Praxis Practice Test – Advice To Pass Easier

Through Praxis practice, test takers understand how exam questions are posed in order to identify the best answer and write good constructed responses.

A Praxis II practice test is crucial in studying for this teacher certification exam because of the following reasons:

Praxis 2 test practice enables you to identify your blind spots or the content that you find the hardest. This is why many test takers would look at the domains and competencies in the ETS Test at a Glance page and then take a practice test to ascertain how well they know their content and work their review from there.

• The practice tests help you evaluate how well you are progressing with your Praxis 2 study guide. In addition, the process of analyzing sample questions is already an act of learning so you are still actually reviewing.

• Last but not the least, test practice itself is a valuable tool to Pass the Praxis II. Remember that even intelligent people are terrible test takers, which is why integrating practice test into your ETS test preparation is highly important. You will learn how to pace yourself since the ETS test is a timed test.

Why Doing only or doing more Praxis practice tests versus reviewing for content is an ongoing contention among test takers

A word of caution when it comes to Praxis II practice tests for these are not always representative of the actual test. There are times that practice exam questions are full of errors or does not come with full rationales to help you ascertain where you did wrong. For this very reason, it may be wise to combine both reviewing a book and doing the accompanying practice tests to ensure that you pass your ETS exam. However, there have been reports that some practice questions have appeared verbatim on the actual test. Your best bet it seems is to find a test that resembles the actual test.

When it comes to the test prep, be mindful of the different test formats and master the skill of test taking.

A Praxis II practice test for a specific assessment may follow the following formats:

• Multiple choice in ETS Math; Special Education; Elementary Education: Content Knowledge; and Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments.

Though multiple choice tests are very straightforward as ETS claims, the way questions are posed can be misleading especially when there is a “not”, “least” or “except” in the questions. Moreover, learning the process of deduction can help you a lot for you can trim down four choices into two. If you have to guess, do so intelligently. You may want to go over the Educational Testing Service website for useful Praxis practice tests, tips and strategies to hurdle the multiple choice questions. Through the Praxis II practice test, test takers can easily identify when to look for a negative answer and not.

• Constructed response questions only like in the English Language, Literature and Composition and Social Studies.

Not many Praxis 2 practice test are well set up to score constructed responses. However, test takers can still benefit immensely from answering practice constructed response questions because it helps in getting familiar with how to explain key concepts. Though Praxis exam practice questions may only give you samples of a good and bad response, you will at least get the general outline on how to effectively answer constructed response questions. Remember that you only have a few minutes allotted for every question so it is to your advantage to come up with a quick answer.

• Combination of multiple choice and constructed response questions like in the Teaching Reading, Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) and Teaching Foundations.

Many test takers do not fare well in the constructed responses part and think that they would rather concentrate on the multiple choices. This may not be such a good strategy for some of the Praxis practice constructed responses, few they maybe, weigh heavily in the total scoring from 25 to as much as 67%. Moreover, some test takers fail by a measly 2 points, which could have been easily raised by a correctly answering a single constructed response question.
The actual test may follow an unfamiliar format for the Praxis test changes over time. Check out the ETS website on study tips for there is a passage there that helps test takers how to best approach unfamiliar test formats.

In a nutshell, focus on the question by rephrasing it or breaking it down under several sub-questions. The key is in putting yourself in the shoes of the question writer as to what key points or theories that person is looking for when posing the question.
The key in finding a helpful Praxis II practice test is to study the content in your exam as well as the concepts and theories in your study guide for these should be well covered.

Most study guides and test prep books have accompanying practice tests that are computerized to simulate the actual test taking process. You can also avail of the free Praxis II practice questions online where you will be scored with rationales and even a score analysis. You can also purchase the practice tests for it is a natural assumption that paid tests are of higher quality and more extensive than the free ones.

The rule of thumb in a good Praxis 2 practice is to aim for at least 1000 practice questions. The rationale here is that quantity, not just the quality, ensures that you are covering all if not most relevant subject areas. For constructed responses or essay writing part, you need to practice explaining key concepts and theories on your own. You can do this by making lesson plans for the Praxis assesses your ability to apply your knowledge in the classroom and pass it on to your students clearly and completely.

To sum up, a good Praxis practice exam operates in the principle that “from application flows familiarity”. You need to continue applying what you learn for that is how you continue to learn; so much so that taking a test will become a mere walk in the park.

For more free Praxis II test prep resources, go to: Praxis Study Guide now.