Praxis II Book

“Praxis II Book Transforms Poor Test Takers Into Certified Teachers”

Let’s face it: Praxis Study is specifically designed for people who consider themselves as amazing test takers.

And for the rest of us who consider ourselves to be poor test takers, there’s just no hope. We’re left struggling to keep up with those top test takers who count standardized tests as one of their favorite hobbies.

It’s hard to buckle down on Praxis study when deep down, you believe you’re just no good at standardized tests. And when you’re staring an ultra-low Praxis 2 practice test score in the face for the second or third time in a row, it can feel like your worst fears and beliefs are being confirmed.

Worst of all, there’s nothing to help poor test takers.

There are no alternative tests you can take.

There’s no extra credit to help you bump your score up past the minimum pass mark.

And there’s certainly no way to avoid taking this exam. If you want to gain your teacher certification, it seems like there’s only two choices in front of you:

Accept that you’ll never make it as a certified teacher, or close your eyes and pray for a miracle.

Study Guides That Rescue Your Belief In Yourself”

Believe it or not, there IS such a thing as study help that transforms you from a “poor test taker” into a certified teacher.

And if you’re ready to tap your existing content knowledge and leverage it into an extraordinary ability to master anything the exam throws your way…

…Then you’re ready to uncover the shocking contents of this article.

It’s time to shake off that feeling of doom and gloom.

It’s time to look yourself in the mirror and say that you ARE capable of passing this exam – even if every fiber of your being is telling you otherwise.

It’s time to give yourself the confidence you need to strike back against your negative beliefs with the help of some seriously skilled test preparation guides.

And these free Praxis study guide tips will show you how!

  • Praxis 2 study guide authors are always quick to point out this first issue: Address your negative beliefs. Of course, it’s easier said than done. But have an honest chat with yourself – why do you believe you’re such a poor test taker? What in your past has confirmed this belief? What is your role in turning these negative beliefs into reality?
  • Now that you’ve done a little soul-searching, it’s time to tackle these negative beliefs head on. Every moment that you tell yourself you’re no good at test taking, come up with an example that proves this belief wrong. For example, think about how you scored well enough on your SAT to get into your teaching college, or how you landed an A on that tough history final back in high school. Your beliefs will crumble in the face of stone-cold evidence!

Don’t wait to try out these confidence-boosting tips the week before the exam. Your mind needs time to catch up to your new positive beliefs.

But once it does, you’ll be an unstoppable test taker destined for Praxis success.

If you’re ready to eliminate negative beliefs from your life and finally get your teacher certification, then get the ultimate at ETS Test Practice .