FTCE Social Science 6-12

“How To Pass The FTCE Social Science 6-12 Test”

You must figure-out how to pass the FTCE Social Science 6-12 test so you can get your Florida teaching certificate and start living your ‘dream life’ as an educator.


But to do this, you first need to ace this test. And this isn’t something without its fair share of challenges.


Passing the FTCE or (Florida Teaching Certification Examination) is very hard…if you don’t know the secret to getting the minimum score required by the Florida Department of Education.


A failing test score cause your world to come crashing down all around you. Your finances, relationships and mental well being will definitely feel the impact.


You can’t get a $40,000-plus salaried job as a certified teacher without a passing score on your testing date. You’ll also be stuck with your student loans, which you’ll have a hard time paying without a decent paying job. Worse, it can also affect your family especially if they’re relying on you to bring food to the table.


To ensure you can have a successful teaching career as a certified Florida educator, you have to discover How To Pass The FTCE test!


Be Productive In Your FTCE Social Science 6-12 Practice and Study!


You know that test preparation is important if you want to succeed. The question is, how are you going to prepare for such a difficult exam?


You don’t want the tips you’ve seen from study guides that are too general and vague. You want concrete study guide tips. You want to use them to help you better prepare. You want effective tips for Passing The FTCE!


Well, this is what I’m going to give you in the next section. I’ve compiled some of the best pointers from my exam study guides as well as from my fellow expert test prep coaches. These exam prep tips will surely help you have a successful preparation.


The Best Expert Tips For Passing The FTCE Social Science 6-12 Are Finally Revealed!


The preparation tips I’m about to reveal to you are some of the best tips from myself and my fellow practice test coaches. These tips will help you effectively prepare for and pass the exam:

  1. Have the proper mindset in your test prep review. You should believe that you can get a passing score. Having this positive mentality will help inspire you to successfully prepare for the test. At the start of each day, say affirmations to yourself like, “I conquer all the challenges I face in my preparation and “I can do this! I pass the FTCE test and become a certified teacher in Florida!”
  2. Acknowledge the fact that you need all the help you can get on how to pass the FTCE. So be willing to invest some money for your study materials. Also enroll in an excellent test prep review program. These things are sound investments since you can get more than what you spent once you obtain your teacher certification.
  3. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional test preparation tutor who can help you prepare. Your tutor can focus on addressing your weaknesses in your test practice. He can help you better understand the topics you’re having a tough time understanding. This effectively helps you better prepare for the exam.
  4. Take many practice exams if you really want to know how to pass the FTCE. Develop your test taking strategies. Train yourself to answer the test questions first before looking at the choices. If your answer matches one of the given choices, pick it as your answer.
  5. Learn how to use mnemonics to help you recall important topics. Using keywords and symbols is also a great way to enhance your memory to remember the things you studied. These are effective ways on How To Pass The FTCE test.

You cannot afford to fail the FTCE especially if you’re your family’s breadwinner. You have to pass this test so you can start teaching in Florida and enjoy the $43,000 in annual salary and all the other perks and benefits of being a Florida certified educator. The tips for passing the FTCE I gave you will be useful for this.


If you want to learn more preparation tips to pass the FTCE Social Science 6-12, start reading these FTCE Study Materials now!