Praxis II Study Material

Praxis Study Guide: “How Correct Praxis Study Can Help You Avoid Getting Axed From Being A Certified Teacher Now”


Praxis study done by reading through hundreds of pages of mindless test prep content is a daunting task. You need to dedicate your time for it and can’t just leave your test preparation and test success up to hope, luck or chance…


…That is if you’re really serious about passing your ETS teaching exam.


You need to give your best Praxis study effort to reading your prep books. You also have to shell out some cash to buy good review materials in order to study for the Praxis. After all, a small investment of $50-$200 now could help sling-shot you to a full $35,00-$45,000 teacher salary in a few short months NOT spending another year of your life struggling to pass this exam, wondering how on earth you’re going to pay your student loans and/or working at a job you hate.


But if you really want to get your teacher certification, you need to use one of the best, most effective prep Praxis study programs available.


The problem is, what if you have a day job and are already a teacher? Or what if you’re holding two part-time jobs? That certainly puts you at a disadvantage in your exam prep and having enough time to get the most out of your Praxis study materials.


You can’t quit your job to study for the Praxis test. Perhaps you’re the breadwinner of your family. Or maybe you need your current job to pay for your test prep guides and the ETS testing fees.


In any case be prepared to invest some extra money to buy Praxis II study materials and to enroll in a test help review class or get a test practice tutor (if available in your area). But then again, you’re still facing two big problems:

  1. You may sufficient lack Praxis test study time to use your books and practice question as well as attend an exam review program;
  2. Your time, energy and attention is divided between your work, family, friends and your preparation to pass your exam.

Don’t Have Time To Prepare? Then Make Time For Your Study For The Praxis Test


Since you have a day job or are holding two or even three part-time jobs, you’ll need to have effective time management skills.


You spend most of your day at work. This can make you feel already tired and unmotivated to crack open your Praxis study guide after a long day. But you can’t afford to slack off. So how to pass the Praxis test if this is the case?


Well, you need to make time if you don’t have time to use your study book for Praxis preparation. There’s just no other way but this.


So I’m going to give you some time management tips that can help you create time for to leverage the highest score possible out of the limited time you have to prep with your Praxis study guides.


The “EPE Study Technique” To Get The Teacher Certification You Need To Succeed!


The technique I’m about to teach you is called the “EPE Study Technique”. This is especially designed to help working test takers studying for the Praxis test.


This study technique guarantees you’ll create time for your test preparation even if you have a job.


Below is a three-step guide on how you can use this effective Praxis study technique:

  1. Evaluate
    Since you’re working in your Praxis practice test, you need to evaluate your situation.


    How many hours are you spending for work? Then evaluate how many hours you’re spending doing other things like watching TV or hanging out with your friends. Doing this gives you an initial assessment of how many hours you can devote to your test preparation.

  2. Prioritize
    Once you have your initial time assessment, prioritize the things you need to do. Of course, you can’t take time off from your work. So that stays as it is. But you can perhaps slash an hour or two from it. Talk to your manager that you’re preparing for the ETS Praxis test. He might be able to help you have more time reviewing your exam study guides.


    If this isn’t an option – especially if your manager is giving you a hard time at work– then you can spend less time doing other less important things. If you spend an hour or two each day watching TV, you can cut it down to 30 minutes. You can also cut down the time you spend hanging out with friends. This is an effective way to create more time for your test practice and study for the Praxis test without sacrificing your job.

  3. Execute
    Once you’ve created time for your test prep, make sure you don’t waste it. Read your study guides for the Praxis, attend your test help review program (if available in your area) if you’re enrolled in one, and do the other things you need to do to pass this ETS exam.

If you prioritize and cut out some of the time wasters in your week you can squeeze a few more hours out of every week for your test prep.


But what if you can’t really juggle your work so you can devote more time to preparing in your books?


Praxis study will then have to be done by taking a little time off from work. After all, you won’t be doing this forever. Sacrifice a little bit for your future.


You can become a certified teacher once you allocate your time and life to leveraging your time to maximize the value of your ETS Practice Materials to pass the Educational Testing Services’ teaching exam. The reward for proper time and life management in preparing is going to be worth all your sacrifices now.