’re an NCLEX question psychic.

    Skip it, however, and you might as well kiss the money you spent on the exam – not to mention the thousands you spent in nursing school – good-bye.

    Isn’t it time you finally nailed down those NCLEX nursing questions once and for all?


    For all their pomp and circumstance, NCLEX test questions are quite predictable. Getting that 87% accuracy – and freeing yourself from the misery of failing the NCLEX yet again – doesn’t come down to predicting the exact wording of each NCLEX nursing question.

    Rather, it comes down to knowing what categories those state board nurses love to test.

    Recent studies have indicated that NCLEX nursing questions are five times as likely to fall into six categories. Once you uncover what those six categories are, you’ve already know 87% of what’s going to be on the exam…

    …And the rest is just child’s play.

    Are you ready to free yourself from the pain and agony of wondering why it seems like everyone is mastering NCLEX-RN Questions except for you?

    Then it’s time to move onto the next section – and see those six categories for yourself!


    • You’ll see plenty of NCLEX questions on how to take care of a childbearing family;
    • The NCSBN exam board loves to test you on your knowledge of how to take care of children – make sure you rise to their challenge;
    • Tons of review questions will focus on taking care of patients with diabetes;
    • You’ll see questions on current trends and issues in nursing;
    • You’ll need to know math formulas for determining correct dosages;
    • And you’ll see many NCLEX questions on treating patients with hypertension and cardiac issues.

    So what happens if you start focusing on these six NCLEX test question categories?

    You notice that you start getting more questions correct on your practice tests. You’ll lower testing jitters, worries of the future knowing you’re studying what’s on the REAL exam, not hundreds of pages from your nursing textbooks.

    You slowly discover that you’re not afraid of the day when you take your nursing exam and get the success you deserve. You actually looking forward to it, because you know it will be the day that your dream career as a nurse will finally begin.

    Isn’t it time you put the guesswork aside? Take action now and spend at least 80% of your NCLEX prep time on these six testing areas IF you want to pass your RN test now.

    Want more help to crack-the-code of tuff NCLEX questions?

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    NCLEX Preparation

    NCLEX Preparation: How To Break Your NCLEX-RN ‘Information Overwhelm’ And Spike Your Preparation Productivity Overnight

    You’re facing a massive NCLEX review questions crisis – and it’s one that wants to sink your registered nurse test scores to dangerous levels.

    After you fill-out your NCLEX application form the real struggle begins. There’s no denying you’re suffering from headache-inducing, teeth-grinding stress due to NCLEX preparation overload. But rather than attacking it headfirst, you’re sinking into a severe state of despair…

    …And your NCLEX RN preparation productivity is suffering because of it.

    You feel weak. Helpless. Completely at the mercy of your registered nurse exams. How can you fight back against information overload when you can’t even get up the strength and motivation to study?

    Consider today your lucky day, because this article is about to show you how. And if you’re ready to accelerate your test productivity and cut away at information overload, then all you need to know is a single question – one that we’re about to reveal to you.

    Can it really be that simple? Yes, it can – and you’re about to experience the pure joy that comes with knowing that your nursing license is practically in your hands right now.

    Don’t subject yourself to even more pain and misery by avoiding this article. Start to experience the euphoric relief that comes with massive productivity levels and the ability to cut down registered nurse practice overload with just a single question.

    A Single NCLEX Preparation Concept You ‘MUST-Know’ About Test Questions…

    So how can we make such grand claims that we can eliminate the pain and misery of information overload – not to mention poor productivity – from your life?

    It’s simple, really: it’s because we’ve uncovered the single concept behind every National Council Licensure Examination Practice Questions.

    Years of NCLEX-RN preparation research has shown us that the National Council of State Boards of Nursing have continually tested for one main concept on 80% of their exams.

    And that concept is integrated processes.

    Feel that sensation in your belly? That’s the feeling of hope and confidence as you realize that you already know the basics of integrated processes. You don’t have to take expensive NCLEX preparation classes to master this test…

    …You just need to know how to identify which integrated process a question is asking you for. And with just a single question, you can cut down on information overload and boost your productivity…

    …Because you won’t have to waste hours on unproductive and useless NCLEX Preparation!

    NCLEX Preparation Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This:

    • Every multiple-choice test question is going to focus on an integrated process. Before you look at the answer choice, you need to identify which one.
    • Take out a practice question. Remember, don’t look at the answers.
    • List the five integrated processes next to the question. Remember, that’s communication, documentation, caring, learning and teaching.
    • Now look at the question and ask yourself this question:
    • “Does this question require me to judge outcomes or set priorities?
    • If the former, then you’re being asked to evaluate.
    • If the latter, then you’re being asked to plan.
    • Use this to identify the integrated process.
    • Once you have, you’re already 90% there to the correct answer.

    When you start using this question on your own test prep, you’ll start to realize that you don’t have to study hundreds of pages of test content. You don’t have to lock yourself away in your study for hours at a time in an attempt to tackle your test content.

    You don’t even have to review your entire study guide – because this question will give you all the tools you need to up the ante in your test study and productivity.

    Click here on this blue text to see the FREE prep video at: “How To Pass The NCLEX-RN Exam” right now.

    Watch this video NCLEX preparation video so you master this process BEFORE your upcoming test day.

    NCLEX Practice Exams

    “A NCLEX Practice Exams – A Trick To Rip-Through Impossible Test Questions”

    Let’s face it: you don’t exactly have thousands of dollars to spend on NCLEX Prep Courses.

    You don’t understand it. Why does achieving success on your RN exam demand thousands of dollars from budget-strained nursing students like you? It almost feels criminal. You’re a passionate, caring and empathetic person who will make a wonderful registered nurse…

    …And it’s tearing you up on the inside that your bank account balance is preventing you from realizing the career of your dreams.

    If you’re ready to put a stop to the heartache, misery and self-pity that you feel when you realize you can’t afford yet another NCLEX prep class, then you’ve come to the right place.

    We’re about to introduce you to a secret technique that’s so powerful, it’s only taught in the most exclusive NCLEX prep courses. Think of it as like getting your own personal RN exam prep – without spending thousands of dollars.

    With this technique, you’ll save your hard-earned money AND experience the confidence, control and power that come with tackling any RN test questions that come your way – no matter how hard they are.

    Ignore this technique, and you might as well kiss those other thousands of dollars good-bye – you know, the ones you spent on nursing school.

    Save money. Erase the heartache and self-doubt. Read on to discover a RN exam application that will tear any test question to shreds.

    NCLEX Prep Courses Forget This One Secret…

    Perhaps you’re sceptical. Maybe you can’t truly believe that an article could single-handedly wipe out the pain, frustration and miseries you’ve been feeling over not being able to afford at least one NCLEX prep class.

    Even if you throw all of your the best NCLEX prep courses tend to forget one important thing about the NCLEX – the test revolves like clockwork. In fact, recent studies have shown that the National Council Licensure Examination tends to retest up to 80% of the content that was on the past three years’ worth of exams.

    Yet despite this fact, NCLEX prep teachers tend to forgo revealing this secret and instead focus on expansive, exhausting and ineffective content review…

    …Meaning you still wouldn’t get your money’s worth.

    It’s time to spare your pennies and accelerate your NCLEX RN Review so you power through any test question!

    A NCLEX-RN Prep Class Won’t Teach You This!

    • Take out a real exam question. Take a look at what it’s asking you – but don’t look at the answers yet.
    • Before you look at the answers, understand which integrated process is being used. Is it communication? Documentation? Caring? Learning? Teaching?
    • Look for clues as to the person’s age, as this can influence the client’s needs.
    • Anticipate your own answer before looking at the choices. Since the NCLEX tests minimum competency, your first instinct is usually the right one.
    • Select your answer, being sure to avoid unique and rare nursing practices. The NCLEX makers want to see that you know safe nursing practices.

    So what happens if you use this process?

    You’ll start to notice that those practice test questions start to become easier. You’ll start to feel your inner confidence grows as your exam score skyrockets well pass the minimum rate. And you’ll feel absolutely on fire when you realize that you didn’t have to spend a single penny to get the kind of NCLEX prep class that others have to pay thousands of dollars for.

    Try out this test NCLEX Prep attack framework when doing practice questions today. More important, be sure to use this on your testing date.

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    NCLEX Practice Test

    NCLEX Practice Test: The Secret To Ramp-Up Your Testing Recall

    When you’re staring months of NCLEX Practice in the face, it can be easy to lose sight of the most effective nursing review.

    Because you don’t have a simple yet effective study system, you find yourself cutting corners. Reducing your study time. Not spending time on NCLEX practice question. Watching as your dream nursing career slowly slips through your fingers.

    You begin to feel like a failure. Surely, if you graduated from the top nursing schools, you’d be able to manage these RN test questions. But as your family watches you spiral into frustration, pain and depression, you begin to doubt yourself. Especially after seeing the dismal NCLEX pass rate.

    You find yourself thinking:

    “If I was really meant to become a nurse, I wouldn’t have so much trouble with my NCLEX practice.”

    Ready for the light at the end of the tunnel?

    Your growing frustration and pain isn’t a reflection of the quality of your NCLEX review – it’s a reflection on your NCSBN testing date. In this article, I’ll introduce an NCLEX practice system that’s so simple – and effective – you’ll practically feel giddy with excitement as you rip through your NCLEX practice tests, REAL content and questions!

    Follow this system, and you’ll be just inches away from grabbing your nursing license from the steel-trap of the nursing board.

    However, if you choose to ignore this NCLEX practice technique, you might as well get comfortable with stress, anxiety and depression over the NCLEX exam – because they’re about to become your permanent bed fellows.

    The Science Behind The Supercharge

    So what’s the secret NCLEX practice system that’s guaranteed to eliminate the pain, frustration and agony of not being able to master your test practice?

    It’s simple: it involves reinvigorating your mind and body for maximum memory retention and test recall.

    A study from Stanford University revealed that when participants were asked to memorize certain items, only 30% were able to recall the items. But when researchers asked them to alternate study locations and combine text and visual cues, their collective memory retention exploded by a whopping 89%.

    That means if you want to make the most of your flashcards, graphs and mind maps, you need to “feng shui” your NCLEX practice

    …And this simple system will help you do exactly that!

    Use This System To Crank-Up Your NCLEX Practice:

    1. Find a quiet place where you can focus without distractions and interruptions.
    2. Gather up a small amount of your NCLEX practice questions or study material; for example, you could choose to focus on nursing three integrated processes.
    3. Use a clock, watch or kitchen timer to keep track of time in 20 minute blocks.
    4. Pull out a vivid graph or other visual cue that activates the visual learning part of your brain. Study that content for approximately twenty minutes.
    5. After the twenty minutes are up, move onto another space in your home or the library.
    6. Study a text-based section of your selected NCLEX practice. For example, you could read a chapter from your study guide or review a list.
    7. Focus on the text for another twenty minutes.
    8. Continue to switch between visual and text based study material and locations every 20 minutes to boost your retention and productivity of your review time.
    9. Repeat this strategy over and over again each time you study.

    With such a sudden increase in your memory retention and test recall (89%, to be exact), you’ll suddenly feel calm, confident, and in control of your nursing review.

    Use this system right now without delay. You can accelerate your testing effectiveness and recall of critical NCLEX RN content to unimaginable heights. You can start experiencing the incredible feeling that comes with knowing that you’re about to gain your nursing license once and for all…

    …And start living the dream life you’ve always wanted as a registered nurse just by improving your NCLEX practice today.

    So click here for: “My #1 NCLEX Practice SECRET” right now.

    NCLEX Practice

    NCLEX Practice: Destroy The Test Anxiety Eating Away At Your NCLEX-RN Success With This…

    You know that if you want to achieve the Holy Grail of an NCLEX Pass Rate, there’s only one thing that’s stopping you from your dream registered nursing career:

    Debilitating, nerve-wracking, paralyzing RN exam anxiety.

    You’re dealing with more than just a case of RN testing jitters about the low NCLEX RN pass rate. Even the thought of sitting in front of your registered nurse test makes you feel like running for the hills. Defying the dismal NCLEX RN pass rate feels like such an impossible goal. You constantly feel on the verge of tears. Embarrassed. Sick to your stomach. Inexplicably angry.

    You can now kiss those stomach-cramping nerves good-bye. You’re about to learn a technique that’s proven to reduce your test anxiety by 50% – right this minute.

    And that means those NCLEX pass rates are finally within your grasp.

    Imagine what it will be like to feel like you’re finally free from testing anxiety. By using this technique, you’ll feel confident. Calm, incredibly powerful and full of potential. In fact, you’ll start feeling like the registered nurse you’re meant to be.

    Without this technique, you’re letting your anxiety win over you yet again. It’s time to fight back against the nerves, nausea and pain. It’s time to achieve that NCLEX pass rate once and for all.

    A Stress Management Technique Used By Hollywood A-Listers And Athletes

    Science constantly proves that simple mental techniques can instantly reduce the pain and agony that come with paralyzing test anxiety. In fact, a recent study from Peking University revealed that something as basic as mental rehearsal can help us take control of our anxieties about testing. That’s because test anxiety happens at a sub-conscience level. It’s part of your autonomic nervous system.

    Your stress about defeating the NCLEX RN pass rates is detrimental to your health, your wealth and passing the NCLEX. However, adrenaline can actually help you achieve a better NCLEX Passing Rate.

    So what do we mean by positive self-dialogue? It’s the kind of positive conversation you have with yourself. It’s the direct action you take to transform your anxiety into calm nerves and a peak performance mindset necessary for conquering your exam.

    Discover a method to bust your test anxiety will help you power through your review study guide and make mince meat of your NCSBN exam.

    When you’re ready to free yourself from debilitating test anxiety, use the following technique below and experience the freedom for yourself.

    How To Un-Paralyze Yourself For A Better NCLEX Passing Rate

    1. Find an isolated place to settle down and comfortable seat before you start your NCLEX review.
    2. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out deeply for approximately two minutes. Breathe in for a count of six seconds and out for a count of six. You should feel your heartbeat start to slow. Allow your mind to focus only on your breathing blocking-out the thoughts of the day.
    3. When you finally reach the stage where you’re feeling relaxed, begin reciting these positive statements to yourself. (It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe them – repetition will cement it in your mind.)
    4. NCLEX practice makes me relaxed and confident!”
    5. “I’m cool, calm, collected and have a relaxed alertness when I take my NCLEX nursing exam.”
    6. You’re free to personalize the statements in your own words, but say them aloud over and over again.
    7. While you’re relaxed and breathing in this relaxed rhythm see yourself on a large movie screen doing your test prep and taking your upcoming exam achieving a successful NCLEX Pass Rate WITHOUT text anxiety.
    8. Practice doing this over and over again 10 minutes per day.

    Don’t expect your test anxiety to disappear overnight. That‘s why you must do this technique for 10 minutes each day.

    You can’t defeat your test anxiety by force and will power. That’s why you must use this routine to reprogram your sub-conscience mind.

    If you have real test anxiety, but think this visualization and affirmation technique is silly, the registered nursing career you’re visualizing will be a pipe dream. — The ONLY thing you have to lose is your test anxiety.

    Commit to do this exercise each day for 10 minutes!

    So what’s going to happen if you use this technique?

    You’ll start to notice something different in only a few days. You actually feel pumped-up for your review and more confident about your upcoming test.

    Stop feeling imprisoned by your test anxiety. Take control of your mind and life with this method. You’ll find yourself far ahead of other test takers who get embarrassing test preparation results and test NCLEX pass rates due to their test anxiety blocking them from success.

    You feel confident knowing that whatever nerves come your way, you’ll be able to reduce them instantly…Crank-up your personal NCLEX pass rate.

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