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"NYSTCE Test Prep Habits of Highly Successful Crammers"


You might not have meant to do it, but you did: you left your NYSTCE test prep until the last minute.


Maybe it happened because you had far too much on your plate to handle. Perhaps you thought that you wouldn't need three months to have a Teaching Solution…or six weeks…or even three weeks.


But now those test dates are looming – and you hardly know where to start. Your first reaction is to take up a permanent residence in the library. After all, you reason to yourself, the library's the best place to be when you need to get some serious NYSTCE prep cramming done…




Actually, this happens to be one of the biggest cramming myths circulating the world today – and it's directly responsible for stealing valuable NYSTCE test points from stressed-out students.


Listen: you didn't mean to leave your test prep until the last minute. And we're not here to give you a boring and utterly useless lecture on how you should have managed your time better. You simply don't have time for that.


All the time you have left should be devoted to NYSTCE test prep cramming habits of highly successful people.


Yes – NYSTCE Prep Crammers CAN be Successful Test Takers!


You might not think that “highly successful people” and “cramming” belong together in the same sentence, but trust us: if you can master the art of procrastination, then you can master these tips. Each of them have been carefully constructed to bust a major myths in your prep for the NYSTCE, while providing you with accurate testing information that'll really propel your test score to new heights.


Are you ready to take your NYSTCE exam prep to a new level? Of course you are – and these techniques will help you to do!

  • The key to any great NYSTCE cramming strategy is to avoid what testing experts call “rote learning”, where you read a certain passage over and over. This is good for memorizing figures – but not so great for memorizing important teaching concepts. Instead, focus on the bigger picture; your mind will make the connections, which will help when you come up against a question that you didn't memorize for.
  • Do you suffer from “earworms” – i.e. annoying songs that seem to get stuck in your head and just won't leave? Don't rally against them; instead, take advantage by learning your material to the tune of the music. Not only is this an easier way to retain and recall information, but it has a wonderfully calming effect as well.
  • When in the midst of cramming panic, resist the urge to go it alone by recruiting a NYSTCE test preparation buddy. Social interaction has been proven to give our brains a revitalizing boost – and you'll be grateful for it during the midnight slump!
  • Finally, don't stay in one space for too long. Studies have shown that trading spaces boosts info retention and calms anxiety – so grab that NYSTCE test prep material and move on when you start to get tired.

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