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Praxis 2 Test Expert Reveals Surprising Reasons Why You’re Burnt Out

“Praxis 2 experts” love to talk about the ideal study techniques you need to make those Praxis 2 test dates your favorite day of the year.

But there’s one thing that many testing experts don’t often like to talk about: Praxis 2 burnout.

Unfortunately, their inability to talk about this phenomenon has resulted in a crisis among those students gearing up for the ETS test. And although a recent study expressed shock at the findings that over 85% of potential teachers are suffering from increased levels of anxiety, it’s should come as no surprise. Grappling with sky-high levels of exhaustion, anxiety and stress while managing a mile-long ETS to-do list isn’t conducive to encouraging your best Praxis II test prep.
And once you’re caught in the downward spiral of Praxis 2 test failure, burnout, anxiety and panic only burrow in deeper.

”When Praxis 2 Burnout Attacks”

You might think that you’re suffering from burnout because of the test itself. After all, if your entire teaching career didn’t rest on passing a standardized test from ETS (, then you surely wouldn’t have to deal with so much panic and anxiety…


Praxis 2 expectations don’t have everything to do with it. And I’m here to tell you that if you’re doing any of the following, then you’re just handing your burnout the keys to your testing success:

  • Keeping a list. Surprised that this is on here – especially if you consider to-do lists your saving grace? Then listen up: your to-do list is only creating more unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life. You already know that your Praxis 2 practice test is critical; writing it down along with other errands will only make it feel like a stress-inducing chore.
  • Starting something new in your life. For your sanity’s sake, don’t start a new relationship, take on a huge project at work or even join a club when you’re dealing with Praxis 2 study. One bump in the road in your professional or personal life has a nasty way of affecting your test prep!
  • Feeling guilty during downtime. You know what? You’re only human. You need your moments to regenerate before re-attacking your exam prep. And the guiltier you feel during your downtime, the less it looks like downtime.

So now that you know what’s contributing to your burnout, how can you attack it – fast? Go to: FREE Praxis II test prep advice