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Praxis II Test Questions – What You REALLY Need To Pass

In the midst of preparing and taking Praxis II practice test questions, it can be easy to lose sight of what goes into making this exam.


After all, you've got ethical standards for teachers to memorize…vocabulary lists to recite by heart…and let's not forget the fact that you'll have to completely relearn high school math in order to get your teacher certification!


Let's face it: even if we feel like we got our hands on the best Teaching Solutions study materials on the block, it can be easy to lose focus on the true purpose of why we're taking it. And getting back in touch with that true purpose can do more to accelerate your success than any Praxis 2 practice test tip.


But I'm going to propose something completely radical here. Instead of getting in touch with the true purpose of why you're taking the Praxis test (which is to become a certified teacher), I want you to picture something else altogether.


And I guarantee that once this image fills up your head, your Praxis II test practice intimidation levels will drop down to absolute zero.


The Makers of the Praxis Test – Exposed!


If you've ever wondered what goes into making this exam – heck, even if you've never given it a second thought – then you'll enjoy this next part.


Plenty of students always picture the makers of ETS testing to be head honchos of some big-wig publishing company, or a bunch of PhDs who sit around the office dreaming up ways to torture would-be certified teachers.


But they're not. They're teachers who just happen to know what the national standards for educators are. In fact, when they're creating the Praxis test, they actually have the list right in front of them (what cheats!).


They sit around at a desk and brainstorm questions that would be appropriate for the exam. Once they've got about 1,000 questions written down, they send them off to – you guessed it – other teachers. Note how there's not one "expert" involved in the process?


So what happens from there?

  • Teachers from all over the country take a look at the potential Praxis test questions and mark down the ones they determine to be the most important.
  • The questions are sent back to the exam's head office in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • The head writers look over the questions and simply copy and paste the results onto this year's exam.

And there you have it – the Praxis test demystified.


Given that there's not a single expert or PhD involved in the process, it sure makes your test prep seem a lot less intimidating, doesn't it?


Take Charge of Your Praxis II Test Practice


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