CSET Study Guide

“CSET Study Guide Tips For More Effective Test Prep Sessions”


Put aside your CSET study guide for a moment because I want to talk about something you might have not considered about prep books.


You have a lot CSET exam prep in front of you and little time to do it. When it comes to getting fast results from various aspects of our lives, whom do we turn to the most for help?


When your car breaks down, do you try to fix it yourself or do you visit an expert mechanic to take care of the problem? If you need to fix a leak in your bathroom, do you call a plumber before doing anything else? And when your new puppy needs to be housebroken, chances are you search online for advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about.


That’s right: whenever we need the most help and guidance in our lives, we turn to experts for the best advice.


For CSET study, we often substitute those experts for preparation materials and books. After all, it’s not like we’ve got a test preparation expert on speed dial.  So we’re content with flipping page after page of that boring study guide for the CSET test, hoping that we’ll absorb enough information to have the faintest chance of getting that minimum pass mark.


CSET Study Guide Expert Interview


Hans Johnson is a CSET test prep expert and author of several preparation books. When we talked to interview Mr. Johnson, we knew that we were in for a treat.  His advice has helped hundreds of education students studying to pass the California Subject Examinations For Teachers and to make the move from struggling test taker to credentialed California teacher…


…And we were ready to discover all of his CSET study secrets!


While we had a lot of CSET prep questions to ask him, we decided to focus on one of the major questions that many test takers ask: what CSET study guides and test prep manuals are the most important for passing is exam…


…And what practice tests and preparation material should be tossed overboard?


The Final Say On CSET Test Study Guides

  • “First of all,” Mr. Johnson said, “You should always pay attention to the details set out by the California State Standards and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). But don’t get intimidated by the amount of information contained in each standard.  The test hardly goes into that much detail.  The official framework and standards are more useful for framing the ideal CSET study guide than anything else.”
  • Mr. Johnson points out that taking the state practice test isn’t enough to make an ideal CSET test study guide. He says “Make sure you get a practice exam that contains multiple practice tests, as you’ll want to get as much practice as possible before the actual test date.”
  • As far as the actual difficulty of the exam goes, Mr. Johnson had some surprising statements.  “I consider myself to be a well-rounded learner, but I found the reading/language part of the Multiple Subjects exam to be the most difficult,” he pointed out.  “Also, the history section has far more questions about California history than expected, so don’t ignore this crucial part of your study for the CSET.”

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