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“TExES Study Guide Tactics – How To Get A Real Study FOCUS”


Becoming a teacher in Texas means you have to pass the ETS administered TExES certification test. And to achieve this, solid TExES study guides are necessary.


However, there are many challenges in studying for this exam. For one thing, there’s the lack of quality TExES study guides. And even if you already have a study guide for the TExES, you still face the challenge of productively reviewing them.


How you do your TExES preparation will dictate whether you pass or fail your Texas Examinations of Educator Standards.

A good TExES preparation manual can translate into getting your Texas teacher certification and starting an exciting career. Poor test prep leads to failure and even worse, the end of your teaching career.

What Makes The Best TExES Test Preparation?

Here are some of the top areas you need to ask yourself if you want to get a passing score on your TExES exam.

• What are the exact required proficiencies tested on your specific exam? Do I know the content well enough?

How Much TExES Preparation Time Is Really Required To Pass?

Don’t just leave it up to your preparation manual for the TExES test to show you. Many study guides do not cover your exam precisely.

• When is your testing date? How much time do you have to prepare for your exam?

The needs, strengths and weaknesses of each test taker vary. However, a good rule is that you should start prepping for the TExES examination about 8 weeks before you walk into the test center. With an 8 week TExES exam preparation schedule you should review approximately 2 hours each day on a Monday through Friday schedule.

Of course, if you need to double up your study time on the weekends due to lack of time during the week, that’s fine. If you only have 4 weeks until your testing day then you need to double go to 4 hours per day or 10 hours per week of TExES preparation time.

Whatever you do realize procrastination is an evil enemy that will sneak-up on you. Do not think you’re too busy now and will do some marathon study sessions days before your exam to make up for weeks of lost time. That will not be effective preparation nor help you pass.

While many professional studying for certification exams say they work better under pressure. Many test preparation studies over the years from major universities have revealed this is not the case. To effectively learn and review the test content you must absorb the information over a reasonable period of time. That means to maximize your chance of passing and achieving your teaching career goals you must do a little TExES test preparation everyday over time.

The best part of doing a little over time (besides improving your exam score and passing) is your stress levels will be much lower, you can concentrate better, you’ll have less test anxiety, you’ll have more confident, your health will be better and even your relations with friends and family will be more harmonious by working upstream and planning your test success in advance.

Some education students will think that’s too much time for TExES preparation sessions. Some will say, “Where am I going to get all that time?” or “I should be prepared after years of college.” You’re absolutely right. However, this advice is if you don’t want to gamble your test score by trying to get away with doing the absolute minimum.

The main problem for this is lack of FOCUS for what you’ll REALLY see on your testing date. You need to know that so you can narrow-in your focus on your test preparation and not study a library of information…


…Obviously you don’t have time for that.

  • Have you noticed how easily you’re distracted after reading your TExES test study guide and other study resources for only a short period?
  • Have you experienced easily losing interest in reading your Practice Books For Texas Teacher Certification Exams and study material?
  • Are you unable to finish your TExES study preparation because you just can’t stand to read your preparation materials and other resources for a long time?
  • Are you easily distracted and interrupted by a phone call, an email or a friend or family member when you’re trying to study for the most important examination of your life?
  • Do you wonder if you’re wasting weeks and months studying “maybe tested” overly general information that won’t appear on your exam date?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, your problem is your short attention span and lack of focus. It’s causing you to lack focus in your TExES study preparation. In turn, this is causing you to be ineffective.


TExES Study Guides: Find A Way To Improve Your Focus


You need an effective way to solve your problem of having a short attention span and lack of focus. Doing this will help you focus more in reading your TExES study guides and other learning materials. In effect, it can help you better prepare for the exam and inch closer to becoming a licensed educator in Texas!


But is there a study guide for the TExES to help you solve this problem? After all, you might’ve already searched for a TExES exam study guide but you only came across low quality ones.


Well, don’t worry. I have the best test preparation tips to help you overcome your short attention span and focus more in your review. These tips are collectively called the “STAR Tips”


TExES Exam Study Guide Tips To Improve Your Attention Span


To increase your attention span, follow these TExES study guide tips and the “START Method” starting today:


S – Switch off your electronic devices such as your mobile phone, laptop, computer and even the television. Doing so helps lessen the distractions that prevent you from focusing in reading your TExES study guides and other learning resources.


T – Take short breaks in between chapters you’re studying in your TExES study materials. This helps keep your mind fresh for the next chapter you’re about to read. Consequently, it can help you become more productive.


A – Ask yourself what you want to achieve at the start of each day. Identify the topics from your study manual that you need to finish reading at the end of the day. Planning the things you should do and how you can achieve them will help you stay focused.


R – Reward yourself. For example, tell yourself that you can watch television for thirty minutes after you finish reading the chapters from your prep guide and other resources that you planned to read for today. You can improve your attention span tremendously if you have something to look forward to once you accomplish what you set out to do.


These TEA SBEC ETS tips can help you become more focused in your review. But if you find yourself still having problems with your short attention span, you can try meditation.

  • Take 15 minutes to meditate before you read your study guide for the TExES and other study resources.
  • Clear your mind of any thoughts. Just focus on your breathing.
  • Take short deep breathes and relax. Feel every muscle in your body loosen up as you do this. Feel how relaxed you are.
  • Before you end your meditation, picture yourself as a successful educator in Texas, Be inspired by this vision.
  • After you meditate, you should be able to have better attention span when you finally start reading your TExES study guide and other study materials.

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Here Is One Major Test Prep Mistake That Cause So Many To Fail…

If you want to pass the TExES and can’t afford to fail, you’re going to have to sacrifice a little. That is, if you want to pass the first time, not start all over from scratch.

Everything worthwhile in life comes from focusing you energy, concentration and time on the goal you want to achieve. — Passing your educator certification exam is not different. If you’re super busy with classes and your personal life and can’t image squeezing in 20 hours of studying per week, you’ll have to make major adjustments in how you use and manage your time.

You might have to cut-out TV, get-togethers with friends, friendly online activities like Facebook, texting people or other activities so you can pass and put this evaluation for teachers behind you. Just these items alone could free up many hours for some people. – How you manage your time and prioritize is up to you.

Be sure you actually schedule exam prep sessions into your life. If you don’t you may find all the lesser important activities will fill you time by the laws of natural gravity.

How To Use “Creative Procrastination” In Your TExES Exam Preparation To Get A Passing Score

Try procrastinating the lesser important things that distract you, but are not important to you.

Rather than think, “I’ll do my studying later when I feel more rested” or saying “Tomorrow I’ll have more time,” say “Tomorrow I’ll relax and watch that movie. Another example is “I’ll do those errands on the weekend or I’ll have fun with the friends as a reward next week when I’ve completed at least 10 hours of TExES preparation.”

• How much are you willing to invest on practice tests and TExES preparation manuals?

Money plays a part in test preparation since there are test fees to pay and even TExES test preparation materials to purchase. True, some test takers have passed with borrowed notes, old textbooks and free downloads, but that takes a lot of resourcefulness and an ounce of luck to achieve.

Everything seems expensive. However, imagine the cost of failing your teaching exam. Either you have to spend additional weeks of time preparing, finally have to buy those TExES practice tests you were too cheap to get (the first time) and worse, delay your teaching career and a year of educator salary.

Many who have failed and later passed attest that TExES exam preparation materials, practice exams, tutoring and any other help they can get their hands on is well worth investing in. That’s because the price of failing is at least 1,000 greater when you factor in the emotion cost, social cost of embarrassment and financial cost of not having employment. The fact is the best preparation books may cost you as much as $100, tutoring may cost $35 per hour; however, it’s still much cheaper than failing.

Solving Miscellaneous Barriers To Effective TExES Test Practice

• What are your study habits? Do you do well studying alone or with a group?

Knowing how you effectively study, whether alone or with a group, determines your next course of action. There are TExES preparation courses and classes you can take if you think you can benefit from a group dynamics in a structured setting. You may also join study groups or start your own which can be inexpensive yet effective.

• Is there someone you can depend on when unforeseen events occur?

We all know that emergencies can happen. Crucial to your TExES test preparation is having someone whom you could depend on, either to watch the kids or bring the dog to the vet. It is important that you remain focus and eliminate all kinds of distractions. Just be sure to return the favor to others when they need help.

• What kind of emotional support system do you have?

Do you have someone you can talk to and who can support you during your weeks of test practice time? A supporting person can help your stay emotionally fit, encourage you to stay on track and improve the productivity of your test prep. Just don’t turn your venting friends into negativity sessions where you complain about how unfair, wrong this test is or something similar. — That’s not productive and the negativity can hurt the productivity of your TExES exam preparation over time.

• How important is the test for you? Is your career dependent on it?

If this test has a great impact on your career as a teacher, then get going and start your TExES preparation. Do not think, “yeah, that’s a good idea, I’d better get started soon.” No, take some action toward your goal of passing the TExES right now. At least find a good, call a friend for advice or review the exam competencies tested at the official website now….

…Do It Now!

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