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“TExES Study Guide Tactics – How To Get A Real Study FOCUS”


Becoming a teacher in Texas means you have to pass the ETS administered TExES certification test. And to achieve this, solid TExES study guides are necessary.


However, there are many challenges in studying for this exam. For one thing, there’s the lack of quality TExES study guides. And even if you already have a study guide for the TExES, you still face the challenge of productively reviewing them.


The main problem for this is lack of FOCUS for what you’ll REALLY see on your testing date. You need to know that so you can narrow-in your focus on your test preparation and not study a library of information…


…Obviously you don’t have time for that.

  • Have you noticed how easily you’re distracted after reading your TExES test study guide and other study resources for only a short period?
  • Have you experienced easily losing interest in reading your Practice Books For Texas Teacher Certification Exams and study material?
  • Are you unable to finish your TExES study preparation because you just can’t stand to read your preparation materials and other resources for a long time?
  • Are you easily distracted and interrupted by a phone call, an email or a friend or family member when you’re trying to study for the most important examination of your life?
  • Do you wonder if you’re wasting weeks and months studying “maybe tested” overly general information that won’t appear on your exam date?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, your problem is your short attention span and lack of focus. It’s causing you to lack focus in your TExES study preparation. In turn, this is causing you to be ineffective.


TExES Study Guides: Find A Way To Improve Your Focus


You need an effective way to solve your problem of having a short attention span and lack of focus. Doing this will help you focus more in reading your TExES study guides and other learning materials. In effect, it can help you better prepare for the exam and inch closer to becoming a licensed educator in Texas!


But is there a study guide for the TExES to help you solve this problem? After all, you might’ve already searched for a TExES exam study guide but you only came across low quality ones.


Well, don’t worry. I have the best test preparation tips to help you overcome your short attention span and focus more in your review. These tips are collectively called the “STAR Tips”


TExES Exam Study Guide Tips To Improve Your Attention Span


To increase your attention span, follow these TExES study guide tips and the “START Method” starting today:


S – Switch off your electronic devices such as your mobile phone, laptop, computer and even the television. Doing so helps lessen the distractions that prevent you from focusing in reading your TExES study guides and other learning resources.


T – Take short breaks in between chapters you’re studying in your TExES study materials. This helps keep your mind fresh for the next chapter you’re about to read. Consequently, it can help you become more productive.


A – Ask yourself what you want to achieve at the start of each day. Identify the topics from your study manual that you need to finish reading at the end of the day. Planning the things you should do and how you can achieve them will help you stay focused.


R – Reward yourself. For example, tell yourself that you can watch television for thirty minutes after you finish reading the chapters from your prep guide and other resources that you planned to read for today. You can improve your attention span tremendously if you have something to look forward to once you accomplish what you set out to do.


These TEA SBEC ETS tips can help you become more focused in your review. But if you find yourself still having problems with your short attention span, you can try meditation.

  • Take 15 minutes to meditate before you read your study guide for the TExES and other study resources.
  • Clear your mind of any thoughts. Just focus on your breathing.
  • Take short deep breathes and relax. Feel every muscle in your body loosen up as you do this. Feel how relaxed you are.
  • Before you end your meditation, picture yourself as a successful educator in Texas, Be inspired by this vision.
  • After you meditate, you should be able to have better attention span when you finally start reading your TExES study guide and other study materials.

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