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Praxis Core Study Guide: "The REAL Content You Should Focus-On Now"

Praxis Core Study Guide

authors love to claim that they reveal the exact test content you should focus on.

But take a closer look at any popular and widely used Praxis Core study guide, and you’ll catch them red-handed in a big fat lie…That they have absolutely no idea which specific ETS Praxis Core study content you should be focusing on. In fact, when it comes down to it, they’re no better off than you.

Sure is a comforting thought, isn’t it?

Especially when you’ve shelled out hundreds of dollars for their so-called Praxis Core study guide “expertise. Let’s face it: you’re a busy person. You don’t have time to study hundreds of pages that cover every educational competency known to mankind. And you certainly don’t have the memory capacity to remember everything you’ve reviewed in your study guide for the Praxis Core exam. When it comes down to it, it can feel like a pretty hopeless situation.

You either have to face facts and acknowledge that you’ll never pass the Praxis Core Test, or wish for an IQ that’s equivalent to Albert Einstein. But I wasn't satisfied with these options – because I know you deserve better. And what I discovered will change the way you look at your practice tests and Praxis Core test study guide forever.

  The Praxis Core Study Guide Secret You Have to See to Believe

The biggest secret to successful testing is realizing that you need to FOCUS on the actual test itself – not the content in it.

Not your Praxis Core study guide – on the test itself?

It’s true. Too many people believe that they need to revisit their high school math and literature notebooks to study up for testing content. But believe me, nothing can be a bigger waste of your time or energy.

If you study how the Praxis Core test thinks and moves, you’ll be in a much better position to optimize your test score. In fact, once I discovered this secret, we had a 35-year-old student take the PPST math test – without letting him focus on any math concepts. After just four weeks of focusing on test strategies rather than test content:

  • The student understood core Praxis Core test study strategies and how to use them;
  • The student recognized major Praxis Core study guide pitfalls, traps and trick questions;
  • And the test takers achieved the minimum score requirement to get her teacher certification.

If you know what this exam wants from you and how it operates, you’ve already done 99% of the hard work. The remaining 10% is just a brief refresher course. In other words, you already know everything that the head honchos at are looking for. You just need the right study guide to show you cut-throat Praxis Core study strategies.

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