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"NYSTCE Practice Test Tips That Really Pack a Punch"


Let's face it – there are NYSTCE practice tips, and then there are techniques that are so powerful, you'll actually become excited to take your teacher certification exam.


Don't believe me? Well, as a developer of several well-known Teaching Solutions NYSTCE study guides, I can assure you that having the right tools can make test prep life a whole lot easier. Compare it to gardening, for example; do you think you'd get very far if you tried to weed with a hose?


Of course not. Knowing which tools to apply to which task makes everything run much more smoothly to the point where it becomes enjoyable.


And if it can happen for this, then it can certainly happen with your NYSTCE exam practice!


Your NYSTCE Practice Exams Should Boil Down to What It Wants From You.


Believe it or not, those NYSTCE practice tests aren't there just to torture you.


In fact, it's only through careful attention that you can pick up on the clues and hints that your practice exam keeps dropping into your lap. Sure, you may think that you need to emphasize memorizing those mathematical formulas, or memorize the dictionary in its entirety.

But look just beyond the surface, and you'll see just why your practice tests for the NYSTCE highlight teaching competencies for almost half of the exam…


…It's because they want to ensure that you'll be the best New York teacher possible!


You've heard of the expression “to see the forest for the trees,” right? Well, this expression really applies here. Without connecting the dots to see the big picture, you can bet that you'll sink your exam score to new lows.


Which is why you need a few big-picture NYSTCE practice tips!


Fill Your CST and LAST Practice with These Teaching Competencies!


Want to ace your NYSTCE test practice questions and pass the actual exam? Then make sure that you study up on these popular New York teaching competencies:

  • The makers of NYSTCE practice tests want to ensure that you know how to increase academic learning time. As you'll recall, academic learning time is the time that students spend on an activity that helps them to comprehend a subject matter. Tips like teaching students procedures to make quicker transitions, having hand-out materials at the ready and giving time limits for an activity all help to extend academic learning time.
  • Classroom disciple is another key issue on this exam, so remember this helpful rule: the best New York teachers always limit their rules to four or five essential behaviors.
  • The issue of correcting students will make frequent appearances on the test, so listen up! Should you need to correct a student, it's best to do it privately. A teacher who corrects or criticizes a student in front of the class will open themselves up to hostility, anger and embarrassment, so it's best to keep it a private matter.


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