CSET Test Prep

“CSET Prep Expert Reveals Top Reasons Why Test Takers Fail”


Many California credential candidates feel the amount of CSET prep required in order to pass on their CSET test date is overwhelming. They’re hoping for a CSET Study Guide miracle in order to realize their dream of becoming a California credentialed teacher.

I’ve tutored a lot of students for how to prep for the CSET exam walk over the past 3 years.


Despite their differences, they all have multiple things in common in approaching CSET test prep.  They all want to get their California teacher certification.  They want to change the world by sharing their enthusiasm and passion for learning with their students. 


And they want to learn what is the best CSET prep that will help them to do all of this and more!


While I pride myself on having helped many test takers get a passing score (in fact, over 85% of my students pass their California teaching exams on the first try), there are a few exceptional cases where students just can’t manage to squeak by that minimum pass mark.


But rather than become disappointed in their CSET test prep results, I decided to take them aside and learn all about the trigger factors that caused them to fail their California Subject Examinations For Teachers.  After each interview, I’m always amazed at the test preparation and study information I find out…

…And I guarantee that you will be too.


What Happens When CSET Prep Isn’t to Blame?


It’s not because they didn’t know enough information, or because their CSET prep didn’t provide them with the content knowledge they needed (phew!).


Rather, the major reasons why these handful of students failed their educator testing had more to do with the exam itself – not teaching knowledge.  In a way, it’s a positive outcome: rather than assume that they’re just not meant to be teachers, these students know that they just have to take the exam again. 


So why do you think these students couldn’t achieve the minimum passing score? 


Don’t worry, you won’t have to answer that question – because I’m about to reveal the real reasons why so many fail despite decent CSET exam prep.


Make Sure Your Prep For The CSET Exam Makes Up For These Traps!

  • Most of my the students I talked to point to the constructed-response questions as the main culprit of their failure. In a way, I shouldn’t be surprised. The answer space is very small, and test scores never read what’s written on the outside. Make sure that your CSET prep includes getting used to these small answer spaces!
  • Another student noted that because she spoke English as a second language, she had a harder time answering all of the questions in the time allotted. If English isn’t your native language, be sure that you take plenty of simulated practice exam questions in your CSET test prep book that follows the exact timing of the real exam.
  • Finally, many of my students responded that they simply skipped the questions that they thought were too hard. To this, I say: NEVER skip a question. Even if you don’t have the slightest idea of what the answer is, take a guess. You won’t get penalized – and you might even pick up some valuable test points!

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