FTCE Test Warning – Read This BEFORE You Begin Your Prep

FTCE Test Practice: Where To Register, Structure Of Test Questions And How It's Scored

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE test) is designed to determine if those wishing to teach in the state of Florida have the necessary basic skills, professional knowledge, and area of specialization needed to fulfill the task. Teacher certification requirements and regulations are overseen by the Florida Department of Education. Florida Statutes (F.S.) and Florida Administrative Code (FAC) provide the testing requirements for teacher candidates and can be found in Section 1012.56, F.S. and in 6A-4.00821, FAC.

Please make special note of the (critically important) basic information about registering, test instructions/rules and exam format below. The most up-to-date information you need will not be in your FTCE study guide.

FTCE Test Prep

Candidates can register for the FTCE exam on line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is important however to register as early as possible as seats are limited and assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Exams are only offered in a computer based format, unless the applicant has a physical or mental impairment that requires alternate arrangements.

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How Much Are FTCE Exam Fees?

• The cost of FTCE subject area examinations are $200, while the cost of the Professional Education Tests are $150 and General Knowledge Tests are $130. If the candidate needs to retake a test the cost increases by $20.

• Payment can be made using VISA, MasterCard, debit, or a check card with a VISA or MasterCard logo at the time of registration. Once you have completed the registration you will receive an admission ticket by e-mail that lists your test selections, test site, and scheduled start time.

How To Pass The FTCE Test

On the day of your Florida teacher certification examination you will need the admission ticket provided at the time of registration, and two valid pieces of identification. One must be government issued; the other should have a photo or signature. You may not take a cell phone or other electronic aids into the test area.

The Easiest Way To Pass The FTCE Test Is By Being Prepared

The General Knowledge consists of the following sections:

• English, reading and math

The FTCE general knowledge test consists of four components: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Essay. The English and reading segments are 40 minutes long and have approximately 40 multiple-choice questions each. The math component contains 45 multiple-choice questions and is 100 minutes long. Each question has either three or four response options.

• Essay writing

In order to score the maximum on the essay section of the exam, it is important to develop a clear thesis statement with a logical, coherent structure. There should be few, if any errors in the sentence structure and grammar.

You won’t be able to “wing” the essay subtest unless you have expert-level content knowledge and know how to correctly format an essay response. Utilize a realistic FTCE practice test to develop and refine your essay writing skills.

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The Professional Education Test

The FTCE Professional Education Test consists of 120 multiple choice questions and provides candidates with 2 ½ hours to complete the exam. Each question has four possible options. Some will involve completing a sentence, some will require choosing an option that best answers the question, and others will be scenarios, problems or case studies that will require the test-taker to make a diagnosis or decide on a course of action.

How The FTCE Exam Is Scored

There is considerable variation among the FTCE examinations and so the scores needed to pass vary also. Scoring is based on the percentage of correct answers, and in order to pass, require a success rate that ranges from 60 to 75 percent depending on the subject being covered.

A candidate’s score will be available by logging into the FTCE test website on the score report release date. Scores will not be released by telephone or fax nor will unofficial results be available at the test site.

Preparing for licensing exams is like running a marathon, the fitter the FTCE test-takers knowledge and skills the more likely they are to pass.

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