Praxis II Study Guide

Praxis II Study Guide: “A 3 Stage Test Prep Plan That Guides You To A Passing Score”


You need a good set of Praxis II study guides if you’re going to pass this exam achieve your teacher certification. However, the problem is you’re looking for where you can save $5 here and $9 and risk losing-out of a first year teacher salary of $30,000, $35,000 or more plus benefits.

For an effective Praxis study, a study guide is the most indispensable test preparation material you will ever have.

The most common problem with many Praxis study guides is that they seem inadequate as an effective and efficient test prep tool. Many test takers feel that their Praxis II study is suffering due to inadequate example questions. They simply don't feel most study guides for the Praxis test are sufficient to tackle a difficult exam. An indication of inferior Praxis study materials is that a prep guide that has practice test questions that are easier than the real examination. Another red flag that a test preparation guide for the ETS exam isn't effective is if it reads like a textbook and doesn't have any test content focus.

Now, you may say that this could be attributed to poor study habits or because the amount of knowledge required on your teacher certification test is so vast. However, it cannot be disputed that good Praxis practice books should be able to concise cover well known topics that are tested, explain key points briefly and directly to the point, plus have practice exams that are very similar to the real exam…

…In other words, test takers should be able to learn quickly and easily if the Praxis study guide explains it clearly.


Is that worth pinching a few pennies and then lose the motherload of joy that will give you a life time of wealth and happiness?


How much in student loans do you have as a result of pursuing your teaching career?


How many hours did you spent every school year to obtain your education degree?


More importantly, how much money have you already invested in Praxis II study guides? How many sacrifices in terms of time, energy and lost wages have you already made by going to school for years just to be eligible to take the ETS administered Praxis II exam?


These are just some of the questions you can reflect on before and during your prep.


It’s not easy to become a certified teacher especially when you first have to sort out what Praxis II test study guide to use and which to pass on. It takes a lot of dedication throughout your school years to get where you now.


You’re at a crossroads. In front of you is a fork in the road. One direction is poor choices about study guides for the Praxis II. Down that path are where thousands of examination failures who crashed on the shore of failure and lose teaching career dreams went trying to pass this exam with gimmicks and free test study manuals.


The other path is your quickest route between where you now to a passing test score and getting in the classroom. It’ll cost you a little more time and money in the first few weeks, but you’ll rocket-thrust yourself to getting the teaching position you want as a certified teacher faster, easier and cheaper in the long run.


However, for a short time you’ll need to make a few more sacrifices to get the Praxis II practice tests and prep books you need to succeed. — There’s no ‘something for nothing.’


If you’re looking for a free Praxis II exam study guide online you might as well perish the thought. The only reason something is free is because it isn’t worth anything!


Can you really afford to fail this exam? The cost of failure and loss of ‘living your passion’ as a teacher is much higher.


Be prepared to invest a little more beyond what you paid in college tuition and books for Praxis II study guides so you can get your dream career and start living your calling as a certified teacher. If your goal is worth it you must invest your time, money and energy into getting the best preparation materials. And since having a study guide for the Praxis II test is important to your testing success, you have no choice but to find the most effective test prep guides.


The other option is test failure.


As you can see, your future hinges on your Praxis II test study guide and test preparation.


The 3-Stage Study Guide Plan For Your Praxis II Review


You can’t take the risk to not having a Praxis II prep study guide that gives you a FOCUS and hits the real test content and test questions like a bull’s eye. For this reason, you need to have effective preparation materials and practice exams.


The first step in this process is you need a study plan. So I’m going to share with you the “3-Stage Praxis II Study Plan” that helped me prepare for the exam…


…and also helped countless other test takers like you become productive in their prep test review.


This 3-Stage Praxis II Study Plan Helps You Overcome All Preparation Challenges You’ll Face!


I’ve tried many Praxis II books during my exam preparation. It was all a ‘trial and error’ process for me. It took me some time before I finally found a book that really helped me better prepare for the test.


And now I’m going to share with you the “3-Stage Study Plan” that I used to succeed in my preparation. I’m sure you can also use this to be productive in your exam prep as well.


Stage 1: Information Gathering.

  • Obtain as much information as you can about your ETS teacher certification exam.
  • Ask former test takers what Praxis II study guide books they can recommend. Ask them what topics usually come out in the test.

This stage is important to give you an inside scoop regarding the Praxis II.


Stage 2: Planning


Planning is very crucial to your preparation.


Once you have vital information about the test, it’s time to create your Praxis study plan.


Three elements are important in your Praxis II test prep plan: goals, action points and timeline.

  • Define your goals. Make them as clear and as detailed as possible. Don’t hold these goals and in your head. They only have real power in your life if you write them down on paper. On paper they become real and take on a power of their own.
  • Next, identify the things you must do to to pass the Praxis II. Again, commit this to paper by writing it down on paper.
  • Finally, set a timeline for you to successfully reach your goals. This should help you be as efficient as possible in your Praxis II guide and preparation.

Stage 3: Execution


Acting on your Praxis II study plan is arguably the most important stage. You can have the best study plan but it’s useless if you don’t execute it.

  • Make sure you dedicate time and effort to achieve your goals. Schedule test preparation into at least 5 days of every week between now and your testing date. Follow all the action points you’ve identified into this schedule. Do something even if you only have 20 minutes each day that will help propel you a little closer to passing the exam.
  • Do you top priority tasks, the tasks that will allow you to increase your score the most with the least amount of time invested first. If you put reading your Praxis study guides as a top priority, make sure you follow through on this. It will help you stay on track and finish your preparation within the timeline you’ve set.

But what if you encounter some unforeseen challenges in your preparation?


Don’t panic. Review your preparation plan. Update your action points. The “3-Stage Praxis II Study Plan” is flexible enough so you can address these new unexpected challenges.


A good ETS Praxis study plan must have these features to ensure that you will pass the test:

• The best Praxis study guides will not only list down the domains and competencies covered in the examination, but will also offer definitions and descriptions. In this way, you do not need to look for any other Praxis II study books, other than for supplemental reading, since you can rely more on your comprehensive study guide.

• An effective Praxis study guide will make use of charts, graphs or diagrams to show the interrelationship of theories or disciplines. A chart could very easily provide information that only a lengthy and boring text explanation can.

• A prep book will also make use of simple wordings in a direct and straightforward fashion. For instance, a 200 words definition for a single key point is not really necessary.

• The Praxis II study guide often has an accompanying set of practice exam questions complete with rationales to gauge how much you absorbed in the course of your review and what subject areas you still need to work on.

To ensure that your Praxis study is not being sabotaged by a study manual that hardly guides, find time to do research or better yet talk to fellow test takers for some valuable feedback. You can purchase one or avail of the many free study guides for the Praxis online.

Know this, the best Praxis II test study guide helps you go over the relevant content, but more than anything, it should help you apply critical thinking by allowing you to connect causality or relationships.

Here are some recent posts from real test takers on a blog:

THAT did not appear when I have managed to memorize most if not all of the author’s works; while THIS did which I have never heard before so I ended up making wild guesses.” This pretty much echoed in various teachers’ forums from test takers who failed. True, surprises have known to occur in the Praxis II test questions, but so did the opposite; for other test passers attest that all they ever needed to pass the test is in this one singular Praxis study material.

There is bound to be a few missed items, but test takers do not have to guess blindly. For unfamiliar subjects, you could still guess intelligently by applying common sense and the power of deduction. After all, the Praxis II test is designed by ETS to be more of an “analyze this” than an “identify this” kind of test.

How do you maximize the Praxis II study guide to help you get a passing score?

• As you go through your Praxis study notes, it is always ideal to pose your own questions. By asking questions, you are training yourself not just to absorb material like a robot does, but to actually digest and ponder every bit of information to achieve learning. By answering your questions, you are able to achieve a higher form of learning, which is valuable in passing. The ability to apply critical thinking is crucial in answering a test like the English Language, Literature and Composition, which only has two equally weighted constructed response questions.

• A Praxis II study can be maximized by making flashcards which in itself is a form of reviewing that enhances your power of recall. Though the Praxis is more than just a memorization test, candidates still has to know by heart various things like events, dates and names. This is particularly true for the Praxis II tests in Social Studies, which are riddled with questions requiring historical facts and figures.

• Check your Praxis study plan progress by taking the practice tests. Your goal is to achieve a score of 80% and higher. Not only do you need to practice with the multiple choices especially for the Educational Testing Service educator exams for Math and Special Education, but also for the constructed responses which are also featured in tests like the Teaching Reading and the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT).

• Go over your Praxis exam study guide with a study buddy or a study group. With so many materials to cover, you are sure to accomplish a more thorough review by joining a Praxis II study group. You can easily divide the content in chunks. In this way, you can pace yourself better and even get the help you need for the difficult areas. A study group is particularly helpful for multiple subject exams like the Elementary Education and Teaching Foundations.

Undeniably, studying for your Praxis II test is a serious undertaking that requires time and devotion. Even with the most comprehensive study guide, you are still not assured of a passing score unless you also commit to excellence, which is what all teachers should do.

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