FTCE Study Guide – How I Passed

"FTCE Study Guide Tips That Help You Pass Easier"

An FTCE study guide conforms with an old adage. Whenever something is fun, it's generally doesn't hold that much value. For example, take a look at your FTCE study guides. They’re brimming with boring FTCE test advice, memorization lists and other techniques that can help you pass your Florida teacher examination.

Sure, it's all helpful – but it's not exactly something that you look forward to doing. In fact, it feels like reviewing your study guide book with tough FTCE practice tests (that remind you how unprepared you really are) is right up there with visiting the dentist…

…Painful and expensive, but extremely necessary.

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Perhaps it's this aversion to boring study guides for the FTCE test that causes the root of some of the worst procrastination habits. As the author of a popular FTCE prep book, I see potential Florida teachers constantly putting off their test prep for one reason, and one reason only.

It's just too boring and tedious!

Obviously, if you can make FTCE test study guide more enjoyable your study sessions would be more effective and you'd spend more time preparing for your Florida teacher test.

Procrastination stems from the desire to avoid pain. We often assume that in the world of test practice, “pain” equals the fear of failure or testing anxiety. However, I've come to an altogether different conclusion.

Pain has less to do with the fear of failure, and more to do with the fact that test prep for endless hours just isn't fun!

FTCE Study Tips To Increase Your Score And Enjoy The Process

So what do you do to make your study sessions not so boring?

Boy, if I had a nickel for every time one of my students gave me a funny look for asking that question!

You see, making exam preparation fun isn't just about our need to be constantly entertained (as some so-called test prep experts would claim). It's about eliminating the desire to procrastinate. It's about looking forward to cracking open your FTCE study materials and learning more. It's about turning the Florida teacher certification exam into something fun…

…And looking forward to that testing date with gusto!

My students and I put our heads together over this subject, and we believe that we've come up with the ultimate tips that can help make your practice for the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations a little more fun.

So stop dreading FTCE study – and start embracing it!

  • You know that mental clarity and alertness are vital for making the most of your FTCE exam study guides. But you're not going to get that by rereading those passages. Instead, take a break and get those brain cells pumping by completing Sudoku and crossword puzzles, and indulging in a few brainteasers. You'll be sharp as a tack by the time you return to your test preparation.
  • Turn your study for the FTCE into a game of Jeopardy with your study group. Make up a list of questions regarding Florida teaching standards, and have someone play the host. Compete to see who can rack up the most points and reign as the testing champion!
  • Reward yourself for raising your test score. Raising your score is no easy feat – but you'll be inspired to keep going it after treating yourself to a new outfit, a pair of movie tickets, or that new gadget you've been eyeing!

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