Praxis II English Language Arts

How To Pass The Praxis II English Language And SAVE Your Teaching Career…While You Still Have Time…


Respected Praxis test taker,

You know the ETS Praxis English Language Arts has little to do with your ability to be a good teacher, but can permanently axe you from the teaching profession forever. You can’t give up now. You’ve already invested too many years of your life in the teaching career you love.

Do whatever it takes to learn how to pass-the-Praxis II English Language Arts test in ethical and legal manner so you don’t suffer the fate of so many good educators. You must locate the best Praxis test prep books and study guides to succeed.

I took the Praxis 2 English Language Arts test because of my passion for being a classroom teacher and mission to help young minds lead better lives.

It didn’t take me long to see my college classes didn’t prepare me for this ETS exam. After seeing many friends and colleagues failing this teacher certification exam over and over again I realized this exam is a different animal. I couldn’t just do the same test prep routine I did for other standardized tests or in my education classes.

Most Praxis II Study Guides I used lead me in the wrong direction. The test prep books I tried didn’t cover the exam material and/or were too simplistic compared to REAL test questions. — I failed the Praxis test 3 times and almost gave-up the only career I ever wanted.

Your Worst Case Scenario Of Failing The Praxis English Language Arts

My family and I experienced the ‘devastating nightmare’ of my losing my teaching position after my Praxis II test failure. You see for a time this put me out on the street searching for a job to put food on the table.

You too probably got slapped in the face with the shocking reality that there are very few Praxis English Language Arts practice tests that reflect the actual exam. (You know there has to be a better way to pass.)

After I almost losing everything I had (including my family) I finally discovered some secrets to pass-the-Praxis English Language Arts test. …Never let that happen to you!

I’d like to share these test preparation tactics with you in my free articles and videos on this website. Some Praxis II practice and test taking tips may seem basic at first glance, but IF you actually apply them it could be the ‘missing link’ to passing you’re seeking.

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Don’t be surprised if you find a few of my Praxis II English Language Arts tips, strategies, tricks, short-cuts and confidential confessions sling-shot you back to the secure teaching career you deserve!