NYSTCE Academic Literacy Skills Test

"NYSTCE Study Guide That Just Might SAVE Your Test Score!"


Your NYSTCE test prep seems so straightforward, doesn't it?


After flipping through practically dozens of NYSTCE study guides, you could practically recite all of the testing “tips” by heart. So-called techniques like: “Don't forget to eat a good breakfast”; “Make sure you know how to get to the testing center”.


And this one is my personal favorite: “Read the question before you take a look at the answers.”

Of course you'll read the question first – what do these makers of NYSTCE CST Study Guide Book and practice questions take you for, anyways?


These kinds of common sense test-taking strategies really don't help when you're staring a tough question in the face. Sure, a good night's sleep might make you feel more alert, and that breakfast will keep you from experiencing hunger pains.


But how the heck does that help you when you're up against a test question that isn't letting you go anywhere?


It's Time for Some REAL NYSTCE Study


Forgot those so-called tips and techniques. If you have any hope of blasting your way through your New York teacher certification exam, then you need to arm yourself with a real NYSTCE test study guide…


…And not any study guides that only present you with half-baked ideas and common sense advice your pet cat could have given you!

I know this might seem a bit harsh, especially if you've been relying on a study guide like this to provide you with the NYSTCE test practice you need. But it's vitally important to expose yourself to other types of NYSTCE test practice as well…


…Including these ultimate testing tips!


  • Any great NYSTCE study strategy includes getting familiar with the actual format of the exam. But I'm not talking about reading the directions or memorizing how many questions you'll face. Instead, you'll want to know that the makers of the exam are very fond of presenting their students with sucker-bait answers.
  • What's a sucker-bait answer choice? Well, on your New York teacher certification exam, there will be an ideal answer – and then there will be a second-best answer choice that's highly tempting to select. That, my friend, is the sucker-bait answer choice. It's one that tricks you into thinking that it's the best one – and it's time to take a stand against this NYSTCE CST LAST ATS-W test trap!
  • So how can you spot these test traps in your NYSTCE study in time for the actual exam? Well, try these tips on for size: the second-best answer is usually the one that's shorter than the right answer. Test makers know that students are hesitant to pick the longer answer because it seems like a trap. If you're unsure of which answer to select, fight this instinct and go with the longer one.

Here's another tip for blasting back against the sucker-bait answer: choose the one that requires more work from the New York teacher. NYSTCE test makers want to be sure that you're ready for the rigors of the teaching world – and these answers do just that!


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