NCLEX RN Pass Rate

NCLEX Pass Rate: Destroy The Test Anxiety Eating Away At Your Registered Nurse Success With This…

You know that if you want to achieve the Holy Grail of an NCLEX Pass Rate, there’s only one thing that’s stopping you from your dream registered nursing career:

Debilitating, nerve-wracking, paralyzing RN exam anxiety.

You’re dealing with more than just a case of RN testing jitters about the low NCLEX RN pass rate. Even the thought of sitting in front of your registered nurse test makes you feel like running for the hills. Defying the dismal NCLEX RN pass rate feels like such an impossible goal. You constantly feel on the verge of tears. Embarrassed. Sick to your stomach. Inexplicably angry.

You can now kiss those stomach-cramping nerves good-bye. You’re about to learn a technique that’s proven to reduce your test anxiety by 50% – right this minute.

And that means those NCLEX pass rates are finally within your grasp.

Imagine what it will be like to feel like you’re finally free from testing anxiety. By using this technique, you’ll feel confident. Calm, incredibly powerful and full of potential. In fact, you’ll start feeling like the registered nurse you’re meant to be.

Without this technique, you’re letting your anxiety win over you yet again. It’s time to fight back against the nerves, nausea and pain. It’s time to achieve that NCLEX pass rate once and for all.

A Stress Management Technique Used By Hollywood A-Listers And Athletes

Science constantly proves that simple mental techniques can instantly reduce the pain and agony that come with paralyzing test anxiety. In fact, a recent study from Peking University revealed that something as basic as mental rehearsal can help us take control of our anxieties about testing. That’s because test anxiety happens at a sub-conscience level. It’s part of your autonomic nervous system.

Your stress about defeating the NCLEX RN pass rates is detrimental to your health, your wealth and passing the NCLEX. However, adrenaline can actually help you achieve a better NCLEX Passing Rate.

So what do we mean by positive self-dialogue? It’s the kind of positive conversation you have with yourself. It’s the direct action you take to transform your anxiety into calm nerves and a peak performance mindset necessary for conquering your exam.

Discover a method to bust your test anxiety will help you power through your review study guide and make mince meat of your NCSBN exam.

When you’re ready to free yourself from debilitating test anxiety, use the following technique below and experience the freedom for yourself.

How To Un-Paralyze Yourself For A Better NCLEX Passing Rate

  1. Find an isolated place to settle down and comfortable seat before you start your NCLEX review.
  2. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out deeply for approximately two minutes. Breathe in for a count of six seconds and out for a count of six. You should feel your heartbeat start to slow. Allow your mind to focus only on your breathing blocking-out the thoughts of the day.
  3. When you finally reach the stage where you’re feeling relaxed, begin reciting these positive statements to yourself. (It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe them – repetition will cement it in your mind.)
  4. NCLEX practice makes me relaxed and confident!”
  5. “I’m cool, calm, collected and have a relaxed alertness when I take my NCLEX nursing exam.”
  6. You’re free to personalize the statements in your own words, but say them aloud over and over again.
  7. While you’re relaxed and breathing in this relaxed rhythm see yourself on a large movie screen doing your test prep and taking your upcoming exam achieving a successful NCLEX Pass Rate WITHOUT text anxiety.
  8. Practice doing this over and over again 10 minutes per day.

Don’t expect your test anxiety to disappear overnight. That‘s why you must do this technique for 10 minutes each day.

You can’t defeat your test anxiety by force and will power. That’s why you must use this routine to reprogram your sub-conscience mind.

If you have real test anxiety, but think this visualization and affirmation technique is silly, the registered nursing career you’re visualizing will be a pipe dream. — The ONLY thing you have to lose is your test anxiety.

Commit to do this exercise each day for 10 minutes!

So what’s going to happen if you use this technique?

You’ll start to notice something different in only a few days. You actually feel pumped-up for your review and more confident about your upcoming test.

Stop feeling imprisoned by your test anxiety. Take control of your mind and life with this method. You’ll find yourself far ahead of other test takers who get embarrassing test preparation results and test NCLEX pass rates due to their test anxiety blocking them from success.

You feel confident knowing that whatever nerves come your way, you’ll be able to reduce them instantly…Crank-up your personal NCLEX pass rate.

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