CTEL Exam – Registration, Testing Center & How To Pass Quickly

CTEL ExamFacts You Must Know Before Anything Else

In order to teach English Learners in California, a teacher must receive authorization from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). This requirement is mandated through legislation in the California Education Code, sections 44253.3 and 44253.4. The purpose of the California Teacher Of English Learners (CTEL) is to insure that credentialed teachers have the necessary skills needed to instruct English language learners. CTC has hired Pearson, on a contractual basis, to develop and administer the CTEL exam.

Many Cross-Cultural and Academic Support type teacher credential classes are waived if you pass. Therefore, there's a lot of knowledge and real life teaching scenarios you must show you're fluent in as an educator of second language learners.

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You can earn a CLAD or BCLAD credential through a teacher credential program. However, if you pass the CTEL exam you will fulfill the state competency requirements taught CLAD/BCLAD courses.

CTEL Test – How To Register

When registering for the CTEL exam you need to provide your social security number in addition to some background questions concerning language proficiencies, and hours of in-service training.

• CTEL test registration is done by internet and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Candidates are processed on a first come, first serve basis so it is important to register as early as possible to make sure you receive your preferred date as seating is limited.

• If you wish to take all three segments at the same time, the cost is $260. If you wish to take each CTEL test separately then Language and Language Development costs $98, Assessment and Instruction costs $147, and Culture and Inclusion costs $99.

• At the time of registration payment must be made in full using a VISA or MasterCard, or a debit or check card that has a credit card logo and doesn’t require a pin number.

Once you have completed the on-line registration, you will receive an email that acknowledges that you have registered. Within one business day, you will receive another e-mail called Authorized to Test which will allow you to set up a test appointment. The Authorized to Test e-mail will provide instructions on how to set up a testing time.

What To Expect At The CTEL Test Center Will Improve You Test Score

When you arrive at the CTEL exam center you will be asked for one piece of current, government issued identification. This can include a driver’s licence, a passport, or military identification. You will not be able to take cell phones, electronic devices, calculators or any unauthorized aids into the testing area. At the beginning of the CTEL test, you will be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement on the computer.

How To Boost Your Chances Of A Passing CTEL Exam Score

The CSET examination has three separate components: Language and Language Development, Assessment and Instruction, Culture and Inclusion.

• Language and Language Development (CTEL 1), includes language use and structure, and first and second language acquisition. This segment has 50 multiple choice questions and 1 essay question. The length of the exam is 105 minutes.

• Assessment and Instruction (CTEL 2), includes developing appropriate assessment tools and creating appropriate content for learners. There are 60 multiple choice questions and 2 essay questions. The duration of this segment is 165 minutes.

• Culture and Inclusion (CTEL 3), includes understanding cultural diversity and how it relates to academic achievement. This section contains 40 multiple choice questions and one essay question. The length of this section is 90 minutes.

All the CTEL test components were developed through committees of California educators and other assessment experts.

The Way The CTEL Test Is Scored

The CTEL exam score will be provided by CTC on the published report dates. The score will give information regarding passing or not passing for each segment, and other performance indicators. CTEL tests calculate a raw score which is then converted to a scaled score that ranges from 100-300. A minimum of 220 is needed to pass a segment.

• Multiple choice questions represent 70% of the final scaled score while essay questions are weighted at 30%.

• The multiple choice questions are tabulated by computer as correct or incorrect.

• There are no deductions for incorrect answers.

• The CTEL essay questions are reviewed by a minimum of two California educators who use a standardized rubric. The essay questions are judged primarily on their relevance to the question, the application of knowledge and the support provided.

• The score is compared to a pre-existing standard that has been established by the commission, rather than to other test takers.

How To Apply These Basic Facts About CTEL Testing To Pass Now

See this CSET test prep site by CLAD/BCLAD credentialed teachers who passed. Go to: CTEL Practice Test right now.