NCLEX Exam And NCSBN Facts You Need To Know

Careers in nursing require passing The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN)

To ensure public safety, entry level nursing candidates must meet set requirements established by the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The requirements involve passing specific exams that demonstrate that the candidate has the necessary skills to perform their duties safely and effectively. The National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN) develops and administers licensing exams throughout the fifty states, four territories, and the District of Columbia. Pearson VUE is the contracted exam provider, that also administers and helps develop test materials.

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Several things need to be done for registration:

• Before registering for the exam, you must register with the board of nursing and be declared eligible. The eligibility requirements vary from one state to another so check with your board.

• After you have submitted an application to the licensing board where you wish to work, register with Pearson VUE. Once the application has been approved you will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) number from Pearson VUE.

• In order to book an exam time, you must have an Acknowledgement of Receipt of Registration from Pearson VUE, an eligibility letter from the board of nursing in your state, and an ATT from Pearson VUE.

• Test centers are available throughout the United States and are listed on the Pearson VUE website.

• Registration is available through the internet, telephone or by mail. If you register by internet or telephone you can pay using a credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express). It is also possible to send in a money order, cashier or certified check by mailing the confirmation document along with the payment.

• Only money orders, cashier’s checks or certified checks will be accepted for mail in orders.

• The cost of the exam is $200. There may be additional licensure fees depending on the board with which you are affiliated.

• The exam is only offered in a computerized format.

• It is important to schedule the exam time as quickly as possible as there is limited seating, and places are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
Just before you write the exam

Upon arrival at the test center, you will be asked for one piece of identification and a valid ATT. The only acceptable forms of identification at the test centers are U.S. driver’s license, U.S. state identification, passport, or U.S. Military Identification.

It is best to arrive 30 minutes early for the exam. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, you may not be allowed to take the exam, and you will not be reimbursed.

Important aspects of the exam you need to know in your NCLEX RN practice:

• The test contains 265 questions and allows six hours for completion. Nurse candidates must answer a minimum of 75 questions.

• The questions contain both multiple choice and written items in an alternating format. The differing formats include fill in the blank calculations, ordered response, and/or hot spots. Charts, tables, graphics, and video can be part of the question.

• The content of the test is intended to challenge nurse candidate’s knowledge and skills across the lifespan of a patient, in a variety of settings. The topics include Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion and Management, Psychosocial Integrity, and Psychological Integrity.

• The test also addresses the fundamental processes central to nursing such as Nursing Process, Caring, Communication and Documentation, and Teaching/Learning which are incorporated into all aspects of the exam.

• The exam uses a computer adaptive system (CAT) which means that depending on whether or not the previous response was correct or incorrect, the following question will be harder or easier respectively. This allows the test to establish an accurate range of expertise.

Hitting a home run – passing the exam

The results of the exam will be available through the state nursing board. Some nursing boards participate in the Quick Results Service which means you can obtain unofficial results 48 hours after the exam. This option is also available with Pearson VUE for $7.95 on the NCLEX Candidate website.

The official results will be mailed to you approximately one month after the exam. If you are successful you will receive a “pass” status. If you fail the test, you will receive a two page document called the Candidates Performance Report (CPR). The report will provide information on how many items were answered, and will indicate “below, near, or above passing standard” in various categories.

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NCLEX PN Review: Best Methods To Pass

The NCLEX-PN Review should cover all the content you need to study as well as provide practice tests to apply your knowledge.

A good NCLEX-PN Review is not just about studying content for you have learned about this in school, but more importantly, on understanding the test questions and applying the right strategy to answer them. The truth is that studying the content and taking a test are two separate skills that test takers should master to ace the NCLEX practice nurse exam. For many candidates, it is not about knowledge deficit that have them failing the NCLEX several times. Test anxiety gets the better of them, which is why they fail to focus on the question and miss giving the right answers.

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When it comes to the LPN review, most candidates focus on recall and memorization, but would often neglect learning the art of test taking. Hence, you would often hear these complaints:

• “I do well with content but my worst fears are those SATA.”

• “I can spout any random information about the NCLEX-PN and was devastated that I failed.”

• “I dropped everything to study for 8 weeks so why did I fail?”

There is no denying that failing is devastating when you know that you have come prepared for the exam. Despite getting the best study guide and devoting weeks into intensive studying, many end up failing the exam. It is not because you are not intelligent enough, but you are attacking the NCLEX-PN exam review the wrong way. If you do not find the best way to study, the next time your hospital celebrates “Certified Nurse’s Day”, you better keep your chin up for you will not be getting any ribbon or be having tea with the CNO.

A good LPN review allows you to cover not just the multiple choices, but should provide you with the tools to effectively answer the more complicated questions requiring multiple answers or constructed responses.

The NCLEX-PN review should equip you to answer the test questions similar to the real tests. Here is what you should know about how the NCLEX-PN questions are classified:

• Set 1 questions tests basic knowledge, which can be answered by exact answers.

• Set 2 requires a process or an additional step so candidates need to analyze and apply their knowledge and skills accordingly.

• Set 3 requires critical thinking, wherein the candidate will make an evaluation combining all the facts provided and then employ the best strategy.

The NCLEX is a standardized test created by the NCSBN, aimed not only to check how much you know, but also to measure how well you can apply your knowledge. Expect that there would be more of set 2 and 3 types of questions, which could comprise 95% of the test.

The NCLEX-PN Review is designed to meet two purposes: (1) to study all the relevant content and (2) to practice answering questions that mirror the actual test questions.

How to prepare for the LPN review?

The NCLEX PN review needs about 2 months of preparation, devoting 2-3 hours a day. You can follow the suggested 40% reviewing content and 60% answering practice questions. But first you need to find the right study materials and identify which study method works best for you.

• Draw up your own NCLEX-PN review plan. There is an extensive list of subject areas to cover in your review for the NCLEX-PN exam. Investing on a good study guide should be your primary objective. You can buy a NCLEX-PN study guide online or in your local bookstore. Many test passers attest on Saunders, Kaplan, Hurst, Exam Cram, PDA, but you can also make use of your old books and lecture notes as supplement readings. In fact, you can easily have access to free study materials like a good resource book test by joining teacher’s forums like

• Enrol in a LPN review class. Some candidates do not fare well with solo reviewing. If you long for a structured in-class review or even an online course, there are many campus and sites who offer the NCLEX-PN review. An example is the NCSBN’s NCLEX online review ranging from $50 to $160 depending on the duration.

• Join a NCLEX-PN review study group. Throwing random facts at one another will train you to think fast. Although you have 5 hours to finish the exam, you may find yourself pressed for time particularly on the SATA or Select that Apply portion. You can find study buddies in teacher’s forums if you do not know of anyone who is taking the same exam.

• Work with a LPN review coach. You can ask your former professor or a nursing colleague who have taken and passed the test as a test coach. You may also ask for recommendations and referrals from fellow nurses in nursing forums.

How to conduct the NCLEX-PN review?

Whether you have enrolled in an LPN review online or in a campus, you still need to do a substantial amount of self-studying. There are many ways to do this and let me illustrate one to help you:

#1 Focus on your blind spots. Review your weak subjects as much as you can and then review the areas you already know to reinforce your knowledge.

#2 Purchase a good LPN review book. Many attests by Kaplan’s Strategies and the NCLEX-PN practice and review 2012-2013. To optimize absorption, read it three times. Study and practice on using the strategy until it becomes easy for you to apply one on every question. It is unwise to cram the steps or the strategy. Once you fully understand the strategy, you may now answer the questions. Check and study the rationales for both right and wrong answers.

#3 A must have in your NCLEX-PN review is the PDA book. Begin with a practice test and apply the Kaplan strategy. Always read the rationales and learn it by heart.

#4 A supplement to an LPN review is the Exam Cram 3rd edition. It comes with 1000 questions including the CD. Practice on using and applying the strategy. It is best to begin with the study mode and start with the 50 questions then slowly going for 75 then to 100. Continue to apply the strategy and then proceed to the exam mode.

#5 For the last leg of the NCLEX-PN review, two weeks prior to the exam, practice on the SATA questions. This site at is a valuable resource. Click on the nursing topics under the alternate items then select all. The next part is practicing on 30 questions from the alternate items daily that come with full rationales.

#6 In that same last weeks of the LPN review, you may want to review the study guide more than once. You can have a read through the day before or on your way to the testing venue.

The NCLEX-PN review may require a lot of memorization on meds, diseases and lab values, but you can make it fun with acrostics, which I am sure you have learned in school. A good strategy is to avoid delegating when you can and EAT which is for evaluate, assess and teach.

A few illustrations of other easy to recall acrostics are think SPIDERMAN for droplet, MRS. WEE for contact precaution and VCHIPS for skin infection, to name a few. There can be shortcuts after all in studying, but the essence of a good review still lies on your desire to be a practical nurse. Pretty soon, you will be getting that ribbon on Certified Nurse’s Day or sharing a special meal with other hard working nurses who are reaping the rewards of being certified.

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CSET Math – How To Fight Back And Pass Now

The CSET Math is a difficult test that requires a thorough preparation from using the best study guides to consistent practice with relevant practice tests.

The CSET Math test, both in the Multiple Subjects and Single Subject, are known for difficult and even tricky test questions. These tests could easily rattle even a well prepared test taker. In particular, the Single Subject subtests I and II are known to have a high failure rate. Subtest I, considered by many as the most difficult, has a passing rate in the range of 30 to 40%. This clearly indicates that candidates need to show mastery of advanced Algebra and Number Theory. More than any other subjects, CSET Mathematics often intimidates test takers to anxiety and even downright shock.

CSET Math: Going beyond basic understanding

Many of the CSET Math review books only provide the basics, which is not enough to pass the test. Hence, many test takers took the test with a misplaced confidence because the study guides make the subject so simple. The truth is that many subtest 1 test takers are not prepared for questions more advanced than Algebra 2 or college level Number Theory. The assumption is that middle and high school teachers will not be teaching the advanced stuff. Hence, many test takers discover too late that this California teacher credential mathematics exam is more than they bargained for. It is not just the content, but the volume that makes CSET Math highly intimidating. Thus, if you find a book and the practice questions rather easy, then something is afoot. It could be that your study material is overly simplistic or you are the next Alan Turing, the famous war code breaker. The likelihood of the latter is slim while the former is all too obvious as true.

Passing the CSET Math requires the best study materials that offer in-depth and easy to understand explanations as well as practice exams that train you to apply knowledge in unfamiliar situations.

CSET Math like the other tests measures your subject content knowledge and your skills in applying it. The CTC has implicitly indicated that the preparation materials you need are provided at the official website. Nonetheless, not all candidates are Math majors, which is why complementary materials are pivotal.

CSET Math materials: The key to passing the test

Believe this: Math is difficult and complex so the test prep materials should be equal in depth and complexity. This is already implied in the CTC note in the test guide: “some multiple choice questions are more complex questions that require 2 to 3 minutes each to complete.” The operative word here is ‘complex’ so test takers need to take this seriously.

Because the CSET Math is so extensive, you may find it hard to stick to just one book. This is very true if you have no Math background or have been away from school for years. To pass, invest in the right materials like the following:

• CSET Math study guide. Many stand by the Orange County Department of Education or OCDE study guides. For those who need to go through the basics, the “for dummies” series of Mark Ryan or Mary Jane Sterling are great preparatory materials. You may also try Schaum’s Outlines on various Mathematics tests. Actually CTC offers an annotated list of sources that you can use in your test preparation. However, remember what it says about the annotated list of references: “Candidates are not expected to read all of the materials listed below”. Just stick to the essentials and nothing more.

• CSET Math textbooks. If you have not kept your old books and notes, then visit the library. There are many textbooks dedicated to every subject matter like Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. Avoid basic concepts books and go for the more advanced stuff like higher than Algebra 2 textbooks and the PreCalculus by Michael Sullivan. Make sure you check the content specifications and test guides to identify the topics you need to review. In this way, you need not read the book from cover to cover.

• CSET Math supplementary sources. Online sites like,, programs are the popular sites for clarification or follow-up questions for topics that you cannot find in your review books or study guides. For subtest I, you may want to check out Richard Delaware’s College Algebra lectures on youtube. The truth is that a good deal of googling can get you what you need. Do this for the History of Mathematics and you will realize that it was not hard looking for study materials after all.

• CSET Math practice tests. Study guides and reviewers come with practice tests. A few of the practice problems of OCDE have appeared in the actual test. This is a good indication of how good the study material is. Practice exams are crucial in passing. The more the better.

• CSET Math calculator. It is only in subtest II that you will be required to bring a calculator. An important test tip: recheck your gadget after CTC clears its memory. You may need to reset some of the programs to avoid delays during the actual test. For instance, resetting to degrees computation for the sin, cos, and tan will save you precious minutes. You can use this time to review your answers particularly on the constructed responses questions.

CSET Math: Practice turns difficult to easy

A good rule of thumb is to aim for a thousand practice questions or 50 to 100 a day depending on your study habit. Hence, apportioning as much as 80% of your review to practice exam is highly recommended. One of the primary benefits of joining study groups, attending classes or participating in teacher’s forums is in having access to good practice exams. Just make sure that the practice tests provide an answer key with full rationales for both right and wrong answers. You will benefit from the scoring and feedback portion that enables you to identify your weak points or ascertain just how far you are progressing with your review.

For CSET Math test takers, the constructed response questions are the hardest. In truth, the CRQs are not necessarily answerable with an essay. A constructed response question on Math history, for example, simply requires you to compare an old formula with a new and updated one. Here, you can create bulleted answers as long as you include the essential elements that answer the question. Also, do not underestimate the CRQs for they could contribute significantly to your total score. Though there is no clear explanation of how scores are weighed, CRQs could be as much as 30% of the total score.

The CTC offers a brief guide to answer CRQs that can be summarized in meeting the Purpose, showing Subject Matter Knowledge and providing Support. For some, this guide is as complex as the test itself. Consider this then in answering CRQs: how would you write in a way that explains the problem clear to a student with appropriate ability? Again, practice can readily turn the difficult into easy.

Good CSET Math test preparation can be handled in different ways, but the most effective way depends on your learning style, educational background and resources.

Do not be too complacent about the CSET Math so make sure you find the best learning method that works for you.

• CSET Math study group. Some individuals do not fare well in studying alone. Creating or joining a study group can impose the discipline you need to stick to your study plan. Moreover, studying with a group means different strengths so every member gets to benefit from another’s mastery of a particular subject.

• CSET Math course. If you think you will benefit from a structured type of review then enroll in a preparation course either online or in an actual classroom. Make inquiries with a nearby college or university for test prep courses and workshops available. The Los Angeles school district course is known for offering quality prep courses, but you may still ask around for the CSET Math class that will be worth your time and money. You may try the OCDE classes or the University of California Irvine online courses.

• CSET Math discussions in teacher’s forums. Teachers A to Z and GreekChat are great places to get valuable insights on important test tips as well as hard to find resources like the CSET Math study guide. You can get important links to online sites that can help you with specific content that you are still struggling.

• CSET Math test tutor. You may think that only kids or students need tutors, but with the difficulty of this test, you may be looking for assistance yourself. You can ask former teachers or even scout for an experience CSET Math tutor online or through referrals. However, it may be costly. The csetmathguru site charges as much as $499 for a four hour comprehensive review session for the CSET Single Subject Math. Hence, it is best to thoroughly make the right investigations to seek out a highly competent and fully able test tutor.

Check out: CSET Study materials, books and practice tests by California credentialed teaches who passed.

Although the CSET Math may demand quite a mental workout, it is not impossible to pass the CSET test. In fact, candidates should consider this California Subject Examinations for Teachers on Math as another hurdle to pass to achieve excellence. Indeed, it is a bleak future for students when teachers start questioning and even protesting against being thoroughly tested. If teachers protest against excellence in performing their job, how can they hope to mold young minds to greatness? A true teacher will be grateful for the CSET for it thoroughly prepares them to do their job

CSET Prep Advice You Need To Get Your California Teacher Credential

The CSET test prep method you need to employ depends on several considerations, namely, your stock knowledge, learning style, amount of time you have to review and availability of test preparation resources. Effective exam prepration leverages your current content knowledge and test taking skills and improves your weak areas so you pass.

Why do test takers fail or struggle with test practice and passing the California Subject Examinations for Teachers? Many test takers plunge blindly into the review without following a plan or strategy.

Why Some Fail Using The CSET Test Prep Books Others Used To Pass?

Although CSET prep classes, preparation books and tutors are a very important, it’s not the only ingredient you need for success.

Here are the highest leverage CSET prep tactics you can employ are as follows:

• Make sure you know all the domains and information you’re required to know. — Then comprehensively cover all the content that’s tested in your review time.

Don’t allow poor understanding the tested domains to kill your test practice and exam score.

The CSET exam covers a voluminous content that may require you reference several review manuals. Your worst nightmare and biggest waste of time in CSET test prep would studying content that does not appear in the test. Worse, the topics that were skipped were the ones being asked in the actual test.

Make sure you check the CTC Subject Matter Requirements to identify the content you need to study. This will be a good way to gauge if you are getting good study materials. The SMRs specify the content tested for every subtest like English or Science.

First, go to the official CSET website. Take at least an hour to get familiar with what is tested in each domain of the exam. Then print it and use the domains as a visual reference chart to stay on task and not lose time during your study sessions.

• Before you start CSET prep assess what you already know and concentrate more on what you do not know.

You can make use of the sample test at the official CSET website to familiarize yourself with the topics covered in the test. Moreover, you can also use a practice test in most review books to measure your stock knowledge.

An effective exam readiness assessment, will identify your weak points and in consideration of this draw up your study plan. With the CSET prep, you get to know how good you are in test taking; paying mind not only to how correctly you answer the questions.

How To Avoid CSET Exam Prep Overwhelm

• Avoid CSET test prep ‘information overload’ which causes you to be overwhelmed and not know where to begin your study sessions.

Avert the demoralizing feeling of wondering how you’re going to absorb all this information before exam date. Start at least 8 weeks before your testing date to reduce this feeling and time crunch.

Break your preparation sessions down into small chunks of time. Don’t focus on the big picture of how much you have to do. That’ll only overwhelm you and not be productive use of your mental energy. Just focus on one chunk of study at a time to avoid overwhelm.

With so many names and theories to recall, some test takers push themselves to study many hours a day. Be sure to give your mind a break from thinking and your body break from sitting by taking short breaks after each hour of study.

Remember that the brain learns at the most optimal level when you study in short bursts rather than with an all-nighter. If you feel you have to prep for the CSET test more, do so in increments like 2 hours in the morning, another 2 in the afternoon and the last 2 hours at night.

It would be futile to do more for you will not absorb anything in this way. It’ll just be a waste of time. Your time would be better spent in a break, renewing your mind, body and spirit by resting, doing exercise or going for a walk to clear your head.

• The CTC has a list of sources and supplemental readings they suggest to help you prepare. While this may work if you had 6-12 months to read the several dozen books they reference, it would be comprehensive.

• Stir clear of long winded CSET prep materials that read like a textbook, use long complicated sentences and do not clearly explain all the pertinent subject matter.

Generic academic information is not geared for the core content you need to pass. It’ll only lead to frustration your exam practice sessions and a failing score. Get a study guide that is ‘user friendly’ and is oriented to passing the CSET, not giving you a bunch of academic theory and psychobabble.

• Watch out for practice tests failing to mirror the format and difficulty of the real test.

Practice exams should comprise a big chunk of your CSET exam prep time. Without the use of relevant practice materials, it is like driving down the freeway the first time you get behind the wheel of a car…


The best practice tests and example questions offer full rationales and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.

A Special Note About Increasing Your Score In The Constructed Response Questions

• Spend extra time, energy and practice prepping for your Constructed Response Questions.

Many test takers say this is the hardest section of the exam. The lowest hanging fruit in prepping for the CSET Constructed Response Questions is: Just answer in a direct and concise way. Avoid “throat clearing” introductions and discussions that tip toe around the answer. — Just get to the point so you don’t annoy the grader who will mark you down for this!

• Ask previous test takers both passers and those who failed about the exam. In this way, you get an idea on how to study and what to do to be fully prepared. You can learn from the mistakes of those who failed and get inspiration from those who passed.

A List Of CSET Prep Courses, Study Guides, Tutors And Practice Test That Really Work

• Be keenly aware of what CSET test prep materials are available to you.

Many preparation books can be purchased online at or the local bookstore like Barnes & Noble. The leading names in terms of review and feedback from previous users are Cliffs, Kaplan, and Barron’s.

You may also use old textbooks, college notes, or the books in the annotated list of sources of the CTC if find they cover the domains of your specific test.

Here are a few samples: Everything You Need to Know Series for the CSET Multiple Subjects; “for Dummies” series in CSET Math or the The Times Complete History of the World for the CSET Social Studies.

A timeless favorite that helps thousands pass each year is the Teaching Solutions CSET Comprehensive Success System. You can get their free report. Go to: CSET Practice Test Guide now.

CSET Test: “Registration, Test Dates And How It’s Scored”

The California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) was developed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to insure that prospective teacher candidates meet the standards for an entry-level position and satisfy the California Education Code Sections 44252 and 44252.6. The CTC has contracted with Pearson to assist with the administration, development and scoring of the CSET exams.

Due to challenging state requirements to obtain a California teacher credential, be sure you get the best CSET prep materials available.

This site (by CA credential teachers who passed) has “jaw dropping” accurate coverage of most CSET tests. Go to: CSET Study Guide Books to see it now.

Choosing Your CSET Test Date And How To Register

The CSET test offers assessments that enable applicants to meet specific California credential requirements which include basic skills such as proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics. Other areas of proficiency include specific subject matter, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), educational technology, and bilingual authorization.

Do not leave registration until the last minute!

Registration for upcoming CSET test dates is available on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the time of registration you will need to provide your social security number and submit payment using a credit, debit or a check card.

• CSET exam fees vary depending on whether subsets are being taken individually or together, and by subject but range from $51 to $247.

• It is important to register early as space is limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Once you have completed the registration for the teacher credential exam you need to take, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that shows your CSET test date, testing time, address and phone number of the test center and directions to the test center.

Know The Procedure At The CSET Test Center, Or You Could Be Refused Admission.

CSET test takers should arrive 30 minutes early and will need to show one piece of government issued identification such as a drivers license, or passport with photograph and signature in order to be admitted.

What Not To Bring To The Testing Center On Your CSET Test Date

If you are taking a paper-based CSET exam, then you will need several sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers, as they are not supplied by the test center. Some subjects, such as the Mathematics Subset II allow test-takers to bring their own graphing calculators, however staff at the center will clear the memory prior to the start of the exam. A number of items are prohibited in the test center including cell phones, electronic communication devices, and handwritten or printed materials.

The CSET Exam Itself

• The CSET tests are offered in both computer and paper based formats. However, the computer based exams are only available for Mathematics, Multiple Subjects, and Writing Skills.

• Paper based testing is available for all others subjects.

• Subset examinations I, II, and III are 5 hours in length, whether they include one subset or all three and typically start at 7:30 a.m.

• Subset IV is offered in the afternoon.

• All of the CSET exams include multiple choice questions and constructed responses, but the percentage varies depending on the subject as does the total number of questions.

How To Pass The CSET

In order to get a passing CSET score, you must achieve the minimum score requirement each of the tests subsets which are scored separately. Raw scores are converted to a scale of 100 to 300, with 220 being the minimum needed to pass the exam. The tests evaluate a candidate’s performance against a pre-determined standard instead of other test-takers.

How The CSET Test Is Scored

CSET multiple choice test questions are scored by computer as either correct or incorrect while constructed responses are evaluated by at least two qualified California educators using a standardized rubric. Constructed responses are assessed on several performance characteristics. These characteristics on the CSET exam include the extent to which the response is content specific, the degree of subject matter knowledge, the amount of supporting evidence, and in some cases the depth and breadth of understanding.

What Does Passing Or Not The CSET Imply?

CSET test results will be available on the score report date. The report will indicate a pass or not pass for each subset and are the recommended standards of California educators along with other performance indicators. If you fail a CSET exam subset you may re-register and retake the test, however there is a 45 day waiting period for computer based exams.

Before you begin your test prep, go to: FREE CSET Practice Test Guide right now.

TExES Prep: Best Study Method To Pass

Effective TExES test prep starts with understanding competencies you’re required to demonstrate in the test center. Then discover how to leverage your learning style to master the content and get a passing score.

You must find out which tests you need to take as early as possible in your teacher education program.


…So that you start gathering the best preparation materials and get advice from colleagues that will make your study easier, less frustrating and ensure a passing score.

Do You Know What Exam You Need TExES Test Prep For?

If you’re not sure what exams you need to take, ask an authority in your college of education, Texas Education Agency (TEA) or State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) office.

Most Texas educator licensing candidates must pass at least two Texas Examinations of Educator Standards tests:

1.) A content or subject exam and

2.) The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities or PPR examination.

The content exams evaluate your mastery on a specific subject. It’s best to check the SBEC website on the specific exam you are taking because the TExES prep manuals will list the sources you could use in your review.

As you know, there are exams specifically for physical education or special education. There are also content exams for a specific grade level like the Generalist 4-8 or the Generalist EC-6 as well as the professional certificate exams for those aspiring to be a principal or a school counselor.

Meanwhile, the PPR assessment like the EC-12 is a teaching and professional requirements evaluation.

Where To Begin Your TExES Exam Prep

The starting point for point-pumping study and practice sessions is to gather all your preparation manuals, flashcards and TExES test questions you have to see the amount of content and the degree of difficulty that you need to study.

Estimate how many hours you need to prep for the TExES exam in order to master all the required test proficiencies and get a passing score. You know you can’t study effectively in huge 6-9 hour blocks of time. It’s not likely you could schedule such massive sessions into your daily schedule anyway. Therefore, calculate how many days and weeks of studying you need between now and your upcoming test day.

It’s best to do this activity on a large calendar so you can map out a study schedule and see it visually and conceptually. Don’t try to plan and organize all this in your head. At least use a sheet of paper as the process will double your brain power and aid your thinking.

Remember doing TExES test preparation a little each day will increase your score more than a few long marathon sessions a week before your exam day where you’ll likely forget most of what you studied.

The ideal time to start preparing is 8 weeks before your testing date. However, some candidates have achieved a passing score in less time. How long you need to study is determined by how productivity of your TExES test prep sessions, your background (e.g. college major) and whether you’re a good test taker.

If you find most of your preparation book content a simple review of what you learned and remember from your college classes then obviously you won’t need a full 8 weeks to prep. On the other hand, if you have been away from the classroom for a longer time, find your college classes did not cover a lot of the test content, you’ll likely need 8 weeks of preparation time.

TExES Prep Red Flag To Watch Out For

A big red flag that you have a lot of exam practice and review to do is if you have forgotten Bloom, Piaget, or Erikson to name just a few of the theories that are listed in the study guide. If this is you then start preparing at least 8 weeks before your exam date for a minimum of 1 hour per day.
Don’t try and cut corners or procrastinate your studying for last few weeks before your exam date. If you do, you greatly increase your chances of failure.

What Kind Of Method To Prep For The TExES Exam Best Fits Your Learning Style?

While you should use a wide variety of resources in your review time, be aware of how you most effectively learn and review information. Here’s a list of some of the best test prep resources to help you pass the TExES:

• One TExES test prep manual is available and downloadable for free at the ETS website. You shouldn’t expect the official website and test developers are going to give away real test questions. However, they’re the makers of the exam. Getting their free materials is a good starting point for your exam practice.

• The TExES prep books are numerous for some content, but may be hard to find for the others. One preparation resource that has study guides, practice tests and tutoring for most TExES exams is at: TExES study guides.

• Join a teacher’s forum like “A-Z Teacher Stuff” where you will get help from fellow candidates by tips, get recommendations on study guides, etc. Some of the people on these forums are already tests passers who want to help you! Just don’t fall into the trap of spending hours there when you need crack open your preparation materials.

Do You Learn More Effectively In A Group Or Social Setting?

• Many universities and private companies offer the TExES test prep courses for those who wish to benefit with a more structured type of review. Some are free and some cost hundreds of dollars. Some are good while others are lame, dull and not a productive use of your time.

If offered in a classroom set-up, the advantage is that you can easily ask questions and get the answers from the teachers who should be certified Texas educators. You can enroll in a specific class that covers specific exams like the Generalist 4-8 or Mathematics.

• Joining a TExES exam prep study group may be an effective preparation method for you (and inexpensive). This is especially true if you learn better in an interactive and social environment and it’s very hard for you to lock yourself up in a room by yourself for hours without human contact.

A small group of educator candidates who all share the mission of passing this exam can be powerful. Often such a group creates a “mastermind” where for example, the power of 4 group members isn’t just 4. It multiples itself and goes to the power of 16 through the power of multiple brains focused on a goal and working together.

You can often include find a former test takers who passed your specific exam who will sit in one of your sessions. He/she can give you valuable tips and insights that can help re-energize your TExES prep program and you raise your score to passing level.

Decide which TExES prep method you can leverage starting right now that will help you the most. Then use it over and over again to propel you to exam success. Make Start and take action right now.

TExES Preparation – Tips For Quick Test Score Gains

How you do your TExES preparation will dictate whether you pass or fail your Texas Examinations of Educator Standards.

A good TExES preparation manual can translate into getting your Texas teacher certification and starting an exciting career. Poor test prep leads to failure and even worse, the end of your teaching career.

What Makes The Best TExES Test Preparation?

Here are some of the top areas you need to ask yourself if you want to get a passing score on your TExES exam.

• What are the exact required proficiencies tested on your specific exam? Do I know the content well enough?

How Much TExES Preparation Time Is Really Required To Pass?

Don’t just leave it up to your preparation manual for the TExES test to show you. Many study guides do not cover your exam precisely.

• When is your testing date? How much time do you have to prepare for your exam?

The needs, strengths and weaknesses of each test taker vary. However, a good rule is that you should start prepping for the TExES examination about 8 weeks before you walk into the test center. With an 8 week TExES exam preparation schedule you should review approximately 2 hours each day on a Monday through Friday schedule.

Of course, if you need to double up your study time on the weekends due to lack of time during the week, that’s fine. If you only have 4 weeks until your testing day then you need to double go to 4 hours per day or 10 hours per week of TExES preparation time.

Whatever you do realize procrastination is an evil enemy that will sneak-up on you. Do not think you’re too busy now and will do some marathon study sessions days before your exam to make up for weeks of lost time. That will not be effective preparation nor help you pass.

While many professional studying for certification exams say they work better under pressure. Many test preparation studies over the years from major universities have revealed this is not the case. To effectively learn and review the test content you must absorb the information over a reasonable period of time. That means to maximize your chance of passing and achieving your teaching career goals you must do a little TExES test preparation everyday over time.

The best part of doing a little over time (besides improving your exam score and passing) is your stress levels will be much lower, you can concentrate better, you’ll have less test anxiety, you’ll have more confident, your health will be better and even your relations with friends and family will be more harmonious by working upstream and planning your test success in advance.

Some education students will think that’s too much time for TExES preparation sessions. Some will say, “Where am I going to get all that time?” or “I should be prepared after years of college.” You’re absolutely right. However, this advice is if you don’t want to gamble your test score by trying to get away with doing the absolute minimum.

Here Is One Major Test Prep Mistake That Cause So Many To Fail…

If you want to pass the TExES and can’t afford to fail, you’re going to have to sacrifice a little. That is, if you want to pass the first time, not start all over from scratch.

Everything worthwhile in life comes from focusing you energy, concentration and time on the goal you want to achieve. — Passing your educator certification exam is not different. If you’re super busy with classes and your personal life and can’t image squeezing in 20 hours of studying per week, you’ll have to make major adjustments in how you use and manage your time.

You might have to cut-out TV, get-togethers with friends, friendly online activities like Facebook, texting people or other activities so you can pass and put this evaluation for teachers behind you. Just these items alone could free up many hours for some people. – How you manage your time and prioritize is up to you.

Be sure you actually schedule exam prep sessions into your life. If you don’t you may find all the lesser important activities will fill you time by the laws of natural gravity.

How To Use “Creative Procrastination” In Your TExES Exam Preparation To Get A Passing Score

Try procrastinating the lesser important things that distract you, but are not important to you.

Rather than think, “I’ll do my studying later when I feel more rested” or saying “Tomorrow I’ll have more time,” say “Tomorrow I’ll relax and watch that movie. Another example is “I’ll do those errands on the weekend or I’ll have fun with the friends as a reward next week when I’ve completed at least 10 hours of TExES preparation.”

• How much are you willing to invest on practice tests and TExES preparation manuals?

Money plays a part in test preparation since there are test fees to pay and even TExES test preparation materials to purchase. True, some test takers have passed with borrowed notes, old textbooks and free downloads, but that takes a lot of resourcefulness and an ounce of luck to achieve.

Everything seems expensive. However, imagine the cost of failing your teaching exam. Either you have to spend additional weeks of time preparing, finally have to buy those TExES practice tests you were too cheap to get (the first time) and worse, delay your teaching career and a year of educator salary.

Many who have failed and later passed attest that TExES exam preparation materials, practice exams, tutoring and any other help they can get their hands on is well worth investing in. That’s because the price of failing is at least 1,000 greater when you factor in the emotion cost, social cost of embarrassment and financial cost of not having employment. The fact is the best preparation books may cost you as much as $100, tutoring may cost $35 per hour; however, it’s still much cheaper than failing.

Solving Miscellaneous Barriers To Effective TExES Test Practice

• What are your study habits? Do you do well studying alone or with a group?

Knowing how you effectively study, whether alone or with a group, determines your next course of action. There are TExES preparation courses and classes you can take if you think you can benefit from a group dynamics in a structured setting. You may also join study groups or start your own which can be inexpensive yet effective.

• Is there someone you can depend on when unforeseen events occur?

We all know that emergencies can happen. Crucial to your TExES test preparation is having someone whom you could depend on, either to watch the kids or bring the dog to the vet. It is important that you remain focus and eliminate all kinds of distractions. Just be sure to return the favor to others when they need help.

• What kind of emotional support system do you have?

Do you have someone you can talk to and who can support you during your weeks of test practice time? A supporting person can help your stay emotionally fit, encourage you to stay on track and improve the productivity of your test prep. Just don’t turn your venting friends into negativity sessions where you complain about how unfair, wrong this test is or something similar. — That’s not productive and the negativity can hurt the productivity of your TExES exam preparation over time.

• How important is the test for you? Is your career dependent on it?

If this test has a great impact on your career as a teacher, then get going and start your TExES preparation. Do not think, “yeah, that’s a good idea, I’d better get started soon.” No, take some action toward your goal of passing the TExES right now. At least find a good, call a friend for advice or review the exam competencies tested at the official website now….

…Do It Now!

Visit This Site: For A FREE Texas Examinations of Educator Standards Practice And Study Report Online right now.

CBEST Test: One Step Towards Working In Education In California

The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is designed to assess if an educator has the basic reading, mathematics and writing skills necessary for employment in the education field. The CBEST exam does not evaluate the teaching skills of an applicant, nor does it replace other subject matter knowledge, or the field experience required in the full licensing process.

The California State Superintendent of Public Instruction works with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to develop and administer the CBEST. The CTC has contracted with The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson to assists in the development, administration, and scoring of the Basic Skills Test.

Registration And CBEST Test Dates

Register early as space is limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis.

• The CBEST test is available in either a computer or paper based format. The paper based exam automatically registers the candidate for all three topics: reading, mathematics and writing. The time permitted for this exam is four hours. The cost of the paper based test is $41.

• The computer based CBEST exam is more flexible as it is possible to register for a section individually or in combination and still have four hours to complete the exam. The test fee however is the same regardless of how many sections are selected and costs $102.

• Registration is available on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while telephone registration is available 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday Pacific time. In order to register for the test, an applicant must provide their social security number.

Be Prepared When You Get To The CBEST Test Center

For all paper based CBEST tests it is important to arrive by 7:30 a.m. For computer based test candidates should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time. The test center will take a palm scan, photograph and electronic signature as part of the identity verification process. If you refuse, you will not be allowed to take the test, and you will not receive a refund.

Know The Structure Of The CBEST Exam And Increase Your Score

The CBEST consists of three sections: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

• The reading section has 50 multiple choice questions which evaluates an applicant’s ability to understand written passages, tables and graphs. All answers can be found within the text provided so no outside resources are needed. Approximately 40 percent of the questions evaluate critical analysis and evaluation skills and 60 percent test the applicant’s comprehension and research skills.

• The CBEST Mathematics section also has 50 multiple choice questions, the majority of which are word problems. This section contains three skill sets: (1) estimating, measurement and statistical principles, which represents approximately 30 percent of the questions, (2) computation and problem solving, which represent approximately 35 percent of the questions, and (3) numerical and graphical relationships, which also represents approximately 35 percent of the questions.

• The writing section of the CBEST exam has 2 essay topics. The first topic assesses the applicants writing skill by analyzing a given situation or statement; the second essay requires the candidate to write about a personal experience. It is necessary to complete both essay questions.

How To Pass The CBEST Test

Unofficial CBEST testing results will be available for the reading and mathematics sections for those who choose computer based testing at the conclusion of the test. The official results will be available for both the computer and paper based exams on the score report dates.

Raw CBEST scores are scaled and range from 20 to 80. In order to pass the exam applicants must receive a minimum score of 41 in each category. There is a little flexibility in the scoring as it is possible to pass with a 37 in one or two of the sections provided the combination of the three scores is 123 or higher.
It is possible to retake the CBEST exam as often as needed but there is a waiting period of 45 days required between attempts. The more candidates invest in practice exams and CBEST study the less likely it will be necessary to retake this evaluation for California educators.

For more advice and help in CBEST test practice and preparation go to: Study Guide For The California Basic Educational Skills Test right now.

CBEST Practice Test Questions: “The Big Rip-Off You Need To Avoid”

There is only one CBEST practice test on the official California Basic Skills Test website. Therefore, finding additional example exams and sample questions can dramatically boost your test score.

As you know an effective practice exam for the CBEST can simulate the genuine examination. It can help you get familiar with the format, structure and wording of real test questions. If finishing exams before time is up is a challenge. Or if test anxiety has a tendency to crush your test score, highly accurate mock exams can help any test taker pace themselves and relax under simulated testing conditions.

Here's a common problem complained about frequently on CBEST test forums and blog across the internet: Many educators preparing for this teaching assessment discover their CBEST practice questions numerous errors and incorrect facts…

…Just when they thought they were saving a fortune using those free CBEST practice questions online.

What about that preparation guide you got at your local bookstore? — You felt it was a safe bet. (After all, it was written by a big publisher and name you’ve been familiar with for years.)

Are There Mistakes In CBEST Practice Test Questions?

Consider the scenario where you purchased several CBEST practice exams and are working hard, close to your testing date. Then you find one answer to a practice exam question is obviously wrong.

When you check other test prep sources you realize the practice examination has incorrect answers. Now you wonder if there are other errors in your preparation guide.

It’s a nasty shock after you already invested days or weeks of CBEST test practice time studying false information!

CBEST Practice Exam Trustworthiness

You begin to wonder if you know the right answers to the study material you’ve already covered. Your testing date for this Basic Skills assessment for teachers is only a short time away. At this point you may feel like demoralized.

Why are there practice tests in your CBEST book not accurate? How can I possibly know if the information that I am studying is accurate or not?

Why Are There Incorrect Content And Answers In Widely Used Test Prep Guides?

Unfortunately, recent college graduates with degrees in English or other unrelated majors are hired to write for pathetically low salaries by big publishing companies. They write all sorts of study guides for exams like the CBEST. This approach can save a big name publisher millions in one year. That approach takes much less time and money vs. locate and recruit people who have taken each exam and have credentials in specific subject areas.

Instead the writers are encourage to research the topics covered under very unrealistic due dates…

…The result?

-Announcing “The Emperor Who Wears No Clothes!”

You get a quickly thrown together CBEST practice test and review book created by a corporate write who has no credentials in your field and never took or passed your exam!

Checking CBEST Practice Tests for Accuracy

In order to select quality, accurate practice tests, follow the steps outlined below and minimize the chances of buying sub-par tests.

• Select a number of questions randomly from the CBEST practice test and compare the solutions with reliable sources.

• Check CBEST practice tests online from online book reviews like Barnes and Noble or Often people who have found errors in will voice their concerns.

• Ask friends or colleagues who have used practice exams for the CBEST and ask for their recommendations and if there is any material they suggest avoiding.

• Select CBEST practice tests and study manuals that have been recently published or recently revised, as they will contain more up to date and more accurate exam prep information.

• Don’t always assume CBEST practice books from a well-known publishing house contain better quality and more accurate information. Just look at all the complaints on about practice guides with typos, grammatical errors, incorrect information and content that doesn’t follow the actual exam.

How To Fix Your CBEST Test Practice If It’s Broken Or Feel You Have Shoddy Materials…

This happens more often than you think. In fact, quite often what happens is the individual goes onto take the exam and fails. They believe they didn’t pass because of a failure on their part, but that may not be the case. Sometimes it is because the practice tests they used in CBEST preparation contain errors or simply didn’t cover the test content.

When you find that you have been studying poor quality CBEST practice questions and the exam date is fast approaching you should:

• Look for new CBEST exam practice material immediately, and apply the “Checking CBEST Practice Tests for Accuracy” check list above.

• It'll be frustrating because time is short, but cutting corners at this point might lead you to study other sample exams and example tests that are also full of errors, wasting more time.

• As your testing day approaches, and you continue to study, be sensitive to any ambiguities in your understanding as this may be the result of conflicting information.

• If the exam time is very near, review key concepts and make sure your understanding is in sync with reliable sources.

• If you fail the exam, the culprit might have been the CBEST practice tests, not you.

The Importance of Choosing Test Prep Books Wisely

It seems like a lot of steps to go through to simply get a CBEST practice test and review. That's because it is. The consequences of failure are too great to be complacent in your review for this teacher evaluation.

To prepare for the California Basic Educational Skills Test easier, visit This Site: California Basic Skills Test Review Of Test Prep Manuals

“What’s The Best ASVAB Study Guide?”

You have a lot of ASVAB study to do because your testing date is fast approaching. You may worry and feel your stomach tightening up. Unfortunately, free ASVAB study guide online are typically mediocre at best. If armed forces exam score is too low, you have to forget about the dream training and career track you have your heart set on.

Even if you get the minimum passing score, but don’t get a high score, it’ll limit your career.

Worse yet, if your ASVAB study guides and practice tests don’t cover the real exam, you might not be able to get into any branch of the military. You want to make sure that you not only pass, but keep your future career options and military perks as open as possible.

You know a lot is riding on this, and you need to do well.

What Should I Focus On In My ASVAB Study Guide?

There's a mountain of information to go through in studying for the ASVAB exam. You may feel panic rising every time you start to study. There seems to be so much to cover in your ASVAB book, it’s hard to know where to start.

You likely tried a couple of practice tests in your ASVAB study guides, but you didn’t do as well as you hoped which just made you feel worse. It may have just made your test prep feel more confused and frustrating. You may wonder if you’re the only person who is having this preparation problem.

Why You Must Figure-Out ASVAB Study Weeks Before Your Testing Day To Avoid Disaster

A lot of people struggle with where to begin and what to review in ASVAB study. They know if they don’t figure-out what or how to prepare before, they fail their military recruitment assessment….

…That can mean no job, no recruitment bonus, no career, and no future!

Like Henry Ford said: “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.” So what is the best way to review for the ASVAB exams? How do you go about learning enough to get the marks you need?

Choosing The Right ASVAB Test Study Guide Can Be a Minefield

• You have to find good practice exam questions and study guides for the ASVAB, but choosing the right ones can be hard. The reason I say this is because some of the ASVAB guides contains errors. I mean factual errors! If you pick up a sample exam or preparation materials that don’t give you the right information, then how are you going to pass or get a good score?

• Before you buy a ASVAB exam study guide, make sure you read the customer reviews, if they have them. This is a great way to find out if the book contains errors or not. People who have paid good money, and find out the ASVAB guide is full of mistakes, usually by failing the examination, want to share that experience with you online.

• Another ASVAB study guide mistake people make is choosing a test prep manual that doesn’t give enough information about the test content. Instead of just glossing over topics, a lot of people need to go back to the basics. Maybe you have been out of school for a while, or maybe mathematics wasn’t your best subject. Whatever the reason, make sure it goes the full nine yards.

• The trick to getting the best ASVAB study materials is self-awareness. What area tested on the ASVAB are you good at? Where do you struggle? If math is a problem for you, and it is for a lot of people, find a study manual that has a large ASVAB arithmetic reasoning section. Be sure it starts with the basic steps of solving the type of math problems you’ll face in your Armed Forces testing.

• Some ASVAB math study guides have an answer key that shows the right answer, but doesn’t give a full answer explanation that will help you learn the exam material. You may not need an explanation every time, but occasionally you will. So make sure you choose ASVAB study book with practice test questions that explain the answer in full detail.

• The best resource you have in choosing a good ASVAB practice guide is your common sense.

See this site: Special Report About Books For Your Military Exam for more ASVAB study guide reviews, feedback and tips to pass by actual test takers.

Talk to People, Find Out What ASVAB Study Materials They Recommend

Your recruiter can help you choose the right ASVAB study manual. Also, friends and acquaintances who have taken this standardized test for military recruitment, can give you good advice on what Armed Forces preparation guides to choose.

Online reviews are another great way to get a sense of how deep the study guide goes and whether answers are explained or not. It’s always better to have too much review and feedback information from other test takers than too little. You find that every 10 minutes you spend in researching ASVAB study guides can save you as much as an hour lost using ineffective review books.

The right ASVAB study guide will get you to your goal of getting your highest possible Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery exam score and your dream job. Getting your highest possible score means using the most effective and time saving test preparation books.