FTCE Math 5-9

“Is This FTCE FTCE Math 5-9 Study Technique Cheating?”


FTCE study can be hair yanking and frustrating ordeal. You really have to be ready for the the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations in order to get a passing score. Otherwise you risk failure and delay your Florida teaching career. And that could be costly financial and emotionally.


If you fail the FTCE test for Mathematics, Elementary Education, Social Science, General Knowledge, Science or any of the other exams, you can’t obtain your Florida teacher certification. The Florida Department of Education won’t give you a teaching certificate…


…That means you’ll be saying goodbye to your lifelong dream of becoming a certified teacher.


And without a passing FTCE test score and getting your teacher license in a timely manner, you’re going to miss on a potential $40,000 and up in teacher’s salary. At this times when everyone is feeling the effects of the recession, finding it hard to find a job and avoid getting laid off, missing out on a secure and good paying career can be a tough pill to swallow.


Therefore, you have to make sure your FTCE test prep doesn't haven't any holes in it's armor. Doing your FTCE study by trial and error or my hope, luck or seeing how little study you can get away with is dangerous. Take the right actions and get the best FTCE test preparation books and you'll enjoy all the benefits of teaching with certification you deserve.


FTCE Math 5-9 Study Tactics You Need To Pass


Preparation for the FTCE test is overwhelming. You need a FOCUS in your study sessions if you expect to pass. So how do you get the focus you need for testing success?


With so many mathematical formulas, facts, theories, best practices in education, education law and many of the other competencies you’re expected to memorize and recall on your testing date, you can easily be thrown off the right track and erode your confidence while using your study guides and practice tests.


Without an effective FTCE exam prep strategy, you can easily have the entire exam blow up in your face. This is something you MUST prevent from happening to you.


So make sure you learn the best FTCE test preparation plan and execute it as quickly as possible. STOP procrastinating and running around in circles.


Lucky for you, I’ve been studying this exam for years and helping test takers pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations. I’m going to share with you some of the most effective exam review and test taking tips so you pass your FTCE test.


FTCE Test Preparation Advice You Must Follow


I’ll start with a few ‘back door’ techniques to help you ace your math 6-12 exam first. Check-out my other free reports on this website that helps you pass your specific FTCE test.


The following FTCE study tips for the Math subtest will help prepare you for the toughest subtests:

  • Don’t rely too much on your calculator on your exam day. By this I mean not to get used to using it. You should learn what each calculator function is for. The reason behind this is you can’t bring your own scientific calculator to the exam. You’ll be provided with a different calculator in the test. So make sure you know the basic functions of scientific calculators so you can easily use them in the FTCE test.
  • Memorizing mathematical formulas on your FTCE test won’t be enough. You can memorize them but you’d be stuck in the exam if you don’t know how to use them. So make sure you understand the concept behind these mathematical formulas so they’ll be useful for you on your FTCE test date.
  • Practice solving interest math problems. There are a lot of formulas to solve such problems. Formulas for annuity, simple interest and compounding interest are different and you can’t use them interchangeably. So make sure you understand the concepts behind them. It’s also imperative that you learn how to derive other formulas using a standard formula.


    For example, you can solve for the formula to find the number of years given the formula for annuity. You should be careful not to use the formula for simple interest or any other formula for this particular formula derivation since it’ll give you a different answer. Learning how to derive formulas is a very big weapon to conquer the Math FTCE test.

  • Practice solving word problems too. Florida Teacher Certification Examinations mathematics test questions asking you to solve for the volume or area of a trapezoid, prism or rhombus, for example, are often word problems. This means you need to learn how to comprehend the word problems and apply the right Math formula to solve for the answer. You’ll need to learn how to solve math word problems so you can pass the FTCE.

These preparation tips for the Math subtest are among the most effective you’ll ever find. So make sure you follow them as you prepare for the Math subtest. They might be the ones to help get a passing FTCE test score.


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