Praxis II Math

Praxis Math practice requires more than just memorizing the basic formulas, but more on how to apply it on problem sets as well as teach it in a classroom, which are the basis of the Praxis II Math tests.

For those who already took the Praxis II Math and failed, the most common complaint is the insufficient time to complete the test. Many times, test takers fail to finish the constructed response questions due to lack of time. This is why many test takers fail to pass the Praxis Math even those who majored in mathematics.

Clearly, the main issue on the Praxis Math is on pacing. It is hard to pace yourself during the test because this particular exam requires lots of analyzing and solving. You cannot make shortcuts to a mathematical formula and the step-by-step process of arriving at the correct answer is very time consuming.

How then do you improve pacing yourself in Praxis math practice and complete the exam before running out of time?

Here we will talk about the elements of a good Praxis Math study with two specific goals:

• To review your content thoroughly, and

• To pace yourself accordingly in order to complete your test.

#1 Top notch Praxis Mathematics practice is the best way to prepare for the extensive content covered.

For the Praxis II Math practice, every point counts so it is imperative that candidates complete this teacher certification exam. The only way to quicken your pace is through familiarity with the basic mathematical formulas and doing a lot of problem solving on the Praxis math practice books. For instance, the Praxis Math: Content Knowledge entails studying multiple subjects covering Geometry, Calculus, and Trigonometry so you really need to devote time and energy into mastering the subject matter.

Here is a step-by-step formula on how to ensure that you will cover all the relevant content so you can see how pass your Praxis II test.

• Download the ETS Test at a Glance page to identify the domains and competencies covered in the Praxis mathematics exam.

• Transfer the content list on a word processor.

• Expand every bulleted item to create the outline of your Praxis Math practice plan. (Here you are already making your own study guide.)

• Make use of textbook and internet sources to input the specific information you need for every bulleted list. (A sample of the valuable sites you may want to check would be and

If you do not have the time to do the Praxis Math study guide on your own, there are many prep books you can purchase at the bookstore or online. As to the sources for information to supplement your knowledge, your best bet is the library or the bookstore. You may also use Google and by simply adding the word “applet” on your search topic like “Pythagorean theorem applet”, you get a very cool and animated result.

It is easy to buy a Praxis Math study guide, but there is a rationale in doing it on your own.

1. You can make sure you are studying only relevant content.

2. The process of researching the subject areas is in itself a valuable learning process; and

3. The process of filling in concepts and formulas allows you to focus on your weak spots.

#2 Praxis II Math exam practice involves answering problem sets and constructed responses, which are crucial in mastering not only the content, but also the test taking.

Crucial to your Praxis practice for the math exam is having access to several mathematics practice exams. The Praxis Math test has multiple versions so it pays to have a very intensive practice for the Praxis Math. Set a goal of answering 1000 to 2000 practice questions, which should be workable if you allot 8 to 10 weeks of studying.

The Praxis Middle School Math is by far the less demanding of the ETS Mathematics exams. That's why the Educational Testing Service will not provide a formula sheet as compared with the Praxis II on Mathematical Proofs, Models and Problem Sets. However, you may need to work harder for the Content Knowledge and Pedagogy, especially because the latter consist of 3 essay questions. These last two tests require a graphing calculator so make sure you read the ETS materials regarding the rules governing this test device.

#3 When you tackle practice questions for the Praxis mathematics, time yourself for every content area to identify which area you are still struggling with or performing slowly.

Your Math score report on the Praxis 2 will show you which content area you need to review, not only for unfamiliar areas, but also those portion that you took a lot of time answering. The idea is to simulate the actual test taking process to determine if you can complete the test in the given time.

For the Praxis II Math tests with multiple choices and constructed response questions, a good point to remember is to scan the constructed response questions first so that you can pace yourself accordingly as you answer the multiple questions.

The ETS website provides some useful tips to answer the constructed response questions:

• Respond to all parts of the question.

• Support your explanations with more relevant or specific evidence

• Demonstrate knowledge on definitions, procedures and concepts that are relevant to the question

#4 For your Praxis Math test practice, you can opt to study alone or study with a group.

Time is often the issue in the Praxis II mathematics exam prep. However, if reviewing content is your waterloo, you have several options to ensure that you are well prepared for this exam. You can enroll in a prep class or take an online course. You could also join a study group or find a test coach to help your review.

To sum up, the Praxis Math test is easy to pass since there are available study materials to use. Your biggest enemy, time, can be defeated through rigorous Praxis II Math practice; for with constant application flows familiarity, and from there, ease and speed in answering even the most difficult problem.

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