Praxis Practice Questions

Praxis Practice Questions Reveal Three Killer Study Tricks

When it comes to identifying killer trick questions, you’re more than confident that your Praxis 2 study guides have left you prepped and ready for action.

You know not to fall for answer options that use totalizing words (like “all”, “none” and “everyone”). You know that answer options that look far too specific are usually designed to throw you off.

Above all, you know not to panic whenever you see a pattern in your answer choices.

Sounds like when it comes to your test preparation, you’ve got all of your bases covered – right?

Don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly. In fact, if you think these are the only trick questions you need to look out for, then think again…

…Your test prep review has barely scratched the surface of the iceberg.

Praxis 2 Study Guides Round Up the Biggest Culprits”

Praxis 2 study guides can help you determine the most obvious questions designed to trip you up…

…But when it comes to rounding up the biggest culprits of the bunch, you need the best of the best. Luckily, we got an opportunity to take a sneak peek inside these golden Praxis II Test Study Guides .

And what we discovered might just transform the way you approach your study guides for good!

  • The ETS always inserts an answer choice that is true – but doesn’t apply to the passage itself. These are designed to trip up the speedy test takers, as their first instinct will be to select this test trap.
  • Praxis 2 study guides know that the best answer choice should succinctly answer the main question of the passage. But be careful of answers that go beyond the main points of the passage. Always stay firmly within the borders of the passage or question, and never fall for an answer that presents more information than what’s given.
  • Don’t select an answer that simply sounds familiar to the information presented in the question. While all of the answers will be similar to the question, read each one carefully to determine just what the question is asking for. No skimming!

There’s a host of other sneaky trick questions and answer traps that are designed to steal away valuable points from you…

…And if you want to achieve the best Test Preparation possible, then you need to fight back with the best Praxis 2 study guides.