Praxis II Practice Exam

“Praxis II Practice Test Strategy Guaranteed to Fail – And Why You’re Doing It”

Praxis 2 Practice Question strategies are all about getting your maximum potential score with minimum effort. With just a couple of eliminations here and a few educated guesses there, the right Praxis 2 testing strategies will help you power through even the most difficult sample tests.


Not necessarily. While some test preparation tips will net you a few points here and there, even the best strategies don’t come close to addressing a crucial part of your test prep review.

And if you’re making this mistake, then listen up: you’re in serious danger of spectacularly flunking your Praxis 2 Test .

A Praxis II Practice Controversy: Experience vs. Content Knowledge?”

Praxis 2 test controversies are the last thing you need to think about right now. But before you shy away from this hot-button topic, pay attention: it’s critical to achieving your best score ever.

Loads of Praxis test takers are already teachers – in fact, a whopping 34% are already teaching, with a further 32% working as a substitute teacher or as a teacher’s aide. This means that a great deal of test takers have a sizable amount of teaching experience under their belts when they approach this test. They feel confident that their experience will see the through any question, no matter how tough.

And that’s exactly the mistake that’s costing potential teachers the opportunity to finally become certified in the profession they love.

Surprised? Don’t be: many test takers simply don’t realize that the “Praxis 2 test” doesn’t take teaching experience into account. This means that every single question you come up against isn’t testing your years of hard-won teaching experience…

…It’s testing your content knowledge.

Need more convincing? Then just take these test points into consideration:

  • Praxis 2 practice test isn’t framing questions in terms of what the average teacher would do in a real-life classroom. Instead, they want to know what a teacher would do in the ideal classroom. This means that questions should be answered as if you have an unlimited classroom budget, flexible administration and involved parents. As you can see, that’s very different from the real world!
  • Additionally, Praxis 2 testing looks to investigate your content knowledge, and not necessarily your teaching abilities. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to study up on those educational theories you haven’t seen since your first year in college…

Want to know more about why your teaching experience could hamper your Test Prep Review success?

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