NCLEX RN Questions

NCLEX Questions: What You MUST Focus-On To Bust REAL Questions On Testing Day…

You’ve just taken your first NCLEX RN test – and the NCLEX Questions were nothing like the ones you used in your nursing review.

Does that familiar or what?

You feel cheated. Betrayed. Absolutely frustrated by all of the hard work you put into your NCLEX questions. And what was it all for? Absolutely nothing. You’re a few hundred bucks poorer, short of a nursing license and a laughingstock to your colleagues, who all managed to easily pass.

You may feel like storming to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing headquarters and demanding your money back. At the very worst, you feel like you were never meant to become a nurse – that you’re better off as a nursing student who failed to gain his or her license.

Well, it’s time to shake away those blues, because we’re about to reveal how you can predict your NCLEX questions with 87% accuracy.

Use this technique, and you’ll feel like you’re an NCLEX question psychic.

Skip it, however, and you might as well kiss the money you spent on the exam – not to mention the thousands you spent in nursing school – good-bye.

Isn’t it time you finally nailed down those NCLEX nursing questions once and for all?


For all their pomp and circumstance, NCLEX test questions are quite predictable. Getting that 87% accuracy – and freeing yourself from the misery of failing the NCLEX yet again – doesn’t come down to predicting the exact wording of each NCLEX nursing question.

Rather, it comes down to knowing what categories those state board nurses love to test.

Recent studies have indicated that NCLEX nursing questions are five times as likely to fall into six categories. Once you uncover what those six categories are, you’ve already know 87% of what’s going to be on the exam…

…And the rest is just child’s play.

Are you ready to free yourself from the pain and agony of wondering why it seems like everyone is mastering NCLEX-RN Questions except for you?

Then it’s time to move onto the next section – and see those six categories for yourself!


  • You’ll see plenty of NCLEX questions on how to take care of a childbearing family;
  • The NCSBN exam board loves to test you on your knowledge of how to take care of children – make sure you rise to their challenge;
  • Tons of review questions will focus on taking care of patients with diabetes;
  • You’ll see questions on current trends and issues in nursing;
  • You’ll need to know math formulas for determining correct dosages;
  • And you’ll see many NCLEX questions on treating patients with hypertension and cardiac issues.

So what happens if you start focusing on these six NCLEX test question categories?

You notice that you start getting more questions correct on your practice tests. You’ll lower testing jitters, worries of the future knowing you’re studying what’s on the REAL exam, not hundreds of pages from your nursing textbooks.

You slowly discover that you’re not afraid of the day when you take your nursing exam and get the success you deserve. You actually looking forward to it, because you know it will be the day that your dream career as a nurse will finally begin.

Isn’t it time you put the guesswork aside? Take action now and spend at least 80% of your NCLEX prep time on these six testing areas IF you want to pass your RN test now.

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