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Acing Your NYSTCE

The actual content of your NYSTCE will depend on the subject you’re thinking of teaching. The official NYSTCE test study guides will tell you what you’re supposed to know before you walk into the exam room. You should certainly be familiar with the guides that apply to you.

What the guides won’t tell you though is how to ace the NYSTCE test when you aren’t sure of the answer. That isn’t because you can’t do it; it’s because with a standard NYSTCE test study guide they don’t want you to know how to do it. It is a lot of work to prepare for and pass a New York teacher certification test. Get started now!

Here are Five Ways To Ace the NYSTCE (Even When You Don’t Know The Answer)

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1. Do the easy questions first

Use the first few minutes of the exam to zip through the paper. You’ll certainly find some of the questions easier than others. Do those straight away. It will make you feel a bit better and give you more time for the tough questions. And if you find yourself getting stuck on a question, make a mark, leave it and move on. Come back to it at the end when you’ll have more time, more focus and less panic.

2. Use a process of elimination

This is an absolute must on any multiple choice question. There will usually be one or two questions that are outrageously wrong. Knock them out quick and your score goes up.

3. Drop extreme language and numbers

One way to pick the bad answer choices from the good is to look at the wording of the answers. The examiners generally prefer the correct answer to be wishy-washy. Any answer choice that uses words like “all”, “never” or “always” are probably wrong. Similarly, on math questions, the highest and lowest figures are usually bad choices too. Take them out.

4. Identify similar answers

Another way to home in on the right answer choices is to pick out any answers that look the same. Usually on the NYSTCE exam, two answers will be extreme, one will look right and one will be right.

The one that looks right has been put there deliberately to confuse you.

The examiners are hoping that as you rush through the exam, you won’t notice that there’s a better answer right next to it and pick the wrong choice. That’s mean, but it actually does you a favor. When two answer choices look similar, one of them is likely to be right.

5. Use previous questions

One of the great things about long exams like the NYSTCE is that the answer to one question can often be found in another part of the paper. It’s going to be almost impossible for the examiners not to repeat a subject or duplicate a point. If you’re scratching your head over a question, move on and keep an eye out for it later on. There’s a good chance that they’ll give the game away in a different question.

Those are just five simple tactics you can use to ace the NYSTCE test. There are many others and you’ll need them all to put yourself in the classroom and in front of the blackboard. To learn all the tactics you need, and to make sure that your NYSTCE test preparation is right on track, check out our NYSTCE Comprehensive Success System and start your teaching career with top marks. Don’t wait – start your NYSTCE test prep and review program today.

NYSTCE Test Preparation

NYSTCE Test Preparation — How to Cram Fast and Effectively

Whatever your subject, the NYSTCE is going to expect you to have memorized vast amounts of information. Some of that information you’ll know well because you use it every day. But much of the details that will turn up in the exam will be the sort of knowledge that will normally have you turning to the books to find the answers. This is where a good NYSTCE study guide can really help.

In the NYSTCE exam, you’ll need to be able to recall those facts from your memory. That means you’re going to have to cram right up to the last minute so you can remember as much as possible so you can pass your New York teacher certification test and become a licensed teacher.

Top Methods to Quickly Complete NYSTCE Test Preparation

At some point, just about everyone finds themselves having to cram for an exam. It might not be the best way to learn, but it’s often the only way to pass the test.

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There are a number of effective techniques that you can use to fill your head with the information you need to breeze through your NYSTCE exam.

1. Organize Your Priorities No one excels at everything. There will inevitably be some subjects at which you are stronger and others at which you are weaker. You’ll need to make sure that you spend more time memorizing and learning in your weaker areas than in your stronger ones.

Don’t worry if it looks like there’s a huge difference between the amount of work you have to do to prepare for the NYSTCE test and the amount of time you have to do it. It is important to use a professionally prepared NYSTCE study guide that includes quality NYSTCE practice questions. The next step will be to chop down the work.

2. Pick and Store Once you’ve identified those areas that will need the most work, read all the information in your NYSTCE manual through once. Highlight the most important points (don’t just underline: it’s easier to picture a highlighted page than an underlined sentence).

There are a number of different methods that you can then use to store your information in your head:

  • Break up what you need to learn into bite-sized chunks. There’s a limit to how much you can stuff into your short-term memory in one go. Take each piece a little at a time.
  • Acrostics help you remember lists in the right order by turning them into strange sentences. My Dear Aunt Sally is the famous way to remember to Multiply and Divide before you Add and Subtract. You can create your own acrostic for any set of facts.
  • Turn your notes into notes. If you can put the words you’re trying to memorize to a tune you like, you’ll find them much easier to remember. You might not be able to hum in the exam, but you can sing in the shower — and in the process, keep memorizing for the NYSTCE exam.

3. Get It Rammed Right In There! Cramming only puts the information you want in your head for a short time (using what you’ve memorized will keep it there for the long term). In order to keep what you’ve memorized from falling out before your exam, you’ll need to keep seeing it and going over it right up until you need it on the day of your NYSTCE test.

It is never too early to begin studying for your NYSTCE so you can pass your New York teacher certification test the first time you take it.

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The NYSTCE — Your Path To A Rewarding Career!

This article gives you free information about:

  • NYSTCE study guides
  • How to “out think” NYSTCE test questions with a simple strategy
  • NYSTCE test preparation
  • How to avoid NYSTCE exam tricks and pitfalls
  • Top methods to quickly pass the NYSTCE exam
  • How to decide on an effective NYSTCE test preparation strategy, succeed on your NYSTCE test and become a certificated educator

Few careers can provide the levels of responsibility, satisfaction and fulfillment that teaching brings to educators. Each day, thousands of teachers across the country help their students to study, learn and reach for their dreams. We commend you for striving to become a certified teacher in New York. Don’t wait – start your NYSTCE test prep and review program today.
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Good Teachers Create Great Lives

Teachers can touch lives in ways that no one else can. Everyone remembers at least one teacher who provided them with encouragement and inspiration, and the help and advice that they needed just when they needed it most.

You are one small step away from becoming such a teacher. You need to register for and pass your NYSTCE exam.

Good Teachers Also Lead Great Lives

But teachers don’t just inspire and educate. As a teacher, you’ll enjoy respect from your family and friends, and a social status given to few other professionals. You’ll have long paid vacations that will enable you to travel the world or pursue your own goals. And you’ll have an income that will bring you independence and a career path that can lead you from challenge to success.

All that stands between you and a rewarding career of educating, guiding and inspiring students right now is your NYSTCE registration and NYSTCE exam. You should do what’s necessary to pass your NYSTCE test. Begin with a sound NYSTCE test preparation and a top-notch NYSTCE study guide.

Pass the NYSTCE, Pass On Your Knowledge

The NYSTCE exam is intended to prove to that you have the basic knowledge and ability to teach your subject in a classroom. The NYSTCE consists of a series of tests that examine your specialized knowledge as well as your teaching skills.

The road to teacher licensing in New York is a challenging one. With hard work and, no less importantly, the right NYSTCE test preparation, you should find it easy to pass the NYSTCE and start your teaching career.

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What You Need to Know About the NYSTCE

Whichever subject you intend to teach, you’ll find that passing the NYSTCE test will require you to make use of two sets of skills: recalling the knowledge that you possess; and answering exam questions quickly and accurately.

Both of these skill sets are vitally important. A good NYSTCE study guide can help you develop these skills.

What is the NYSTCE?

The NYSTCE is a series of tests that you will need to take as you progress towards your goal of becoming a teacher.

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These tests include examinations of your knowledge of liberal arts and sciences, and teaching and communication skills, as well as content specialty tests that ensure that you have the required knowledge in your particular chosen subject.

It’s important then to make sure that you are familiar with the content requirements of your particular NYSTCE exam subject area. But it’s no less important to pay attention to your exam strategy. Time management and the process of elimination will be important elements in getting the score you need to pass the NYSTCE and become a teacher.

Two Types of Questions, Two Types of Challenges

NYSTCE questions may come in two forms: Multiple-choice questions ask you to choose the best answer from five options. In these questions, it is important to remember that the best answer isn’t necessarily the only correct answer. You may find that two answers look correct; one answer will be more correct\ than the other. (This also means that when two answers look the same, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of guessing the right one.)

Essay questions ask you to produce short compositions. A pre-planned structure is the key to maxing these questions. As usual, excellent NYSTCE test preparation is a must


How To Pass The NYSTCE Test And Start Teaching As A Licensed Educator Teaching In New York State Now

New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) Pearson Vue is your ticket to enter the profession of teaching. It is only after you get a passing score that you are given certification by the New York State Teacher Certification committee to teach.

The NYSTCE exam is focused on evaluating the proficiency of the teacher candidates. This evaluation comprises of various examinations, which include the Assessment of Teaching Skills Written (ATS-W), Content Specialty Tests (CST) and Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAST).

The Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAST) test measures candidate’s competencies in every subject in multiple subjects, like science, humanities, art, language, literature and math. Below mentioned are some tips which can help the candidates to make their test prep more effective:

• Start your preparation early: Do not delay your NYSTCE prep, as earlier you start the review, more chances you have to pass. You will be able to cover all the topics as well, without running out of time or leaving anything out.

• Familiarize yourself with the testing format: For this you need to invest in good quality study materials, like the ones offered by Teaching Solutions Test Success System. Their NYSTCE prep book, guides and study programs contain complete information about the latest format of the test.

• Choose the right study materials: Make sure that the test prep books you choose include all the relevant topics and information. Spend considerable time to look for the right preparation guide and study materials, as your success in the test will depend highly on your choice.

• Spend enough time on revision and assessment: Along with test prep, you should also spend some time on reviewing the content you feel the weakest in and assess your progress each week. Taking a quality NYSTCE practice test will help you know your current proficiency for the items you’ll face on your exam date. It’ll also make you aware of the things which you need to invest more time to in your study sessions or review again.

• Sign-up for a NYSTCE test prep class online: Get an edge over others by trying at least one of the test prep courses available.

• Consider getting an online or offline tutor or at least ongoing advice and help from someone who’s been in your shoes, took and passed the NYSTCE test. Teachers who passed your specific exam are in the best position to help you get a passing test score. Don’t be too proud to get tutoring or coaching help. It could be the missing link between you and figuring how to get a passing score.

Learning how to pass is the goal of every New York state teacher certification candidate. It’s the passport to an exciting career and a secure future.

For more NYSTCE test prep advice, see this free report at: NYSTCE Study Guide now.

NYSTCE Test Prep

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"NYSTCE Test Prep Habits of Highly Successful Crammers"


You might not have meant to do it, but you did: you left your NYSTCE test prep until the last minute.


Maybe it happened because you had far too much on your plate to handle. Perhaps you thought that you wouldn't need three months to have a Teaching Solution…or six weeks…or even three weeks.


But now those test dates are looming – and you hardly know where to start. Your first reaction is to take up a permanent residence in the library. After all, you reason to yourself, the library's the best place to be when you need to get some serious NYSTCE prep cramming done…




Actually, this happens to be one of the biggest cramming myths circulating the world today – and it's directly responsible for stealing valuable NYSTCE test points from stressed-out students.


Listen: you didn't mean to leave your test prep until the last minute. And we're not here to give you a boring and utterly useless lecture on how you should have managed your time better. You simply don't have time for that.


All the time you have left should be devoted to NYSTCE test prep cramming habits of highly successful people.


Yes – NYSTCE Prep Crammers CAN be Successful Test Takers!


You might not think that “highly successful people” and “cramming” belong together in the same sentence, but trust us: if you can master the art of procrastination, then you can master these tips. Each of them have been carefully constructed to bust a major myths in your prep for the NYSTCE, while providing you with accurate testing information that'll really propel your test score to new heights.


Are you ready to take your NYSTCE exam prep to a new level? Of course you are – and these techniques will help you to do!

  • The key to any great NYSTCE cramming strategy is to avoid what testing experts call “rote learning”, where you read a certain passage over and over. This is good for memorizing figures – but not so great for memorizing important teaching concepts. Instead, focus on the bigger picture; your mind will make the connections, which will help when you come up against a question that you didn't memorize for.
  • Do you suffer from “earworms” – i.e. annoying songs that seem to get stuck in your head and just won't leave? Don't rally against them; instead, take advantage by learning your material to the tune of the music. Not only is this an easier way to retain and recall information, but it has a wonderfully calming effect as well.
  • When in the midst of cramming panic, resist the urge to go it alone by recruiting a NYSTCE test preparation buddy. Social interaction has been proven to give our brains a revitalizing boost – and you'll be grateful for it during the midnight slump!
  • Finally, don't stay in one space for too long. Studies have shown that trading spaces boosts info retention and calms anxiety – so grab that NYSTCE test prep material and move on when you start to get tired.

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"NYSTCE Test Prep That Just Might SAVE Your Test Score!"


Your NYSTCE test preparation seems so straightforward, doesn't it?


After flipping through practically dozens of study guides, you could practically recite all of the testing “tips” by heart. So-called techniques like: “Don't forget to eat a good breakfast”; “Make sure you know how to get to the testing center”.


And this one is my personal favorite: “Read the question before you take a look at the answers.”

Of course you'll read the question first – what do these makers of NYSTCE CST Study Guide Book and practice questions take you for, anyways?


These kinds of common sense test-taking strategies really don't help when you're staring a tough question in the face. Sure, a good night's sleep might make you feel more alert, and that breakfast will keep you from experiencing hunger pains.


But how the heck does that help you when you're up against a test question that isn't letting you go anywhere?


It's Time for Some REAL NYSTCE Test Prep


Forgot those so-called tips and techniques. If you have any hope of blasting your way through your New York teacher certification exam, then you need to arm yourself with a real NYSTCE test study guide…


…And not any study guides that only present you with half-baked ideas and common sense advice your pet cat could have given you!

I know this might seem a bit harsh, especially if you've been relying on a study guide like this to provide you with the NYSTCE test practice you need. But it's vitally important to expose yourself to other types of NYSTCE test practice as well…


…Including these ultimate testing tips!


  • Any great NYSTCE CST test strategy includes getting familiar with the actual format of the exam. But I'm not talking about reading the directions or memorizing how many questions you'll face. Instead, you'll want to know that the makers of the exam are very fond of presenting their students with sucker-bait answers.
  • What's a sucker-bait answer choice? Well, on your New York teacher certification exam, there will be an ideal answer – and then there will be a second-best answer choice that's highly tempting to select. That, my friend, is the sucker-bait answer choice. It's one that tricks you into thinking that it's the best one – and it's time to take a stand against this NYSTCE CST LAST ATS-W test trap!
  • So how can you spot these test traps in your NYSTCE study in time for the actual exam? Well, try these tips on for size: the second-best answer is usually the one that's shorter than the right answer. Test makers know that students are hesitant to pick the longer answer because it seems like a trap. If you're unsure of which answer to select, fight this instinct and go with the longer one.

Here's another tip for blasting back against the sucker-bait answer: choose the one that requires more work from the New York teacher. NYSTCE test makers want to be sure that you're ready for the rigors of the teaching world – and these answers do just that!


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NYSTCE Study Guide

“NYSTCE Study Reveals Best Isometrics To Banish Excruciating Test Anxiety!”


You're in the midst of NYSTCE test practice when suddenly, it hits.


Your test prep guides start to blur together, and you can't seem to focus. Your heart starts palpitating. Your palms become increasingly sweaty, and your breathing becomes heavy and ragged, as if you've just run a marathon.


It's official: you're having a NYSTCE study panic attack.


Many test takers think that the worst test anxiety typically happens during yoru testing date itself. However, our test experts have proved differently; contrary to popular belief, test nerves and anxiety are actually worse before taking the actual exam. Our test experts believe that this is all down to a primary culprit…


…The fear of the unknown.


While it's easy to identify what's causing those tumultuous nerves, it's not so easy trying to talk yourself down from them. After all, how can you reassure yourself that you'll do well on the exam when you're not even sure of what's going to be on it?


However, the key is approaching your test nerves from a physical standpoint – and not a mental one.


Where the Body Goes, the NYSTCE Study Brain Will Follow!


It's an idea that you won't find in those NYSTCE books – because these test experts have been the first to reveal this innovative concept to test prep students across the country.


“There's plenty of research to suggest that the mind influences how the body feels,” says Carl Lam, a NYSTCE exam study guide author. “That's why you're experiencing the test stress in the first place.

However, what if we could reverse the process and treat test anxiety from a much easier angle: the physical level?”


…We can just use the following isometric exercises to stop it in its tracks!

  • If your concentration is starting to wander away from your NYSTCE study, then use the following exercise to get back on track. Press your palms together as hard as you can for just a few seconds. Take note of the tension you feel running all of the way up through your arms and into your shoulders. Now release – notice the relaxing sensation you're feeling? That's the feeling of test stress melting away from your muscles and mind!
  • Is your mind buzzing with panic? Calm it down by performing this yoga stretch: sit cross-legged on the floor, with your hands gently resting in your lap. Slowly rotate your head from your left side to your right and look over each shoulder as much as you can. Pay attention to how good that stretch feels – now repeat five times on each side, and you'll be amazed at how quiet and still your mind becomes.

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NYSTCE Practice Test

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"NYSTCE Practice Test Tips That Really Pack a Punch"


Let's face it – there are NYSTCE practice tips, and then there are techniques that are so powerful, you'll actually become excited to take your teacher certification exam.


Don't believe me? Well, as a developer of several well-known Teaching Solutions NYSTCE study guides, I can assure you that having the right tools can make test prep life a whole lot easier. Compare it to gardening, for example; do you think you'd get very far if you tried to weed with a hose?


Of course not. Knowing which tools to apply to which task makes everything run much more smoothly to the point where it becomes enjoyable.


And if it can happen for this, then it can certainly happen with your NYSTCE exam practice!


Your NYSTCE Practice Exams Should Boil Down to What It Wants From You.


Believe it or not, those NYSTCE practice tests aren't there just to torture you.


In fact, it's only through careful attention that you can pick up on the clues and hints that your practice exam keeps dropping into your lap. Sure, you may think that you need to emphasize memorizing those mathematical formulas, or memorize the dictionary in its entirety.

But look just beyond the surface, and you'll see just why your practice tests for the NYSTCE highlight teaching competencies for almost half of the exam…


…It's because they want to ensure that you'll be the best New York teacher possible!


You've heard of the expression “to see the forest for the trees,” right? Well, this expression really applies here. Without connecting the dots to see the big picture, you can bet that you'll sink your exam score to new lows.


Which is why you need a few big-picture NYSTCE practice tips!


Fill Your CST and LAST Practice with These Teaching Competencies!


Want to ace your NYSTCE test practice questions and pass the actual exam? Then make sure that you study up on these popular New York teaching competencies:

  • The makers of NYSTCE practice tests want to ensure that you know how to increase academic learning time. As you'll recall, academic learning time is the time that students spend on an activity that helps them to comprehend a subject matter. Tips like teaching students procedures to make quicker transitions, having hand-out materials at the ready and giving time limits for an activity all help to extend academic learning time.
  • Classroom disciple is another key issue on this exam, so remember this helpful rule: the best New York teachers always limit their rules to four or five essential behaviors.
  • The issue of correcting students will make frequent appearances on the test, so listen up! Should you need to correct a student, it's best to do it privately. A teacher who corrects or criticizes a student in front of the class will open themselves up to hostility, anger and embarrassment, so it's best to keep it a private matter.


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NYSTCE Content Specialty Test

"NYSTCE Content Specialty Test Expert Reveals How to Successfully Train Your Brain"


We've all heard that when it comes to taking control of the NYSTCE Content Specialty test, you've got to set your brain up for success.


But for most test takers, that means endless weeks of monotonous NYSTCE study.


…Purchasing every New York state teacher certification test preparation book known to mankind…

…And even skipping precious hours of sleep to get a few last-minute test tips crammed into that overtired brain of yours.


However, as a NYSTCE Content Specialty test expert, I'm always bemused to see my students put themselves through this torture – and they always end up getting frustrated and overwhelmed. In fact, I can practically time my watch to when my students walk into my office, throw up their hands and scream…


…”How can I make my brain remember everything I need to know?”


Trust me, you don't need a lobotomy to successful train your brain for your best test score yet.


You just need to get your hands on my ultimate test preparation secrets.


How to Hack Your Brain for NYSTCE CST Success


It's a common belief that many of us hold near and dear: your testing knowledge is limited by your brain's ability to learn, retain and recall valuable information.


But if this was true, that would mean that studying is completely useless – for if we're restricted to one level of academic performance for the rest of our lives, then what would be the point of study?

I'm going to tell you the same thing that I tell each and every one of my poor exhausted NYSTCE CST students: your brain is a limitless fountain for NYSTCE Content Specialty test success. It's up to you to hack your own brain and unleash that fountain in a torrent of test prep success.


And these tips will show you how to hack into each one of your 100 billion neurons and guarantee CST exam success!


  • Most of my NYSTCE CST students give me an incredulous look when I tell them this fact, but I swear it works: start off your day and end your night by filling in a Sudoku puzzle. This game isn't just a blast to play – experts have proven that Sudoku is the ultimate way to increase your mind's alertness and retention levels. Play it for a week, and watch how quickly your mind becomes a steel trap.
  • Transfer the majority of your test prep to the online world. A recent study from the University of California Los Angeles discovered that surfing the web stimulated the brain's decision-making and complex reasoning centers. In fact, brain scans from this same study revealed that the mind is more stimulated from online study than traditional study of a test guide. Find at test prep company with plenty of online guides, practice tests and review strategies, as they'll take advantage of your brain's stimulated levels!

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