Praxis II Test Prep

Praxis 2 Test Problem #1: “I Don’t Know What To Focus-On In My Praxis 2 Study

You’ve paid for several Praxis 2 test prep books, but on your testing day you break out with fine red bumps on my hands, albows, and knees. You feel lost and just emotional over a test you’re expected to know.

Even though every year your students score over state requirements on their standardized test…now you find you can’t pass your Praxis 2 series exam to hold on to your career in education! …Sound like a familiar story? Most states like Louisiana give you three years to pass it and if not, you’re history.

If you don’t pass the Praxis 2 testing assessment, you can no longer be a teacher. I was teaching at a really nice school, preparing 4th graders for the LEAP (Louisiana Educational Assessment Program), but now I’m banned from teaching in Louisiana. You “feel the pain” of your students on their testing day. Now it’s you in this ‘make or break’ situation.

So what’s the barrier to passing the Praxis 2 test?

1.) The Praxis 2 exam is awful and nasty.

2.) Most Praxis 2 study guides and practice tests ARE NOT ACCURATE

3.) The information needed to pass is too vast, DENSE & FOREIGN…You need a FOCUS for success, but it seems nearly impossible to capture.

What About The “Official” Praxis 2 Test Study Guides And “Test At A Glance?”

Perhaps you’ve taken the Praxis 2 test 1-5 times. You feel no matter how much you study (or think you’re studying) the correct Praxis 2 material. Then what happened to you?… You’re shocked on your testing date that the “Test At A Glance” and your Official Praxis 2 Practice Test had almost nothing to do with real the real McCoy! What a scam!

Three months later you get your failing Praxis 2 score card in the mail even though you were praying for a miracle. In tears with hopeless outlook on your teaching career dream you realize you must start all-over-from-scratch again.

Then the EXACT same question comes to mind: “What Should I Focus-On In My Praxis 2 Test Preparation?” — After all these months you’re still pondering that question, you don’t know what to focus on nor do know how much time to spend on a subject!

I asked myself this question: “How I was capable of passing graduate courses in education and being a star teacher at my school, but I couldn’t pass the basic requirements to receive my license?” Something is rotten in Demark. The whole system is broken and needs to be fixed before education in the U.S. goes quicker down the tubes.

What Is The Effect On The Teaching Profession And How Are Students Impacted?”

A lot of the best teachers are leaving the field after years of stunning results in their classrooms. All the while mediocre teachers who have an aptitude to manipulate the testing game are ushered in to take their place at dangerous rates. Many of these test savvy teachers (good test aptitude/poor teacher material individuals) are just looking for long vacations, a secure job with great benefits… and of course a job guarantee for life (that nobody can ever fire them after tenure), even after it becomes clear they’ve just ‘gamed-the-system’ and now do little or nothing for the kids in the classroom.

Have You Seen That Before?

I have too many times. Other Praxis 2 test takers with (stellar potential as a leader in education) need to graduate from college with their education degree. After 4 or more years working and studying and amassing a staggering amount of student loans they need to start working. Then they find at the very end of their toil and sacrifice getting good grades and superb performance in student teaching the Praxis 2 test slaps them in the face and they can’t graduate or work in the field they’ve just completed 4 years of training in without great grades.

You must get a FOCUS to avoid wasting time studying material that your actual Praxis 2 test doesn’t even cover. Not doing so will give you test anxiety, make you feel like a bad test taker and cause you to lose your self-esteem. You found by now there is no way to possibly study specific ideas or topics that appear on the test, especially since each test is different.

It’s impossible to predict what will be on the exam, and how the Praxis 2 questions will be worded. There’s too much material to cover and time in the limited time you have with your other commitments and schedule. After all, the Praxis 2 study guides are to broad. With the essay questions, there are no test preparation materials that prepares you for that.

This test can be really depressing, you don’t know what information to study and all the preparation have you reading and studying one thing but the questions.

So There Any Way To Get A More Narrow Focus In Your Praxis 2 Test Preparation?

Even more mind-numbing are the scores of teachers I helped who struggled alone with this problem for years before they STOPPED doing the same test preparation strategies hold them back from their teaching career goals. Hey, I admit I was a 3 time Praxis 2 testing loser before I found a tactic that ripped-through Praxis 2 ‘information overload.’

The method is so simple and right in front of my eyes I ignored it and almost thrown-out on street before I started using it…I think I was just hoping over and over again the cookie-cutter ETS study guides were going to eventually do all the work for me.

I hope to share my Praxis 2 test study guide tricks and tips that reveal how to get a FOCUS for your test preparation success.

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