GACE Study Guide – How To Start Your Test Prep Successfully

GACE Practice Tips To Register, Testing Rules And How This Assessment Is Scored

The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) was devised to determine if new Georgia public school educators have the knowledge and skills needed to perform their duties. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) has hired the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson to administer and develop GACE tests and must adhere to the “Georgia Performance Standards for the P-12 Student Curriculum.” Test questions are developed through consultation with Georgia educators, and other education professionals.

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GACE Test Practice For Georgia Teacher Certification – What Exams Are Offered?

The GACE testing program offers several examinations: Basic Skills Assessment, Content Assessment, Professional Pedagogy Assessment, Educational Leadership Assessment, and Paraprofessional Assessment.

• The Basic Skills Assessment is comprised of three tests: reading, mathematics, and writing. Reading and Mathematics test consist of selected response while writing involves constructed response questions.

• The Content Assessment tests qualifications for the middle grades in a variety of subjects.

• The GACE test called the Professional Pedagogy Assessment is for those wishing to pursue professional roles and responsibilities

• The Educational Leadership Assessment is for those seeking leadership roles in the Georgia education system.

• Paraprofessionals are assessed on their skills requiring that no child be left behind.

GACE registration can be arranged by internet, U.S. mail, or telephone. It is possible to pay for the test either by VISA or MasterCard, or by check or money order. Cash will not be accepted. When registering for a GACE exam you will have to provide your social security number as this is how test results are transmitted.
The cost is low, the benefits are high!

The GACE tests are offered in both paper based and computer formats. Test sites are available throughout Georgia. The basic test fees range from $25 to $70 however there are a number of additional fees depending on whether the exams involved are paper-based, computer-based, late or emergency registrations.

Boost Your Score By Knowing What To Expect On Your GACE Testing Date

On the day of the examination, wear comfortable clothing and soft soled shoes to help maintain a quiet environment. Water bottles are permitted provided they are clear and do not have a label. The time allotted for each GACE test varies depending on which assessment and the number of subjects that are being covered. All teacher certification assessments are designed in such a way that all the component tests can be completed within a four hour period, three hours for Paraprofessional test-takers.

Pass The GACE Exam By Being Ready

GACE tests usually contain 90 to 150 questions, the majority of which are multiple choice but some include constructed response questions. The selected response questions contain four possible answers, and the essay questions typically involve short open ended responses.

How To Get Your GACE Test Results

In order to pass GACE testing you must receive a minimum of 220 on a scale from 100 to 300. The score report is available on the internet on the score report date published in GACE test dates. For those taking the computer based tests, an unofficial score will be available at the end of the exam. The GACE results will be transmitted directly to GaPSC and the education preparation provider. Candidates are scored against an established standard rather than against each other.

Be prepared, stay focused on your ultimate goal of a successful career as a certified educators, and soon you will be able to teach in Georgia.

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