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Finding yourself with too much Praxis test preparation and too little time? Do you find yourself wrestling with test anxiety, procrastination — or finding it's difficult to get yourself motivated to study?

Does the fact your future career prospects could vanish due to failure cause you to stress-out and perhaps 'blank-out' on the real McCoy?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to get a Praxis II study guide that ONLY has the test questions you'll see on your real ETS exam date?

What if someone who took your test and passed handed you a free Praxis test secret recipe to pass? – Now you can. Find the link for your test on navigation bar to the left and discover clues, hints and treasure map that shows you how you too can pass your test and start living your fantasy life as a successful classroom teacher right now.

1- Quit Thinking Negative Thoughts In Praxis Test Preparation

The worst thing you can do when you’re preparing for your Praxis test is get in a negative mindset. If you start thinking, “Praxis test prep is too hard to do right,” or “I’ll never remember all this exam material,” you’ve started off on the wrong foot.

It’s like putting up a roadblock in your mind. Your subconscious doesn’t know what’s truth and what’s falsehood. It can’t look at the evidence surrounding Praxis II test prep gossip and determine it’s being told the truth.

Your subconscious basically accepts everything as is. If you tell yourself, “The Praxis II test is too hard,” or “I won’t be able to remember all that exam information,” your subconscious says, “Oh. Ok.” And shuts down.

The subconscious is extremely powerful. That’s why I want to get it working for you in your Review Manuals and pass your Praxis exam.

2- Think Positive During Praxis II Test Prep

Is thinking positively the answer to acing your test? No, it’s only a small part of it. That’s why I created an entire free Praxis test preparation and teacher certification help web site to coach you through the entire process. Thinking positively gets your subconscious working for you instead of against you.

There are two ways you can think positively.

  • Praxis Test Success Self-Talk
  • Praxis Exam Success Imagery

Self-talk is the easiest way to program your subconscious to pass. Try it. Tell yourself, “I can pass the Praxis exam, I can pass my test.” You may feel ridiculous at first talking to yourself, but this WORKS! The first day you do this your subconscious mind you say, “Bull.” But within a few days your subconscious will accept this affirmation and it will be stamped into the deepest parts of your brain and it will feel natural to repeat this affirmation to yourself.

Once every cell of you being believes it, you can achieve it! Sounds corny, but it's true.

How do you picture your typical a big chronic Praxis test failure? Don't know see a big whiner and negative thinker who thinks the test is some conspiracy against them? Can't you see this person creating a lot of negative emotions about the test and placing responsibility elsewhere rather than putting the energy into finding the secrets to pass the Praxis exam?

Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought about Praxis practice, stop, take a deep breath, and tell yourself you can do it. Reframe the thought to positive. You’ll feel much better and much more effective and productive.

Your words aren’t the only way your subconscious is affected. Imagery or visualization is a great way to get you mentally prepared for your exam.

Pro athletes use visualization all the time. The basketball player visualizes that clutch free throw swishing through the net. The star quarterback sees in his mind’s eye the perfect pass to the open receiver.

You can use the same technique. Before you start your Praxis test prep sessions take 5-10 minutes to imagine yourself easily absorbing the test content. Then take a few minutes to envision yourself smiling as you're mastering your exam. It feels like slicing through butter with a hot knife! — And that's what will happen if you use this technique daily.

3- Get Help By Former Praxis Test Takers Who Passed

Want to relieve stress and get ahead of your competition at the same time? Get a test prep mentor. The cheapest and easiest way to do this find anyone who has taken your same exact test and discover the tricks to pass.

The majority of your fellow Praxis test takers will do what they always did for college class tests; read the material, take a some Praxis II practice questions, work their tail off to memorize the material, and walk into the test hoping for the best.

But your ETS exam is a different animal. You need a different attack plan. The fastest route to teacher certification is to get advice from professionals who have been there and helped others. A professional will give you…

  • An objective opinion
  • Years of experience
  • Advice
  • Specific instruction

Try these three tips and you’ll be less stressed about the Praxis II test taking. Because you’re less stressed you’ll do much better on the test. I promise.

For more more goodies and gold nuggets to help you pass go to: Prep Books And Sample Questions for the Praxis exam right now.

Praxis II Exam

Praxis Test: “How To Pass The ETS Praxis II Exam And SAVE Your Teaching Career…While You Still Have Time…


Respected Praxis test taker,

You know the ETS Praxis test has little to do with your ability to be a good teacher, but can permanently axe you from the teaching profession forever. You can’t give up now. You’ve already invested too many years of your life in the teaching career you love.

Do whatever it takes to learn how to pass-the-Praxis II test in ethical and legal manner so you don’t suffer the fate of so many good educators. You must locate the best Praxis test prep books and study guides to succeed.

I took the Praxis test because of my passion for being a classroom teacher and mission to help young minds lead better lives.

It didn’t take me long to see my college classes didn’t prepare me for this ETS exam. After seeing many friends and colleagues failing this teacher certification exam over and over again I realized this exam is a different animal. I couldn’t just do the same test prep routine I did for other standardized tests or in my education classes.

Most Praxis II Study Guides I used lead me in the wrong direction. The test prep books I tried didn’t cover the exam material and/or were too simplistic compared to REAL test questions. — I failed the Praxis test 3 times and almost gave-up the only career I ever wanted.

Your Worst Case Scenario Of Failing The Praxis test

My family and I experienced the ‘devastating nightmare’ of my losing my teaching position after my Praxis II test failure. You see for a time this put me out on the street searching for a job to put food on the table.

You too probably got slapped in the face with the shocking reality that there are very few Praxis test study guides that reflect the actual exam. (You know there has to be a better way to pass.)

After I almost losing everything I had (including my family) I finally discovered some secrets to pass-the-Praxis test. …Never let that happen to you!

I’d like to share these test preparation tactics with you in my free articles and videos on this website. Some Praxis II practice and test taking tips may seem basic at first glance, but IF you actually apply them it could be the ‘missing link’ to passing you’re seeking.

Click here for a : “FREE Praxis II Study Guide Video” right now.

Don’t be surprised if you find a few of my tips, strategies, tricks, short-cuts and confidential confessions sling-shot you back to the secure teaching career you deserve!

Praxis II Exam Study Guide

"What Praxis II Exam Study Guide To Use…If You've Been Out Of College For 10-30 Years

is the only thing that can save you from your biggest obstacle yet. Your Praxis preparation is the ONLY thing that can fill that gaping space of time between when you last stepped foot in a university, and those Praxis test dates.

Sure, your Praxis test preparation materials  tell you that it doesn’t matter that you’ve been out of college for many years. They tell you that as long as you know your basic educational competencies, you’ll do just fine. But a renowned test expert recently discovered that those so-called “Praxis II test preparation experts” are dead-wrong…

…And if you’ve been out of college for several years, you have every right to be seriously worried about your chances at getting certified.


Skewed Praxis Preparation That’s Hurting Graduates From 2009 and Below”


Want to know just what this test expert uncovered in a recent shocking Praxis 2 study?

Approximately 82% of all Praxis test preparation guides are written from the vantage point of a recent college graduate. To make things worse, for every year you’ve been out of college, your test score can lower as much as 5%.

Think you can use your hard-won teaching experience to fight back? Don’t be so sure: the test prep expert pointed out that these exam questions never take teaching experience into account…

…In fact, they’ll often use it against you. In other words, if you’ve been out of college for more than two years, the news isn’t good: Praxis preparation is intentionally designed to trip you up. And unless you know how to beat these test makers at their own game, you might as well flush all of your teaching experience straight down the drain.

You see a lot of the theory and content taught in college courses has changed (we're in the information age after all). You must also know "best practice" teaching theory in education is sharply different than commonly used teaching methods by current veteran teachers who learned their craft years ago.

I know that this is the last thing you want to hear, but you do have a lot of Praxis II exam preparation to IF you absolutely need to pass.

  There Is One Solution That Can Help You Get Up To Speed And Erase Being Out Of Colleges For Decades

But there’s hope for you yet. We’ve uncovered major loopholes in these Praxis II preparation schemes that can turn even a teacher who's been out of college for decades into a lean mean Praxis test preparation machine. And it only takes a few steps…

  • Praxis II preparation update: Ignore your college graduation date. If you really want to get to the heart of successful preparation for the Praxis II, then you need to go back to high school. The basic tenants of English, math and reading comprehension are more than enough to see you through this exam. If you try to focus outside these areas, you’ll lose that all-important focus.
  • There’s no getting around it: if you’ve been out of the education system for more than five years, enroll in a test prep course.

Not sure you’ve got the time? An online course can give you the flexibility and attention you need to succeed in your Praxis preparation.

Finally, you need to know exactly what you’re coming up against .

See some tactics that blast me past the Praxis preparation disadvantage of “being out of school too long.”

Click on this blue link to see a FREE Praxis II preparation video called: “The #1 Secret For Praxis Study Tips To Leap-Frog You Back To Teaching Career Security” right now.

Praxis Questions

Praxis questions on your exam are all about getting your maximum potential score with minimum effort. With just a couple of eliminations here and a few educated guesses there, the right Praxis 2 testing strategies will help you power through even the most difficult sample tests.


Not necessarily. While some test preparation tips will net you a few points here and there, even the best strategies don’t come close to addressing a crucial part of your test prep review.

And if you’re making this mistake, then listen up: you’re in serious danger of spectacularly flunking your exam.

A Praxis 2 Test Controversy: Experience vs. Content Knowledge?”

Praxis 2 test controversies are the last thing you need to think about right now. But before you shy away from this hot-button topic, pay attention: it’s critical to achieving your best score ever.

Loads of Praxis test takers are already teachers – in fact, a whopping 34% are already teaching, with a further 32% working as a substitute teacher or as a teacher’s aide. This means that a great deal of test takers have a sizable amount of teaching experience under their belts when they approach this test. They feel confident that their experience will see the through any question, no matter how tough.

And that’s exactly the mistake that’s costing potential teachers the opportunity to finally become certified in the profession they love.

Surprised? Don’t be: many test takers simply don’t realize that the “Praxis 2 test” doesn’t take teaching experience into account. This means that every single question you come up against isn’t testing your years of hard-won teaching experience…

…It’s testing your content knowledge.

Need more convincing? Then just take these test points into consideration:

  • The Praxis 2 test isn’t framing questions in terms of what the average teacher would do in a real-life classroom. Instead, they want to know what a teacher would do in the ideal classroom. This means that questions should be answered as if you have an unlimited classroom budget, flexible administration and involved parents. As you can see, that’s very different from the real world!
  • Additionally, Praxis 2 testing looks to investigate your content knowledge, and not necessarily your teaching abilities. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to study up on those educational theories you haven’t seen since your first year in college…

Want to know more about why your teaching experience could hamper your Test Prep Review success?

Praxis Practice

Praxis Practice: "Break Mental Barriers With This Test Preparation Advice!”

Praxis 2 test prep mental barriers are preventing you from achieving your best score imaginable.

You know exactly which mental barriers in your Praxis practice I’m talking about.

  • The mental barriers that tell you you’re going to fail because you're challenged with your Praxis practice tests.
  • The mental barriers that prevent you from absorbing the test content you need to know.
  • The mental barriers that prevent you from achieving your true potential – and living out your dreams as a certified teacher.

   The Most Common Psychological Blocks To Pass

Let’s face it: the Praxis Core and Praxis 2 test content is hard enough. Add your worst mental barriers to the equation, and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for failure. 

Worst of all, even the most popular ETS study guides don’t show you how you can tackle these mental barriers head on. Instead, they scrape they just surface on the type of test prep you need to succeed. Some teachers succeed with the common Praxis practice tests while the vast majority drown in their own procrastination, low self-esteem and  overwhelm of the vast amount of test content they must know.

But I'm not about to let you struggle in your practice for the Praxis II exam. I can help you battle the mental barriers that prevent them from achieving 'your calling' as a certified educator. Even if your a veteran teacher who is watching your teaching career slip through your fingers (after investing years of your life to helping students live better lives and raising the next generation of citizens) I can help you make the mental shift you need to crack-the-code in your Praxis II practice.

…Which is why we’re ready to blow the lid on the biggest Praxis test practice barriers that's destroying your exam score.

  Are You Your Own Worst Enemy When It Comes To Praxis Practice?

Shocking statement, isn’t it?

But if you want to get the kind of score that puts your teaching certification directly into your hands and re-secure the career you love forever, then you have to be willing to acknowledge just what’s behind your toughest mental barriers. Things like:

  • Why you keep agonizing over your Praxis practice questions – even though you know the content by heart?;
  • Why settling down to take a practice test for the Praxis II feels like you’re sprinting uphill in the middle of summer?;
  • And why you just can’t defeat your worst test preparation habits, even though you know they’re slowly ruining your family's future?

These are all important questions to ask yourself. After all, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again in your exam prep you're going to get the same result. And that's NOT a pretty sight.

Even if you have the answers to these disturbing questions, you shouldn’t sit back and wait for the perfect solution to pass. You have to act now if you want to save your teaching career you've worked to hard to achieve.

Instead, you should do everything in your power to bust the mental barriers that are preventing you from achieving your true potential and form new habits that lead to success…And that’s exactly what I'm going to help you do right now.

Praxis II practice tests aren’t difficult. In fact, they can be your best friend – but only if you you’re willing to face your worst mental barriers head on. 

That’s why you need to know the fundamentals of superior test prep. Things like:

  • How to use your practice exam for your Praxis II to defeat your procrastination habits.
  • How to optimize your study sessions for maximum success.
  • How replicating exam circumstances can transform those mental barriers into a bridge over the toughest Praxis II test questions.

So if you want to take a bite out of your worst Praxis practice test mental barriers, then get your hands on the ultimate help you need to succeed.

See Praxis practice tests that rip-apart mental barriers to your passing score and teacher certification. Click on the link below to go to my video page now.

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Praxis Study Material

Praxis Study Material: “Here's What To Do If You Don't Have Any Time To Prepare For Your Exam”…

You probably have a busy lifestyle.

Want a Praxis II prep example?

Just take a look at the average Praxis test prep guide’s study schedule. In fact, I’ve got one open in front of me right now – and to use this guide, you’ll have to quit your job, swear off your social life and lock yourself in a library for months.

Here are just a few quotes regarding what they deem to be an “appropriate schedule for test preparation”: “Get at least two hours of study each day. Four weeks from the test date, add on an extra three hours during the weekend.” “Review a chapter per evening.” “Take sample tests every week in addition to your daily study sessions.”

I could go on, but the point’s already been made: these Praxis prep “experts” clearly think you have all the time in the world to study for your teacher certification exam. And to make matters worse, their study guides are specifically designed with these outrageous study schedules in mind. In other words, if you can’t find the time to study and prepare…

…Then you might as well face a future of permanent substitute teaching, or worse: working in another career altogether.

  "Strapped For Study Time? Then This Next Section Might Just Save Your Teaching Career"

If you’re feeling strapped for time to get the most out of your study guide, then you might think it’s almost impossible to find a spare hour to study during your busy day – let alone two. 

Well, consider this your lucky day: I’m about to show you how you can unleash hours of time for to get more test prep for the Praxis II accomplished.

Wondering where this vast wealth of study gold is hiding? The answer’s simple: it’s in your sleep.

If you feel as though you’re constantly strapped for time and just don’t have enough hours in the day for Praxis prep, then this should come as great news for you. Praxis test prep experts know that those eight hours (or less, as a busy teacher!) between your sheets are perhaps some of the most crucial hours to really absorb everything you’ve been studying all day.

A multitude of studies have shown that while you’re fast asleep, your brain is busy absorbing every precious piece of Praxis II test prep

…But only if you optimize your sleep in the first place:

  • If you generally need the help of a sleeping pill to drift off, wean yourself off of the habit. A recent study by the Massachusetts General Hospital Sleep Laboratory showed that people who use prescription sleeping pills have far less brain activity than those who don’t. This means that your brain will be far too sedated to learn anything – so start using herbal supplements like Melotonin to get to sleep.
  • Turn off the computer and phone for at least an hour before you go to bed. Dedicate that entire hour to focusing on sample tests and Praxis practice tests. No matter how busy you may be, you can definitely find the time to clear out an hour before bed for test preparation, so keep your study guide on your nightstand so you don’t neglect it!
  • Review what you’ve learned so far as you’re going to sleep. Again, the more it’s on your mind, the more your brain will absorb it while you peacefully dream of your teacher certification.

Get the Praxis prep help you need. Watch what exciting Praxis II prep strategy exploded me out of victimhood. Click on the link below to go to my video page now.

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Praxis II Prep

Praxis 2 Test Expert Reveals Surprising Reasons Why You’re Burnt Out

“Praxis 2 experts” love to talk about the ideal study techniques you need to make those Praxis 2 test dates your favorite day of the year.

But there’s one thing that many testing experts don’t often like to talk about: Praxis 2 burnout.

Unfortunately, their inability to talk about this phenomenon has resulted in a crisis among those students gearing up for the ETS test. And although a recent study expressed shock at the findings that over 85% of potential teachers are suffering from increased levels of anxiety, it’s should come as no surprise. Grappling with sky-high levels of exhaustion, anxiety and stress while managing a mile-long ETS to-do list isn’t conducive to encouraging your best Praxis II test prep.
And once you’re caught in the downward spiral of Praxis 2 test failure, burnout, anxiety and panic only burrow in deeper.

”When Praxis 2 Burnout Attacks”

You might think that you’re suffering from burnout because of the test itself. After all, if your entire teaching career didn’t rest on passing a standardized test from ETS (, then you surely wouldn’t have to deal with so much panic and anxiety…


Praxis 2 expectations don’t have everything to do with it. And I’m here to tell you that if you’re doing any of the following, then you’re just handing your burnout the keys to your testing success:

  • Keeping a list. Surprised that this is on here – especially if you consider to-do lists your saving grace? Then listen up: your to-do list is only creating more unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life. You already know that your Praxis 2 practice test is critical; writing it down along with other errands will only make it feel like a stress-inducing chore.
  • Starting something new in your life. For your sanity’s sake, don’t start a new relationship, take on a huge project at work or even join a club when you’re dealing with Praxis 2 study. One bump in the road in your professional or personal life has a nasty way of affecting your test prep!
  • Feeling guilty during downtime. You know what? You’re only human. You need your moments to regenerate before re-attacking your exam prep. And the guiltier you feel during your downtime, the less it looks like downtime.

So now that you know what’s contributing to your burnout, how can you attack it – fast? Go to: FREE Praxis II test prep advice

Praxis Practice Questions

Praxis Practice Questions Reveal Three Killer Study Tricks

When it comes to identifying killer trick questions, you’re more than confident that your Praxis 2 study guides have left you prepped and ready for action.

You know not to fall for answer options that use totalizing words (like “all”, “none” and “everyone”). You know that answer options that look far too specific are usually designed to throw you off.

Above all, you know not to panic whenever you see a pattern in your answer choices.

Sounds like when it comes to your test preparation, you’ve got all of your bases covered – right?

Don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly. In fact, if you think these are the only trick questions you need to look out for, then think again…

…Your test prep review has barely scratched the surface of the iceberg.

Praxis 2 Study Guides Round Up the Biggest Culprits”

Praxis 2 study guides can help you determine the most obvious questions designed to trip you up…

…But when it comes to rounding up the biggest culprits of the bunch, you need the best of the best. Luckily, we got an opportunity to take a sneak peek inside these golden Praxis II Test Study Guides .

And what we discovered might just transform the way you approach your study guides for good!

  • The ETS always inserts an answer choice that is true – but doesn’t apply to the passage itself. These are designed to trip up the speedy test takers, as their first instinct will be to select this test trap.
  • Praxis 2 study guides know that the best answer choice should succinctly answer the main question of the passage. But be careful of answers that go beyond the main points of the passage. Always stay firmly within the borders of the passage or question, and never fall for an answer that presents more information than what’s given.
  • Don’t select an answer that simply sounds familiar to the information presented in the question. While all of the answers will be similar to the question, read each one carefully to determine just what the question is asking for. No skimming!

There’s a host of other sneaky trick questions and answer traps that are designed to steal away valuable points from you…

…And if you want to achieve the best Test Preparation possible, then you need to fight back with the best Praxis 2 study guides.

Praxis Test Study Guide

Praxis Test Study Guide Shockers: Get Smarter in the Next 10 Minutes!

Praxis II study guide got you down? Then you’re probably suffering from what I like to call a mental barrier.

You anxiously flip through your test prep, hoping your brain will suddenly roar back to life. But no matter how many pages you turn…

…No matter how many “study help” sections you read…

…No matter how often you call your study buddy for advice…

…It’s too late. You’re trapped in the midst of a Praxis II Study Guide mental barrier – and you haven’t the slightest clue on how to get out.

Get Ready To Get Your Test Preparation Game On”

Sound familiar?

Here’s the good news: these mental barriers aren’t permanent. In fact, with a few superfast tricks, you can train your brain to not only work around these obstacles…

…You can actually make yourself smarter. Just try getting that kind of a promise from your ETS Praxis II study guide!

Here’s the not-so-good news: if you’re a fan of traditional test prep methods, then you might not be a big fan of the following mind-blowing tricks for firing up those neurons. So if you’re happy staying in the slow lane with your Praxis II test study guide, then watch out for your fellow test takers…

…Because they’ll be speeding right by you!

  • Praxis II study guide not all that it’s cracked up to be? Try this mental tip to sharpen up your foggy brain: Head over to and type in the search term “nature sounds”, then use just five minutes to listen to the beautiful sounds (bonus points if it comes with imagery). A University of Michigan study discovered that exposing ourselves to “natural” sounds and imagery can increase our brain performance by up to 20%.
  • Unleash your inner child and play your favorite video game, like Tetris or Solitaire. According to Shelley Carlson, author of Your Creative Brain, ten minutes of game play can quicken your thought processes and help you see important connections faster. Additional bonus: Games distract you from your testing anxieties, which can form those debilitating mental barriers.

Think these sound too easy? Give them a go yourself to discover just how powerful these brain-boosting techniques can be. It’s like funneling caffeine directly into your mind!

Of course, there are so many more amazing techniques for boosting your Exam Prep – and you can find them all at!

Praxis Test Preparation

Praxis Test Preparation: “What To Do About The Overwhelming Amount Of ETS Praxis II ‘Information Overload’ You’re Required To Know?”…

Maybe you’re like me (before I figured-out how to kill this monster)….

  • You’ve taken the Praxis II exam 1-4 times.
  • None of the information you studied helped.
  • Your entire teaching career, family and life is placed on hold because your Praxis II test preparation plan was a complete failure or simply didn’t exist.
  • You feel depressed and now fear you may not being able to keep your current teaching job you depend on to maintain the standard of living you and your family now take for granted.

What Could Wrestling The Praxis II Monster Cost You?

The people who profit from the Praxis II couldn’t ever pass this exam and never have to face losing their jobs, dignity, homes and possibly their families!

You may have been wrestling this monster for over a year. Each time you miss the Praxis II testing mark by small margins.

You, your teaching colleagues and maybe even your principal thinks you’re an excellent teacher. You found by now this whole thing is ridiculous.

The ETS Praxis II has little to do with measuring your ability to be a good teacher. Hell, half this stuff covers things you’ll never teach and isn’t even part of the K-12 curriculum!

The Cruel Joke Of Praxis II Testing

The overwhelming amount of Praxis II test information thrown at you in study guides in a big slop of impractical and unusable brain dump.

Nobody else in any other field would be required to take and pass a test that is so broad and so little to do with measuring performance in their profession. What other situation would you be given an examination based on information that wasn’t covered in the course work to prepare you for your career?

If it wasn’t so tragic to the students quality of education…this would be a joke!

You’re a great asset to your school and district. Now the system is telling you you’re not qualified due some ETS Praxis II irrelvant to the teaching talents you’ve demonstrated for years. You’re valuable teaching experience and skills you’ve developed over the years could be used to mentor and coach new teachers who come to the classroom cold with only textbook skills.

Now those “fresh out of college youngesters” are the ones that will likely steal the education career you’ve worked so hard to develop. If you could just get a hold of accurate Praxis II prep materials that reflected what was tested pulling this thorn out of your side you wouldn’t be pondering what job you might have to get if you lose your teaching position.

Of course, that Praxis II prep book you got from the ETS store wasn’t helpful nor was it test oriented.

You have such an enormous amount of information to “memorize” that it puts you in a paralysis. You have no idea what will actually be tested anything is ‘fair game.’

The True Cost Of Praxis II Preparation Stress And Overwhem

If you don’t get this stress handled and dealt with it can cripple your health and ruin the relationships in your life. It’s NOT them that you should take it out on! It’s this encylopedia of ETS Praxis II test content you must memorize and exam questions they use to purposely trip you up.

Have you ever thought you found an insight into passing the Praxis II only find you’re further down the tunnel of ‘analysis of paralysis’? …And now even MORE confused and overwhelmed?

Why don’t they just decide what’s the core of information and skills critical for teacher effectiveness? It’s like the great gods of the Praxis II don’t really know, have no clarity or agreement what that really is so they throw this slew nearly impossible, esoteric, impractical test questions at you. — And maybe after they nearly destroyed the confidence, teaching careers of the best educators, reeked havic on teacher’s families and you finally pass this thing after 5 tries you’re “worthy of being a teacher.”

Are You Committed To Pay The Price Of Praxis II Test Success?

After all the money, time and stress this “Praxis II exam information overload” cost me, I could’ve got at least 2 PH.D.’s. It would have required a lot less rote memorization of facts and trying to think of schemes to pass or how to out think trick questions thrown at me.

I could have put thousands of hours into my teaching career, not trying to navigate through a maze in and a bureacratic nightmare created by people who couldn’t pass the exam themselves!

What I Did To Break-Through The Praxis II Content Overwhelm And Self-Pity…

What finally got me through this in the end is focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. The day I stopped complaining and focusing on how this test is so unfair, I really narrowed by energy and time on doing the few key things it takes to pass the Praxis II.

You see it’s so easy to fall into that trap of thinking it’s impossible. Gravity and the environment pull you there automatically. You must put the mental energy forth to focus your time, resources and attention on the SOLUTION, not wallow more and more in the problem.

Discover some covert strategies that helped me ram-through overwhelming ETS Praxis II test study guide content. Click on the link below to go to my video page now.

Click on this blue link to see a FREE Report called: “The #1 Praxis II Test Study Guide SECRET To Re-Secure The Teaching Career You Love” right now.